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Newest Meme Token on Uniswap – Mr Hankey Coin’s DEX Listing Sparks FOMO

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Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY) was listed on Uniswap DEX on Friday and quickly became one of the top 5 trending tokens on DexTools. Having reached an impressive ATH of $0.3, $HANKEY is poised to maintain its surge and potentially achieve a remarkable 100x growth.

Stay informed and follow the thrilling journey of this memecoin sensation as it continues to captivate the crypto community. Discover the factors behind the excitement, including its fun character appeal, substantial liquidity, and rapid presale conclusion.

From launch to Listing: Mr Hankey Coin’s Journey to crypto chart domination

Mr Hankey Coin, a recently introduced memecoin, has quickly gained immense popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Its presale, with a funding target of $500k, sold out in just less than 12 hours after its launch, creating significant buzz. Shortly after, Mr Hankey Coin became available on the Uniswap DEX.

The token’s value has already experienced an impressive 85% increase, and the positive market sentiment suggests that this upward trend may continue. There are speculations that $HANKEY might originate from the same team behind the SPONGE token, which achieved a remarkable 100x price increase earlier this year.

This has fueled expectations that Mr Hankey Coin could potentially replicate similar gains. The excitement surrounding Mr Hankey Coin can be attributed to its engaging and viral character, coupled with a relatively low hard cap and ample liquidity.

Additionally, the swift conclusion of the presale has contributed to the overall hype. Having gained prominence as one of the top 5 trending coins on DexTools and reaching an all-time high of $0.3, $HANKEY seems poised to continue its surge and has the potential to increase by a significant factor of 100x.

Mr Hankey Coin Goes Viral: Buzz, social media frenzy, and influencer hype

The project is rapidly gaining attention and generating significant buzz across social media platforms. With over 8k followers on Twitter and strong support from alpha trading groups on Telegram and Discord, it has established a solid presence in the crypto community.

Furthermore, the token has been featured on popular crypto platforms like Dex Screener, Dextools, and CoinGecko. These features have contributed to the fear of missing out sentiment among crypto enthusiasts, amplifying the hype surrounding the project.

High-profile crypto influencers, such as @MattInWeb3, @AmeerNFTs, and @mrbrown_nft, with over 100K followers on Twitter, have been actively promoting Mr Hankey Coin through giveaway competitions, boosting its visibility in the crypto community.

The combination of a growing social media following and exposure on reputable crypto platforms has heightened interest in the project and attracted the attention of eager participants in the market. See our guide to the best memecoins to buy here.

$HANKEY token’s low market cap ignites investor excitement for remarkable returns

With its recent listing on exchanges, Mr Hankey Coin presents a compelling investment opportunity due to its remarkably low market cap. Starting at just $1.25 million, the potential for substantial returns is substantial.

Industry analysts predict a minimum of 10x returns for early adopters, as achieving a market cap of $12.5 million would fulfill this milestone, a common occurrence among viral memecoins listed on DexTools. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

To ensure a seamless trading experience, the Mr Hankey Coin team has taken measures such as contract renouncement and locked liquidity, while also actively working towards securing listings on numerous centralized exchanges.

These initiatives aim to enhance market liquidity and maximize the token’s exposure to a wider range of potential investors. See our guide to the best crypto ICOs to invest in here.

Mr Hankey Coin raises the bar: DEX liquidity commitment for trust and seamless trading

The team behind Mr Hankey Coin is dedicated to creating a seamless environment for trading the token. As part of this commitment, they have made a promise to allocate 40% of the token supply to ensure liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

This allocation is crucial because it allows investors to buy and sell the token more easily, reducing the risk of significant losses resulting from price fluctuations. Additionally, the development team has made a promise to lock in this liquidity, providing protection against any potential rug-pulling or fraudulent activities.

It’s worth noting that allocating such a significant percentage of a new meme token’s supply to a DEX liquidity lock is a rare practice in the often unreliable world of memecoins. This decision demonstrates the team’s dedication to fostering trust and confidence in the project. Take part in the $HANKEY presale at


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