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$SPONGE To List On OKX, If Voted By The Crypto Community

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The community-centric meme coin SpongeBob ($SPONGE) is among the fastest tokens to reach close to a $100 million market cap within a few days of being alive. Having been listed on Uniswap, the token closely follows the footsteps of meme coins that have recently skyrocketed, including Pepe, Turbo, and Wojak.

However, the breakout meme coin SpongeBob ($SPONGE) is among the contenders in a competition run by the top exchange OKX. This challenge is run to list the best-loved of the new wave of top meme coins.

Notably, the two top winners will be listed on the exchange, meaning there is all to play for. The highly engaged $SPONGE community will likely take the frontline in this challenge. The groundbreaking meme coin has accumulated over 41k followers on its Twitter account. Further, the platform has a super active Telegram group numbering 21K.

Nonetheless, $SPONGE is already listed on eight exchanges. These include, MEXC, Poloniex, LBank, Toobit, BitGet, CoinW, and BTCEX. However, more listings will surely add to the coin’s visibility, increasing the tokens’ price.

On the other hand, one can vote for $SPONGE as your favorite meme coin from a list of five in the OKX meme coins voting event. The five competitors include BOB, CAPO, MONG, and TURBO. Noteworthy, the meme coins that are prioritized for listing are the ones that garner over 5,000 votes.

The voting period commences at 6:00 am UTC on May 17. It will end at 02:00 am UTC on May 22 this year. OKX will reveal the winners’ results at 06:00 am UTC on May 22, 2023.

How To Vote For $SPONGE In The OKX Competition

Here are a few rules one should follow when voting for SpongeBob in the OKX competition.

  1. Users can vote by depositing more than $10 during the voting period. This is equivalent to one of the competing tokens to their OKX accounts. Further, users can vote for multiple tokens.
  2. Based on the tally of total voters for each project, OKX will list the top 2 tokens among the five available options. A 3rd token will be listed in the event if it has 5,000 or more votes.
  3. OKX will prioritize the token listing if a project’s total number of voters reaches 5,000 or more.
  4. Projects that meet OKX deposit requirements will be listed on OKX as soon as possible.
  5. Any cheating or malicious behavior in voting will result in the disqualification of implicated votes.
  6. Withdrawals for the five tokens will be announced after the voting period has ended.

SpongeBob is running a Generous $20 giveaway on Gleam

Additionally, $SPONGE holders can benefit from a generous $20 $SPONGE token giveaway running on Gleam. All SpongeBob holders must do is sign up at the OKX and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. Finally, they will need to take a screenshot as proof that they have finalized the KYC standards and upload it to Gleam, along with their $SPONGE deposit address.

SpongeBob Meme coin

Various investors are eager to get involved in $SPONGE, hoping to replicate the success of Pepe Coin. One can purchase SPONGE tokens using wETH on the Uniswap DEX or directly from the SpongeBob Token website. With all the hype surrounding SPONGE, it’s no wonder investors are eager to get involved.

Experts predict that $SPONGE could eventually be listed on the top 10 exchanges like KuCoin and Binance. Further, as there will be more CEX listings, there will be more liquidity for a trading pair, providing a solid platform for the price to advance rapidly.

What is SpongeBob token

SpongeBob is trying to ride the meme coin wave and hoping to make its holders parabolic gains quickly. The inclination to buy meme coins is high. It is worth noting that now might be the right time to buy it. So, if you want to strike wins while the meme coin market is hot, buy SpongeBob tokens today. The investor can jump on the project at the official Sponge to buy the $SPONGE token.

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