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Will Lucky Block 10x on CEX Listings? New Tax-Free ERC20 Token Set to Pump

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

buy lucky block token today
buy lucky block token today

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Last week, the most eagerly awaited LBLOCK ERC-20 token was listed on LBank, a controlled exchange. The price of Lucky Block increased by unexpected percentages after its listing on CEX.

This, followed by the news of tax-free ERC-20 Lucky Block V2 tokens, seem to have grabbed the attention of cryptocurrency investors interested in it.

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Your capital is at risk.

Lucky Block LBLOCK V2 Takes The Market By Storm

The LBLOCK V2 token price has increased by 270 per cent since it was listed on LBank on July 27. It is now firmly on the radar of significant cryptocurrency exchanges, launching a MEXC listing today.

With a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1,298,757, the Lucky Block price is currently USD 0.00271 and is among the top gainers in Lbank. In the past 24 hours, Lucky Block has increased 17.57 per cent. With a market cap not known yet. There is a maximum supply of 10 billion LBLOCK coins.

LBLOCK might retrace much higher from here if it breaks through the primary resistance level above 0.0023 USD, according to highly significant technical indicators.

Given that other CEX listings for the LBLOCK coin are anticipated in the following weeks, LBLOCK is anticipated to show a bullish trend. The CEX listing for LBLOCK has taken place at the MEXC exchange today.

No More Tax On LUCKY BLOCK’S ERC20 Token

Good news to prospective Lucky block investors, the tax associated with LBLOCK V1 transactions is no longer applicable to LBLOCK V2 transactions. The V2 update went into effect without levying a transaction fee and won’t be rewarded from the Lucky Block prize pool either. On centralised exchanges like LBank, where it has begun trading today, as stated by LBank, the V2 cryptocurrency is better suited for day trading and speculation.

The implementation of V2 in July 2022 did not include transaction taxes or jackpot pool prizes, making it more suited for day trading and speculating over short periods on centralised exchanges.

On DEXs, that is, LBLOCK V1 sales are taxed at 12 per cent, compared to 6 per cent on LBank for buys and sells, although this is no longer the case since LBank switched to V2. You can buy lottery tickets using V1, the BEP-20 token, get incentives, and pay the 12 per cent sales tax.

LBlock’s CEX Listing on MEXC Predicts Good Results for Lucky Block 

Lucky block took to Twitter to announce its CEX listing on the MEXC Global exchange today. With MEXC being one of the top players in the centralised exchanges, the Lucky Block is expected to hit massive profits with less than 10x returns.

Within the Lucky Block community, the LBLOCK token is offered in two versions, V1 and V2. Two tokens are linked together by a bridge in order to keep the prices of the two different Lucky Block versions equal. The bridge is now going through some security testing, and it should be available soon.

The initial iteration is known as V1, and it uses the BNB Chain and is a BEP-20 token supported by decentralised exchanges like PancakeSwap. Centralised exchanges support the second version, an ERC-20 coin known as V2.

Version 1 of LBLOCK is a BEP20-compliant token, and owners who hold it and select charity as jackpot beneficiaries will benefit from the jackpot pool.

The V2 token, on the other hand, cannot be used to purchase lottery tickets and does not draw prizes from the lottery pool. The V2, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, will only be available on centralised exchanges, and all sales and purchases will be tax-free. The need for the V2 update arose from the fact that it makes it easier for centralised exchanges to list the coin, broadens its appeal, and boosts its liquidity.

Checkout Lucky Block Now

Your capital is at risk.

The token has also successfully passed a thorough third-party security evaluation by Solid Proof. Long-term Lucky Block investors can still use the rewards programme on decentralised exchanges because the V1 coin will be maintained.

You can start trading and buy Lucky Block from Lbank today.

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