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University of Tokyo plans to offer courses within the metaverse

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The University of Tokyo is planning to offer several study programs that will take place within the metaverse. The courses will be available to high school and adult students who want to participate in evolving technologies.

The metaverse is a field that has seen notable adoption in recent years. The space is attracting some of the largest brands that want to boost user interactions through digital technologies. Facebook also rebranded into Meta towards the end of last year to pursue metaverse offerings.

The University of Tokyo to offer courses in the metaverse

The University of Tokyo’s metaverse programs will commence towards the end of this year. A report published on July 23 by a local publication said that the metaverse programs would not be offered through the institution’s dedicated faculty that provides these degrees. Instead, the programs will be under the faculty of Engineering and graduate schools related to engineering.

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Students who complete these courses will be awarded certificates. The project launched by this university will be used to solve the issues of a lack of knowledge in advanced technologies and digital transformation within the working personnel.

Officials from the university have said that studying in the metaverse will create a situation where anyone can gain access to knowledge on engineering and information science. The announcement did not mention crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These two sectors have become very popular within the metaverse and have become popular brands within the metaverse.

The high school students that pursue these programs will be given an introduction to the metaverse space and be taught about the potential roadmaps to access work in fields related to science and engineering. These students will be given content both online and through face-to-face classes. The university will also push for women to be part of the programs.

The metaverse in Japan

Japan has shown a positive stance towards the metaverse. In recent months, local citizens have also found notable use cases for metaverse technology. A report by Japan Today said that a Fukuoka support group known as JACFA had unveiled a virtual support space within the SecondLife Metaverse platform.

In April, a report said that 3800 students from 29 trade schools within the NSG College League in Niigata would hold their 2022 commencement ceremony within the metaverse. The event was virtual to allow everyone to easily attend due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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