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DeeLance Price Prediction – DLANCE Coin Future Potential

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With the unprecedented growth of the crypto market, the number of innovative projects with unique concepts has shot up, of which DeeLance is the latest example. With an aim to disrupt the recruitment industry with the help of blockchain technology, DeeLance (DLANCE) is built for freelancers in a Web3 world. 

The presale for DeeLance started on the 30th of March, and has so far raised over $50,000 in initial seed round funding.

DeeLance has successfully identified the major problem-areas of the freelancing space, and come up with a solution that it believes could revolutionize the way the entire industry is run at the moment. This may mean a steep growth in the value of the platform and its native currency DLANCE. This price prediction will consider all the future prospects of DeeLance, growth potential and come up with possible price ranges in the upcoming years. 

DeeLance Price Prediction

Coming up with a price prediction for a token that hasn’t been made available for trading can be difficult, as this is usually carried out using technical analysis (TA) based on the historical price movement of an asset. DLANCE is still in its presale phase, which means that in order to speculate an approximate estimate, we shall need to assess its potential instead with fundamental analysis (FA). 


Thus, this price prediction will be based on the current market conditions, trends, upcoming developments and similar factors. 


As the launch year, we expect DLANCE to perform exceptionally well in the Q2-Q3 period since this is when the project will be officially available for trading. The developers may go on an exchange listing spree, which means that the project could gain a lot of exposure via the users of every exchange it is listed on. More details about the most awaited updates are already available on the project roadmap on the DeeLance Website. 

At the time of listing, the price of one DLANCE token shall be set at $0.035. Considering the current market conditions, it is very likely to see the DLANCE token rise to the $0.1 level, with the right kind of publicity, and if the developers manage to deliver on their promises. 


As the project matures and the community grows, the main focus of DeeLance would be on further development and bringing exciting updates to the product. The developers claim that DeeLance has already decided on the way forward in terms of the company’s mission, core values and vision. If implemented correctly, DeeLance may be able to scale its concept on a larger level, and potentially reach more end-users. 

Such growth will ultimately result in the growth of the DLANCE token’s value. If the market conditions favour the industry, then DLANCE may be due for some exceptional gains in 2024. We predict the price of one token to be worth about $0.8 by the end of 2024, which is a realistic target considering the small market cap of the token. 


The growth of DLANCE in 2025 and the upcoming years will depend largely on the community and team’s joint efforts to grow the DeeLance platform. As a service-providing medium, retention of the service providers and those who avail it should be DeeLance’s top priority, while also gaining more users simultaneously. 

If the project manages to position itself as a top alternative to the traditional platforms which sell services, then DeeLance’s potential for growth shall grow substantially. Under the right market circumstances, growth with adherence to the roadmap and beneficial partnerships, DLANCE could cross the $1 mark easily and shoot up to the $1.85 range with ease by the end of 2024. 

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DeeLance Project Background

DeeLance is the brainchild experienced and skilled professionals from the management, blockchain, operations, recruitment and IT industry. It is currently headed by Dommeti, the CEO and founder of the project, who boasts more than two decades of high-level experience in engineering and technology, as well as in the investment industry.

Founders DLANCE

The DeeLance crypto project co-founder Suresh Joshi has been a part of the blockchain and media space for several years as well and has provided value to several global entities in the past. 

The founders had been searching for a solution in the recruitment sector, especially for freelancers, who do not get represented as much as the corporate workforce, which is how they came up with the concept for DeeLance. The team further comprises specialists who state that DeeLance could easily scale and position itself as the go-to platform for freelancers in the future. 

What is DeeLance?

DeeLance is a one-of-a-kind project which has been recently introduced as an excellent alternative to platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Built on the Ethereum Chain, it boasts a Web3 approach, as opposed to its popular Web2 counterparts.

In short, the project is a decentralized crypto recruitment and freelancing platform based on Web3, revolutionizing how freelancers connect with potential employers, which is something that has historically been a difficult and competitive task for many. 

The global valuation for the HR and recruitment industry is more than $761 billion at the moment, which means that the sector is already growing. However, there is no doubt that opportunities for individuals still come rarely, and when they do, the price tags are often high in the form of commissions from the middlemen. 

As the next generation of freelancing and employment platforms, DeeLance embodies the potential of decentralised Web3 technology to create a society where people cooperate and make educated decisions without an intermediary. The platform completely transforms how independent contractors interact with potential clients by providing a wide range of tools and services centred around three key pillars: a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, a usable Metaverse, and a ground-breaking recruitment platform. 

