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Long Term Price prediction for Ripple

Despite having a volatile ride in recent times, traders are hopeful about the prospects of Ripple’s bullish run in the upcoming years as its price is predicted to reach a target of $5 (£3.70) towards the end of this decade, i.e. by 2030.
Ripple price prediction
Ripple price prediction

Ripple price chart

Ripple price all-time growth, via Coinbase

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and many other cryptos, Ripple (XRP) has also seen volatility during the year 2021.

Despite all this, the launch of Ripple’s liquidity hub for enterprise customers in 2022, new partnerships, and hope of getting favorable orders in the SEC lawsuit have made investors optimistic about a massive return.

Will Ripple show some bullish momentum and hit $5 by the end of this decade? In this article, we would review the price prediction of Ripple from technical analysts and crypto traders to know whether Ripple is a good investment in 2022 or not.

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Ripple (XRP) price prediction by Year

As of 20th November 2021, The XRP price stands at the value of $1.07 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 2,798,706,553. It has been ranked in the entire crypto ecosystem on CoinMarketCap.

With a live market capitalization of $50,554,208,872, Ripple is currently having a circulating supply of 47,158,974,920 XRP coins and a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 XRP coins. Given below we have presented predictions for the price of Ripple (XRP) from the year 2021 to the year 2030.

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2021 $0.71 $1.72
2022 $2.49 $2.84
2023 $3.48 $4.11
2024 $3.81 $3.95
2025 $4.39 $4.58
2026 $4.22 $4.57
2027 $4.91 $5.25
2028 $5.59 $5.93
2029 $5.95 $5.08
2030 $5.33 $5.58


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Ripple Price Prediction 2021 to 2022


Year Mid-Year Year-End
2021 $0.71 $1.72
2022 $2.49 $2.84

December 2021

The above table indicates that the XRP price would close at the value of $1.72 towards the end of 2021. As XRP is witnessing a volatile swing in its prices in the other half of November, a rise of 60% in its value seems unlikely at this point, however, the prediction could also go right given the volatile nature of the digital currency market.

The year 2022

The price of Ripple is expected to jump up to the value of $2.49 towards the mid of 2022. This growth is probable as Ripple is expected to launch the liquidity hub for enterprise customers around this time. Therefore, investors could expect the bullish show of this crypto during this time.

The latter half of 2022 is projected to witness the growth of around 14% in its price when compared with its predicted price for the mid-year. Investors, who are aiming for a short-term return on this crypto, should consider buying it right now.

Riddle Price Prediction 2023 to 2025

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2023 $3.48 $4.11
2024 $3.81 $3.95
2025 $4.39 $4.58


SEC’s case against Ripple would play a crucial role in determining its prices towards the first half of this decade. To mitigate any adverse effect from this case, Ripple is engaged in building its business collaborations with organizations like the Royal Monetary Authority (Central Bank of Bhutan).

Decisions like these will ensure a golden run of this crypto in the digital market. It is predicted that Ripple would have around 4 times its value towards the end of 2023. The XRP is expected to show some reduction in its price in the first half of 2024, while it would get some momentum up towards the end of the same year.

Its price is expected to show a mammoth rise of about 328% from its present value towards the end of 2025. This projection shows a favorable sign for crypto enthusiasts who are aiming for a long-term investment in Ripple.

The above analysis also incentivizes holding Ripple for a longer period as its price is predicted to skyrocket in the coming times.

Ripple Price Prediction 2026 to 2030 and beyond

Having observed the amazing run of Ripple which is predicted to happen during the first half of this decade, it is now time to highlight how these predictions would unfold for the latter half of this decade:

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2026 $4.22 $4.57
2027 $4.91 $5.25
2028 $5.59 $5.93
2029 $5.95 $5.08
2030 $5.33 $5.58


The value of XRP is predicted to hover between $4 and $5 during the initial two years of the second half. Then it is expected to increase by almost 425% from its present value and close around the price of $6 towards the end of 2028. This bullish momentum would enjoy its run till the middle of 2029, after which it is predicted to slow down. Its price would bounce back again in the mid-year of 2030 and would continue this momentum till the year-end.

Technical Analysis of Ripple

The chart shows that the price action of Ripple (XRP) is in a bullish uptrend. It is making higher highs (HH), and higher lows (HL) on a high timeframe (HTF) such as the monthly chart.

The wicks which didn’t break $0.50 (last seen in June month) which indicates that it has strong support at that level, i.e. buyers were interested every time ADA/USDT approached $0.50.

Ripple technical analysis

Binance chart showing a Ripple price prediction on Tradingview

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As can be seen from the chart, the Ripple price is seeing an upward rise. Even though this bull run didn’t witness an all time high price ( the record still stays with the bull run of 2017), if the momentum continues, we could predict a target of $4 to be hit sometime between the last quarter of 2022 or by the beginning of 2023.

A more conservative prediction for the XRP price could be that it may need until late 2023 to break over $4. As can be analyzed from the past trends, there is room for the price chop. The price may consolidate before further expansion to the upside, as it pumped over 100% in April 2021.

It is also worthwhile to look into other technical indicators such as the Moving Average and Oscillators as shown below.

We also suggest being aware of fundamental analysis, as that plays an important role in price predictions. Finally, it’s good to keep up to date with what professional traders and investors are saying online on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and social trading forums like eToro so you can react to news events that might influence the XRP price.

Fundamental Analysis of Ripple

Ripple Fundamental analysis

Ripple crypto data

Ripple (XRP), launched in 2012, has been recognized as a stable currency as it has undertaken around 34 million transactions with minimum energy consumption. The advantage of Ripple lies in the fact that it is known for its institutional value and use cases. To develop a global internet value, XRP has been formed with the tag of only digital crypto customized for enterprises to ensure the transfer of value. XRP has been viewed as an option to make cross-border transactions and source liquidity.

