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Top Crypto Gainers Today, May 29 – INJ, MASK, WSM, Ecoterra, yPredict, CAKE, Launchpad, DeeLance

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Many crypto assets are bullish today, recording increased prices and new milestones. Some include INJ, MASK, WSM, Ecoterra, yPredict, CAKE, Launchpad, and DeeLance. 

Irrespective of the numerous factors that impact the prices of cryptocurrencies, these coins are experiencing dramatic price surges today, May 29. Moreover, several indicators hint at the high growth potential for these cryptocurrencies. 

Injective (INJ)

Injective is an interoperable layer-1 blockchain developed for finance and DeFi applications. Its native token, INJ, powers all transactions and activities on the blockchain.

INJ is showing a price increase today compared to its record on May 28. It is trading at $7.5233, a 10.99% increase at the time of writing. Considering the token’s utility on the Injective blockchain, INJ could become a high-potential token in the crypto market.

INJ’s Price Outlook with Technical Indicators

The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) of INJ is above the signal line, representing its current bullish trend. Also, considering the bold green bar on the histogram, INJ could gain more prices before the trade closes.

Top Crypto Gainers Today, May 29 – INJ, MASK, WSM, Ecoterra, yPredict, CAKE, Launchpad, DeeLance

Its Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 59.87, representing a neutral market position. However, the upward movement of the RSI suggests the possibility of entering the overbought zone above 70, increasing INJ’s value in the market before a trend reversal.

Notably, INJ is trading bullish above its 50-Day and 200-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA). As such, it’s prone to enjoy more BUY trades in the short and long term.

Mask Network (MASK)

Mask Network is social media protocol that allows users to share encrypted messages and posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. At the heart of this protocol is the utility token, MASK, that connects the internet with the decentralized network.

Considering the increasing activities on the Mask Network, high MASK token demand could be one of the factors boosting its value in the market. Today, MASK is up by 8.51%, trading at $4.778 as of the time of writing. Several indicators suggest a prevalent bullish trend for the crypto.

Technical Indicators Hint At Long-Term Bullish for MASK

MASK’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line representing the crypto’s bullish trend. The bold green bar on the histogram suggests more price rallies for MASK, causing it to trade between $4.7 and $4.9 in the long run.

Furthermore, its Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 59.24, a neutral market position with an upward pattern. As such, MASK will likely reach overbought above 70 during its trade.


With MASK trading above its 50-Day and 200-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA), it’s prone to short and long-term bullish irrespective of potential price fluctuations.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes is a new meme crypto project offering its utility token, $WSM, for a discounted presale price. 

WSM presale commenced three days ago and has raised $953,724 in the short term. This shows the increased interest level of investors for the project.

Considering its presale performance and Elon Musk’s multiple engagements on Twitter, many crypto enthusiasts expect the project to be 10x soon. The current presale price for the $WSM token is $0.0253 and is set to increase to $0.0256 in the next two days. 

The presale has 30 stages wherein the token’s worth will increase in each new stage and sell for $0.0337 in the last stage.

Interested investors can visit the presale site to scoop as many WSM tokens as they want ahead of the potential price increase.

According to the project’s roadmap, the $WSM initial exchange offering will commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Considering Wall Street Memes’ mission statement to make investors rich from meme cryptos, WSM could become another project with 10x potential.

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra’s token presale price ECOTERRA has increased to $0.0085, boasting over $4.4 million in funds raised in its ongoing presale campaign.

As a green crypto project, facilitating cleanliness in the environment using gamification, Ecoterra could become a big project in the crypto space.

Its revolutionary Recycle2Earn concept encourages individuals and companies to fight climate change and pollution while rewarding them with $ECOTERRA.

Through its innovative mobile app, users can locate nearby reverse vending machines (RVMs) and scan recyclable items and utility bills for carbon offset. They can also access Ecoterra’s Carbon Offset Marketplace and Recycled Items Marketplace to purchase products made from recycled items.

Considering the numerous utilities of the ECOTERRA token, crypto enthusiasts expect it to have a higher price growth potential, making it a rewarding investment option.

