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Top Crypto Presales Launching Soon – Next 100x Cryptos

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top 5 Crypto Presales Launching Soon
Top 5 Crypto Presales Launching Soon

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Crypto presales are an ideal way to get in on the ground floor of exciting upcoming blockchain initiatives and acquire tokens at a discounted price. Before coins are listed on exchanges or made publicly accessible, presales give investors the chance to purchase them at cheaper prices.

The best crypto presales that are launching soon will be covered in this article, along with the features that set them apart and their potential for growth.

The best crypto presales that are launching soon are highlighted below, but you can view the complete list in the video above. Follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Also, Jacob Crypto Bury runs a Discord group with close to 12,000 members.


AiDoge is an exciting crypto presale that brings together the dynamic meme culture, cutting-edge AI technology, and digital money. It gives users a platform to create, share, and engage with memes while utilizing the substantial AiDoge network based on the native AI currency.

The AiDoge platform is run by an AI-powered meme creator that takes text from users and turns it into relevant, eye-catching memes. Regardless of a user’s level of artistic or technical proficiency, this new approach makes meme production accessible to a wider spectrum of users.

AiDoge’s creators are also now unknown, however this is usual of meme coins. The AI token plays an important role to the AiDoge ecosystem for a number of reasons, including the ability to stake, encourage content development, and purchase credits for meme generation. Guide on how to buy AI token here.

With 1 trillion AI tokens in circulation and an ICO price of $0.0000336 USDT. Presale, exchange listings, team vesting, liquidity, and community awards are all included in the token distribution. On the AiDoge network, users can stake their AI tokens in staking agreements and receive daily credit incentives based on the amount they staked.

Stakers get unique benefits like early access to new features and being involved in how the platform develops. AiDoge uses audited staking contracts in order to safeguard staked tokens and reduce risk exposure. Users of the AiDoge platform can share and check memes they have made with the community on a public wall.

Users can express their support or dislike of shared memes using a voting system in place. Users are rewarded with AI tokens for memes that achieve high scores, which encourages them to create excellent material and interact with the community. See our guide to the best meme coins to buy here.

The AiDoge presale is currently in third stage and has raised a impressive $2.6 million. Investors can get AI tokens for just $0.0000276 right now and benefit from the rising value throughout each presale phase.

Invest in AI at


The yPredict ecosystem, a trading platform built on crypto analytics and research, uses YPRED as its native coin. Members have access to trading and forecasting models in the crypto industry with yPredict. Subscribers to YPRED receive access to the AI models created by financial quants, crypto experts, and AI developers.

By using sentiment analysis, a branch of AI that automatically scans and analyzes text to create predictions about the future, the subscriptions provide in-depth insights on cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the site will use over 25 charting patterns and provide technical analysis on a variety of cryptocurrencies for users to benefit from.

This ecosystem uses AI components like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and collaborates with AI developers to provide investors with prediction models. yPredict analyzes the sentiment of several tokens using NLP. Technical analysis and trading signals powered by AI are also available on the site.

For additional passive income, those who purchase YPRED can stake the tokens. The active token holders receive 10% of all new subscriptions. Additionally, the platform charges a swap fee, with 15% of that amount going toward the staking pool. Guide on how to buy YPRED token here.

The tokens can also be used to take part in the Learn 2 Earn function, which allows users to access educational materials, administer tests and quizzes, and accumulate extra tokens. A massive selling tax of 7% every transaction is another way that yPredict encourages long-term holding.

This tax includes four different percentages: 1% for liquidity, 1% for development, 2% for research, and 3% for marketing. By purchasing YPRED during the presale round, interested investors can gain access to all these use cases. 80 million tokens have been allotted for the current cryptocurrency presale.

YPRED is presently available for $0.05, but by the final round, the price will have risen to $0.12. A hard cap of more than $6.5 million is what the project hopes to raise. Since the presale started, yPredict has made more than $630,000. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here.

Invest in YPRED at


Launchpad is one of the most recent additions to our list, but because of to its extensive ecosystem, it has already garnered a lot of interest from the investing community. This ecosystem, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, has a ton of useful features that make it easier to operate in a Web3 environment.

The user experience is significantly more simple because all these functionalities are offered on one platform rather than many different ones, making it perfect for market novices. The project’s primary features include a custom trading interface, a crypto wallet compatible with Web3, an NFT decentralized exchange (DEX), and a library of metaverse experiences.

Additionally, Launchpad will feature a marketplace for fractionalized assets where investors can purchase bits of actual assets like vehicles and real estate. Users must possess and stake LPX tokens, Launchpad’s native ERC-20 token, in order to take advantage of all of the functions of the platform. Guide on how to buy LPX token here.

Users will get benefits including guaranteed access to cryptocurrency presales, lower marketplace costs, and community prestige badges by staking a minimum monthly average of 10,000 LPX. Launchpad offers users access to real-time data on impending Web3 investments, enabling them to learn about new initiatives before they become a profit-making opportunity.

The lowest price ever provided for Launchpad tokens is $0.035 during stage one of the presale, which is open to interested investors. Each stage is limited to 25 million tokens, so after the sale, the token price will rise.

Invest in LPX at


Ecoterra, has developed an innovative approach to motivate people to fight climate change. By creating the Recycle2Earn (R2E) reward system, which allows users to get tokens for their recycling activities, the initiative intends to promote recycling and advance the transition to a more sustainable future.

Exchanges between participants in the ecosystem are possible with these tokens. Token values will rise when the presale reaches different milestones, making early involvement beneficial for investors. Users of the Ecoterra app receive rewards for recycling in accordance with the program’s rules.

The recycling procedure starts with scanning the barcode of the item to be recycled. The program calculates potential revenues if it finds a matching item in its database. After that, consumers are directed to a recycling vending machine (RVM) where they can dispose of their waste. Guide on how to buy ECOTERRA token here.

Users are rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens after finishing the recycling process and uploading a photo of their receipt. These tokens can be used to buy recycled plastics, glass, and aluminum on the recycled materials marketplace, a part of the larger Ecoterra ecosystem.

Additionally, people can purchase carbon credits on the carbon offset marketplace to reduce their carbon footprints. Through an impact trackable social profile within the Ecoterra ecosystem, users may also keep track of the immediate effects of their actions. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

The Ecoterra presale has successfully raised a staggering $3.2 million as of today, while it is in stage six. The cost of one ECOTERRA is $0.00775. ECOTERRA token can be purchased by investors using ETH, USDT, or a credit card.

Invest in ECOTERRA at


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