With the use of the traditional mechanism, cross-border payments take a long time to complete. However, Ripple provides some amazing benefits with the facilities like end-to-end tracking and certainty in these transactions. Ripple not only speeds up the transaction but also enables these payments without any transaction.

Hence, it acts as a connection between fiat currencies which enables the users to venture into new markets, have high payment volume, and get faster settlement times. It is said that users take only 4 seconds to make payments using XRP when compared with Bitcoin (one or more hours) and Ether (two or more minutes).

Further, it is also scalable as it could handle around 1500 transactions in a second. This is about a hundred times more than the speed of Ether and 250 times more than the potential of Bitcoin.

How to invest in Ripple in the UK?

Looking at the increasing adoption of Ripple in the form of digital currency, it is apt to make some good fortunes by making some investment in Ripple. You can make this investment through some secured and authentic platforms like eToro, Binance, and Coinbase.eToro

If you want to have a comprehensive crypto trading experience, you can then go for a user-friendly platform: eToro, where you can make your investment by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of eToro by clicking here.

Step 2: Verify your identity with a government-issued ID and complete the KYC process (Know-Your-Customer).

Step 3: Deposit the required money into your account to make the transaction.

Step 4: Search for XRP from the search box, and click on the trade button after looking at its price chart.

Ripple price future

Ripple price chart on eToro

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Once you have completed these steps, you will have crypto XRP in your account. eToro allows holding the crypto for long term. You can also stake cryptos that have a ‘proof of stake’ consensus mechanism such as Ethereum, Cardano and others. Read our article on Staking to know more about it.

What will drive the price of Ripple in the next five years?

Having observed the volatility of this currency in recent times and looking at the positive prospects of Ripple as per the experts’ opinion, investors are confused about making investment in this crypto. Let’s address this question by looking into the factors which will influence the price of Ripple in the next five years.


Technology is the first and most crucial component that influences the price of Ripple and its popularity. Cryptocurrencies make use of a communal ledger to facilitate transactions. Ripple has a public ledger for its customers to undertake transactions.

Ripple entered the market to make international fund transfers more efficient and affordable. Ripple’s XRP has attracted a large number of national and international banks and financial institutions, thereby increasing its adoption in many sectors.

Ripple technology enables banks and financial organizations to process more transactions in a shorter amount of time and at a lower cost. As mentioned earlier, Ripple processes transactions at the fastest possible rate i.e. 1500 transactions per second. Considering the recent technological revolution, Ripple price would benefit from the increasing adoption of its technology in the financial sector of different countries.

The lawsuit filed by SEC against Ripple

SEC filed the lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020 accusing the company of raising a humongous amount of money in unregistered digital-asset securities. SEC made an allegation against Ripple that XRP is not a currency but security, and hence it should be regulated by the stringent securities law.

This suit is still pending in the court, and any decision passed against Ripple would not only injure the company’s brand value and its crypto prices but also damage the entire crypto sector.

Positive media and advertising with a lot of clouts

Positive media and advertising have a direct influence on the coin’s value. Ripple has a marketing team that is both talented and innovative. Ripple’s primary focus is on forming collaborations with large institutions to build a solid foundation. The company has over 70 active clients on its network with a diverse range of partnerships. This ensures that the company receives extensive media coverage to garner as much attention as possible.

Exchange of ripples in South Korea

A shocking fact regarding ripple is that three of the largest Korean cryptocurrency exchanges account for more than 50% of its daily transaction. This makes it earn a huge amount of premium from these exchanges. The removal of Korean exchanges by Coinmarketcap for unknown reasons had a cascading effect on its prices.

The rules and regulations governing cryptocurrencies in South Korea were tightened earlier this year. Any law regulating the transaction of cryptocurrency in this jurisdiction will impact the value and reputation of XRP.

Collaborations and listing

Ripple is the only cryptocurrency that has its association with many banks, financial institutions, organizations, and exchanges. Every new listing and collaboration has a short-term and long-term impact on the price of Ripple XRP. With the increase in listing of Ripple on different exchanges, the company would pay a good return to its investors.


It can’t be denied that Ripple prices are expected to go higher in the upcoming times because of its user-friendly technology in cross-border payments, and increasing partnerships in different facets of the industry.

It would be interesting to see the outcome of the SEC case against Ripple as it would have an important impact on the short-term prices of Ripple. If investors are aiming for a long-term investment in crypto, Ripple would be a profitable investment for them.

To know more about Ripple and have more insights into the price predictions of Ripple, check out eToro exchange, where you could interact with fellow traders and research on questions such as ‘which should be the right crypto to invest in, and others. Make sure to always do rock solid research regarding your investment by networking and hearing from experts which can be easily done at eToro.

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How to buy XRP?

One can buy XRP from any digital asset exchange globally. However, it is always advisable to go for any secured and authentic platform like eToro, which is regulated by trusted platforms like ASIC, FCA, etc.

What are the short term prospects of Ripple?

Unless the court rules against Ripple in the lawsuit filed by SEC, Ripple is expected to have a good run on its price chart.

What is the difference between XRP and Ripple?

XRP is a cryptocurrency made by a private company called Ripple.

Is the Ripple price prediction reliable?

The price prediction of Ripple is based on the insights of market experts and different price-prediction models.

What is the use of XRP in the financial sector?

Ripple (XRP) is used for making cross-border payments via a public ledger through its platform called RippleNet. This service is utilized by big organizations like Bank of America and American Express.


eToro - UK Crypto Broker

eToro - UK Crypto Broker

eToro - UK Crypto Broker

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

eToro - UK Crypto Broker
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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated in the UK. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.