Notably, the ECOTERRA presale is in stage 7, with 2 more stages left. At the end of the presale, the token will list on exchanges at $0.01 and will spike as its demand increases. As such, early investors are entitled to massive paper gains in return.

yPredict (YPRED)

$YPRED has reached a new milestone of $1.8 million in its presale, selling for $0.09. With a few more presale stages remaining, $YPRED is set to list at $0.12 on its initial exchange offering. As a native utility token, $YPRED holders will make the most of their trading experiences on yPredict.

As the name implies, yPredict is an AI-driven ecosystem with numerous tools built for precise predictive models. In other words, it’s an all-encompassing platform that provides analysts, quants, traders, and even developers with automated tools for their work.

yPredict combines two crucial worlds (Artificial intelligence and crypto) to devise a state-of-the-art tool that helps users get an edge in the crypto market. Through the project’s AI-driven all-in-one platform, users can access AI signals for real-time trading signals. 

They can also access sentiment and technical analysis for several cryptocurrencies on the platform. With the Chart Pattern Recognition feature, users can shortlist their preferred coins and allow AI to detect the most promising patterns.

Irrespective of the services and features on yPredict, only $YPRED holders can access the platform’s key features. Also, they can use their token to pay for monthly subscriptions on the platform to access predictive models on the yPredict Marketplace.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap is a decentralized finance app (DeFi app), an automated market maker (AMM). It enables users to swap their tokens, providing liquidity through farming and fees reward.

Its utility token, CAKE, is performing tremendously in the crypto market. Today, May 29, 2023, it is trading at $1.75, a 12.25% price increase at the time of writing. While some indicators represent bearish signals for PancakeSwap (CAKE), others tip at the crypto to record new prices on its historical data.

CAKE Set to Gain Amid Price Weakness on its Chart

PancakeSwap (CAKE) has its Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) above the signal line, representing the crypto’s price increase during its trade today.

Also, the bold green bar on the histogram suggests more price rallies for CAKE, causing it to trade between $1.7 and $1.9 before the day ends.

Meanwhile, CAKE’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 34.60, a neutral market position between the oversold below 30 and the overbought zone above 70.

Source: TradingView

CAKE also trades below its 50-Day and 200-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA), a short and long-term bearish representation. 

The 200-Day SMA is above the 50-Day SMA, indicating CAKE’s price weakness. However, considering the upward movement of the RSI, CAKE is prone to more BUY trades which could drive it to the overbought zone. 

Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

The $LPX token presale is one of the hottest presales of the year, selling out rapidly and raising over $780K in the short term.

The $LPX token is the primary currency and utility token powering transactions and other activities on the revolutionary web3 hub, Launchpad XYZ.

As such, it’s dramatically attracting investors while projecting a promising price outlook in the nearest future. Considering the numerous utilities of LPX on the web3 platform, it could become a high-potential token once it hits the crypto market officially.

With the token, users can unlock key features on Launchpad XYZ, which include the Trading Edge, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and the Trading Terminal. These features are designed to make web3 enthusiasts successful while navigating the complete tools of web3 in a simplified dashboard.

Thus, users will be able to learn about new presale projects before they explode, giving them a great opportunity to grab the presale in its early stage. With an all-in-one dashboard, users can access market insights, in-depth analytics, news, and even market sentiments in one place.

DeeLance (DLANCE)

The DLANCE token presale has raised $1,144,227 million in its fundraising campaign. As of today, May 29, the token sells at $0.033 but will increase to $0.038 the next day. DLANCE is the primary currency and utility token for the ground-breaking freelancing platform, DeeLance.

Holders of the $DLANCE are entitled to several services on the platform, including billboard advertisements, purchasing office space, and renting or leasing office space. As such, it’s a valuable utility-infused token. 

Also, when freelancers complete jobs from various employers, they receive the DLANCE token in return, ensuring transparency and genuineness on the DeeLance freelancing platform.

Since DeeLance operates on blockchain technology and smart contract audit, it’s difficult for scammers to manipulate the site or even its users, thus making it a more secure and safe option for freelancers.

Also, by implementing an NFT backing concept in its development, DeeLance assures users’ protection, providing them full rights to their work on the platform.

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