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Gaming Phenomenon Tamadoge Associates With The Influential Crypto-Meme Spongebob On The Verge Of The Tamadoge Mobile App launch

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The gaming industry has been rejoicing lately with innovative proposals.  A great example is the promising Web3 ecosystem, Tamadoge. What could be better than multiple games with a theme based on the Shiba Inu dog meme? Well, that may be hard to define, but it’s clear that using NFTs and winning rewards comes close to an answer.

In this exciting gaming ecosystem recently launched, users can print their own Tamadoge mascot in the form of an NFT. Thus, as they compete in different retro arcade-style games, they earn exchangeable rewards. In other words, it is a “Play To Earn” (P2E) proposition.

From every angle, Tamadoge is creating a space full of fun, profit, and entertainment. But truth be told,  this is only the beginning.

A few days before the official launch of the Tamadoge mobile app, a powerful partnership has taken place. It is none other than the recent but shimmer popular SpongeBob meme-coin.

Let’s remember that a few days ago, the $SPONGE coin had an exponential growth of 70 times its initial value. The skyrocket certainly did not go unnoticed by the main CEX listings.

For the sake of this partnership between the token and Tamadoge, the $TAMA community, will have access to the airdrop of the $SPONGE token. They have announced this via a tweet saying, “@spongeoneth is inviting our $TAMA community to participate in their exclusive Airdrop Campaign ?.”

Fewer impediments, more options – The Tamadoge approach

There is no doubt that despite Tamadoge’s short time, its growth has no precedents. For example, in the last month alone, it surpassed by more than three times the visits of renowned metaverses such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. Together, these metaverses had 9,010 visits last month, compared to Tamadoge’s 35,000+ visits.

Following these remarkable results, Tamadoge director Jon Bishop has created strategies to keep the curve going. In this week’s Tamadoge Weekly Update, he clarified the company is focusing “from a product point of view… in …the mobile app.”

With the launch of this app, Tamadoge is looking to further promote the adoption of the platform. It is also looking to foster this goal with the sponsored collaboration with Web3Auth.

One of the most common impediments for some is having to create a cryptocurrency account. This is actually a complicated process for many. Because of this, some non-native players preferred not to interact with Tamadoge by being forced to have a crypto wallet.

In this sense, the alliance with Web3Auth will allow users to play just by providing an email. Like this, the strategies to make Tamadoge adoption a copious affair continue to strengthen.

In their own words, Tamadoge is moving forward every day to bring “Web3 gaming to a mass audience”.

A solid roadmap for a promising future of $TAMA

With some concern, some users have watched the decline of $TAMA, the Tamadoge exchangeable currency. After a remarkable climb of around 4x its value in April, there have been significant pullbacks in recent weeks.

The token’s current value stands at $0.0165, which compared to its peak price of $0.20 represents a loss of close to 90%. Yet, all indications are that Tamadoge is doing its best to regain value soon. 

Regarding this, they have encouraged the community to stay “tuned for more exciting updates”. They believe the possibility of new listings on the Tier 1 exchange could boost the stock.

There is no certainty that conditions will improve for the Tamadoge token. But, as the team continues to put in place its roadmap, the odds are improving.

There are reasons to believe that as different reputable exchanges price the token, Tamadoge will receive a boost from promotional content. Likewise, this can ease outreach to a considerably larger pool of potential customers.

While awaiting these verdicts, the Tamadoge team continues with its work plan. About this, it introduced some improvements in the ecosystem. For instance, the completion of the “Tama Island”, and the possibility of obtaining rewards in $TAMA in 5 Arcade games.

Also, they expect improvements soon once the launch of the Tamadoge mobile application and the pet store is complete. On the latter, it will integrate a burning mechanism to burn 10% of the purchase amounts. As a result, more demand will be generated and there will be a higher price.

What could be the top of $TAMA?

At the moment, Tamadoge’s capitalization stands at $33 million. In comparison, Dogecoin has a 99.99% higher capitalization at $9.9 billion.

Despite this, experts in the field believe that $TAMA’s potential is more prominent as it is more than just a meme coin. In a recent tweet, Tamadoge responded, “Is Tamadoge just a #memecoin? ?Is it only a game? ?Well… it’s both!”.

Read the blog post here.

So, assuming a growth of $TAMA that comes to occupy 5% of the current capitalization of Dogecoin – considering the number of tokens – we would be talking about a price of $0.5, about 30 times the current value.

But is it possible for $TAMA to grow higher than this percentage? Well, some experts think so.

To buy $TAMA, click here.

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