DeeLance streamlines the freelance process by utilising these pillars, giving all users a seamless and thorough experience. The platform is dedicated to delivering a Web3-based digital ecosystem that creates new opportunities for experts and artists to profit from the rapidly expanding metaverse. Transparency and digital work ownership are at the platform’s foundation.

DLANCE audit

Using the platform, people may benefit from Web3 technology’s transformative potential and harness its power to improve productivity and collaboration in the digital age. It moves users closer to realising their objectives in the digital world, whether they’re a freelancer looking for new chances or a company trying to connect with the greatest talent available.

DeeLance has already haf its contract code audited and approved by SolidProof and Coinsult, which goes to show the efforts and confidence, the developers of DeeLance have placed in their creation. 

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DeeLance Profit Potential- A Case Study

Since the project has not been launched yet, the options to consider in order to speculate the growth of DeeLance is limited. However, one way to get a general idea of where the project might head is to compare its value to that of the existing industry leaders like Upwork, Fiverr etc. 

Successful global platforms for freelancing, such as Upwork or Fiverr, allow businesses and independent individuals to connect and work remotely together on a range of assignments. Nonetheless, these organisations play a significant role in the formulation and modification of rules, which may ultimately be profitable not for users but just for the businesses themselves.


DeeLance on the other hand, has a focus on providing services in a decentralized manner, while also integrating features that would put control of the platform into the hands of the users themselves. 

At the time of writing, Upwork is valued at about $1.46 billion, while Fiverr is worth more than $1.27 billion. Deelance comes in with a minuscule market cap compared to its aforementioned counterparts but boasts a better and more user-oriented product. Thus, the chances of DeeLance growing increase significantly. 

It may be farfetched to assume that DeeLance will instantly overtake these companies since the barrier of insufficient blockchain education persists; however, DLANCE as an asset will undoubtedly grow in value as more and more organizations and freelancers chose DeeLance as their primary option. DeeLance also features considerably low charges or commissions as compared to most of the traditional options available, which is a major advantage, since this is a determining aspect for users across the globe.

How is DeeLance Different From its Competition?

As mentioned above, DeeLance already has an advantage due to its integration with blockchain components. However, there are some factors that make it stand apart as a top recruitment platform. These are key features that will be detrimental to the growth of DeeLance as a platform. Some of them include:

A Simplified Registration Process

DeeLance provides an unmatched user experience with a simple platform that makes it quick and easy to register, post jobs, and apply for gigs. The platform’s streamlined design does away with the need for browser plugins, third-party apps, credit card information, or wallet-linking to give a quick and easy experience that makes use of blockchain technology. 

Such a registration process makes the accessibility of DeeLance much better than its competition, which provides an added edge to it as a new entrant into the industry. The blockchain aspect of DeeLance makes it possible for users to confidently be a part of the platform without even having to worry about the accuracy of their clients’ or providers’ details since everything is open source and can be tracked globally. 

DLANCE features

High Transparency

Picking up from the end of the last feature, DeeLance is a project that emphasizes transparency as one of its USPs. It essentially aims to create a safe environment for all users, which can only be possible if everyone had complete access to information about any individual or organisation they wish to be associated with. 

In order to address one of the biggest problems the freelance economy is currently facing—disputes between customers and sellers—DeeLance has adopted a novel strategy. It has developed an automated dispute solution that offers a transparent and reliable platform for all parties by utilising the power of blockchain technology. 

Both buyer and seller reputations on DeeLance are saved on the open blockchain, guaranteeing the platform’s ongoing security and transparency. Users can rely on the platform to provide a fair and impartial resolution to any conflicts that may emerge thanks to this strategy, which has helped to build a high level of user confidence.

Instant Payments

This is without a doubt, one of the most common issues faced by freelancers in all industries. Desperate for work, several freelancers have to accept lengthy payment cycles or absurd policies set by their clients. 

To profit from quick and safe transactions, DeeLance users can take cryptocurrency as payment for the services they offer. By doing this, freelancers can stop worrying about potential foreign exchange rate risks or the weight of excessive commission costs that are frequently connected to conventional payment methods. Accepting cryptocurrency payments could provide a competitive edge and increase the number of people who can use one’s services.

Complete Ownership

With the use of non-fungible tokens, DeeLance has created an innovative system that transforms freelancing work into digital tokens (NFTs). By ensuring that recruiters have complete ownership of the material they are paying for, this strategy reduces the possibility of payment fraud and copyright violations. 

DLANCE metaverse

DeeLance aims to make the freelance market a more dependable and effective marketplace for both recruiters and freelancers by utilising the security and dependability of NFTs. This ground-breaking innovation may transform the way in which freelance labour is done and open the door to a new age of safe and open transactions in the gig economy.

The Dependability of Escrow Accounts

DeeLance uses a safe escrow account method to make sure freelancers get paid for their work. By securely keeping employer cash until the freelancer has finished the contracted task in accordance with the established requirements and norms, this approach protects employer funds. The freelancer receives the money after it is determined that the job is satisfactory. 

Smart contracts, which establish transparent and definite contracts between all those involved in the transaction, are the foundation of this procedure. DeeLance is able to give freelancers a secure and dependable platform to conduct business and get paid for their services by using this method. This cutting-edge method of handling freelance payment systems is assisting in building a more reliable and effective market for both freelancers and employers.

Lower Fees than its Competition

As mentioned before, DeeLance has the best fee structure when it comes to recruitment platforms. Direct communication between freelancers and employers is the goal of DeeLance, which also builds a smart platform with a decentralised reputation that runs on a peer-to-peer network. 

The freelance market can considerably lower fees when compared to traditional competitors by utilising this strategy. This is so that freelancers and employers can communicate and conduct business directly with one another without the need for middlemen. 

As a result, DeeLance can provide both corporations and independent contractors with a more affordable and efficient alternative. The platform can aid in making the freelance market a more effective and open market for everyone by establishing a direct connection between parties engaged in transactions.

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What Makes DeeLance a Good Investment Right Now?

The decentralised, quickly expanding semantic web of Web3 has enormous potential to improve the accessibility, security, and openness of the global freelancing market. By utilising Web3 technology, independent contractors can have complete ownership of their work without relying on middlemen or centralised businesses. 

DLANCE metaverse

DeeLance was developed using decentralised Web3 technology, particularly for this reason, since the developers were aware of the crucial contribution this ecosystem could potentially make to the development of a new freelance economy. In order to democratise the freelancing sector and make it available to everyone, regardless of their background or perceived skill level, DeeLance’s decentralised ecosystem becomes an excellent initiative. 

Freelancers can increase their earning potential while delivering top-notch work to clients by cutting costs and utilising quick bitcoin payments. We want to build micro-communities in the metaverse where clients and freelancers may interact, share knowledge, network, and establish long-term relationships. With globalization swiftly growing as a concept and people across the world ready to work directly with organizations, the recruitment industry is only poised for further growth. This makes DeeLance an obvious choice in terms of investment. 

DLANCE website

Moreover, the DLANCE token is still in its early phase. Infact, the presale stage can be the perfect time to get into the project, since the tokens are already available at a discounted rate. It is clear from the price prediction too that DLANCE can see a major spike in prices post-launch, which can be followed by further growth in the upcoming months. All these reasons collectively make the token one of the hottest and highly sought-after assets in the space. 

DeeLance Social Media Channels

One of the greatest strengths of DeeLance is its friendly and welcoming community, along with its dedicated team of social media moderators. The platform has established a presence on various social media channels, attracting a significant number of users. Those who are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest DeeLance developments and joining the platform can find them on various social media platforms, including:


As the cryptocurrency industry manages to grow, projects are likely to keep popping up in huge numbers. However, it is always wise to carefully consider the growth prospect of each initiative before investing in them. A fundamentally strong project like DeeLance can be an excellent addition to one’s portfolio, as it focuses on bringing value to the end users.

Instead of simply mentioning ambitious goals, the project has emphasised setting realistic targets and achieving them, which is why DLANCE can be one of the best tokens to purchase at the moment. See our guide on how to buy DeeLance or visit the official site at the link below to browse the whitepaper and roadmap for this year.


What will be DLANCE's listing price?

The listing price for DLANCE is set at $0.035. However, investors can purchase the token for a discounted price as long as the presale lasts.

Where can I apply for jobs on DeeLance?

Interested people can simply visit the official DeeLance website and look for the 'Find Job' section on the upper right side of the interface to get started.

Can a DLANCE investment be profitable?

Investing in the DLANCE token effectively means instant profits, since the price of every token shall rise considerably in the upcoming stages; and even sharply once it is listed on exchanges.

Who are the founders of DeeLance?

The founders of DeeLance are Dommeti and Suresh Joshi.