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Best Crypto to Buy Now July 16 – Compound, Deelance, Arbitrum

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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What is the best crypto to buy now? The market looks quite unencouraging with many assets performing below average. The uptrend from the ripple news has vanished so much it looks like it didn’t happen. However, the interesting occurrence in the market is the improved performance of the DeFi sector with many assets in the LP and finance category topping the list. Today’s update reviewed some of these tokens and provided an overview of their overall performance. In the meantime, below is a rundown of how the crypto market has changed in the last 24 hours. 

The global crypto market cap today is  $1.22T which is about  0.14% less than its value yesterday. The trading volume, hoover, dropped considerably by about 48.8% with a value of $24.39 billion. At the moment, DeFi is making immense progress in the crypto industry, comprising over 10.06% of the crypto trading volume in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, today’s market is not all encouraged to bitcoin holders as the much-anticipated bull run is far from reality. Bitcoin only increased by 0.07% in the last 24 hours and its dominance dropped to 48.4%.

coin market cap

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

Best Crypto to Buy Now

Even though the overall outlook across the crypto market appears discouraging at the moment, there may be hope in the cryptocurrency presale projects. A quick look at the Launchpad XYZ validates this fact. Several other presales are going on at the moment with immense potential to outperform the market and these could be the best cryptos to buy now. Nonetheless, this article only features The Launchpad XYZ, and more details on this are provided below. 

1. Compound (COMP) 

The compound is back on its upward trend. After a few days at the base of the CoinMarketCap gainers lists, COMP has regained its position near the top of the list with over 10% increase in price in the last 24 hours. What this means is that there’s a restored interest in the DeFi sector. Invariably, assets in the category are likely to top the gainers’ list for most of the week. COMP is not the only DeFi asset in the gainers list, Synthetix, 1inch and others are also at the top of the list. 


Generally, Compound finance is a lending protocol in the DeFi sector that gives returns to users in exchange for a staking pool. The program allows users to earn interest when they stake their cryptocurrencies. At the point of joining the pool, users get the token, which is relative to their share/stake in the pool. The system allows participants to redeem the token in the underlying asset value along with the earned interest. 

As the DeFi sector increases its influence on the crypto industry, projects like COMP become an indispensable part of the ecosystem. Surprisingly, the price of Compound has gone up by nearly 200% in the last 30 days and as the interest in DeFi continues to bolster, so would the price of the assets in the sector. COMP is by far one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

2. Arbitrum (ARB) 

Arbitrum has gained 35% in the last 30 days. That’s perhaps the highest it’s recorded in that stretch this year. Overall, it has only moved 8% out of the red zone in its Y2D gains. The recent gains may have impacted its improved performance even more. It started its upward trend a few days ago, pushing its price from $0.9 up to $1.2. As of today, ARB continues its push with increases of over 4% in its value, placing it in the list of gainers in the last 24 hours. Arbitrum is still putting in the work to expand its utility with many projects in its pipeline. These moves seem to reflect its overall price movement. 


The Arbitrum project was created by the Ed Felten, Steven Goldfeder, and Harry Kalodner team as a layer 2 project in the Ethereum network that’s designed to improve speed, scalability, and lower gas fee through its optimistic rollup solution. It leverages its native ARB token to provide governance and voting rights to holders in the network and Arbitrum DAO. 

The future value of the asset is bound to outperform the crypto market. At its current pace, there are chances the token might cross into the $2.0 before the end of the year. What this means is that the value of the token is grossly underpriced at the moment. Now might be the time to capitalize and position for the gains that are likely to ensue from its price moment. Generally, ARB is one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

3. Maker (MKR) 

Maker is one of the best-performing assets today as its price has jumped by nearly 11% in the last 24 hours. What’s interesting is that the token is not entirely in the DeFi sector, which makes its gains quite surprising. Maker (MKR) is the governance token of the popular MakerDAO and Maker Protocol. The essence is to operate the DAI stablecoin founded on the Ethereum blockchain. What it does is that it gives holders voting rights in the advancement of the two projects. 


Recently, the values of the token have remained relatively low compared to the overall market performance. However, in the last 30 days, there’s been significant changes in the performance of MKR. Its price reached as high as $1000+ in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, renewed activities in the network seem to have fueled its resulting growth. For example, the expansion into the Gnosis chain brought a spike in its value. With its value currently testing the $1k price point, MKR might be witnessing an intense rally in the coming months. Investors should keep an eye on the token. It passes as one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

4. Monero (XMR)

Monero has traded sideways for most of the year. However, it may be one of the few assets to keep an eye on this period. Firstly, the price of the token is gradually tending towards the $170 zone, what it means is that if it’s able to break through the $180 resistance, there might be nothing stopping the XMR token until the price climbs way above $250. As of today, the token saw an increase of 2% in value but its trading volume declined by nearly 20% 

To provide an overview, Monero is a privacy-focused asset that gives anonymity to transactions in the crypto industry. It leverages its proprietary cryptography to shield the identity of the sender(s) and receiver(s) of cryptocurrency across any blockchain.  Unlike many assets within the crypto ecosystems, Monero assets are quite fungible which aids its ability to provide privacy. The project was launched in 2014 and has since provided services to millions of transactions. With the willingness of regulators to allow privacy to exist in the crypto industry, projects like Monero are poised to see an increase in utility over time. 


The performance of XMR in the market is quite impressive. The token withstood the fluctuation caused by the Ripple effect. While many assets are yet to recover from the fractionation, XMR is back to its sideways trend less than 48 hours later. What it means is that the trend of the asset would yield the winning force that finally breaks the trend. At the moment, it’s best to watch closely to see how the trend would end. However, it’s safe to say that Monero is one of the best cryptos to buy now as a result of its resilience. It will work best for long-term strategies. 

5. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) 

The Launchpad XYZ project is out to help the crypto industry, traders, and investors overcome what the market just experienced in the so-called ripple effect.  The news of the partial victory of XRP over the SEC gave the bears immense leverage to stage a bull trap that swept several millions of dollars away from inventors. 

What the Launchpad XYZ project does is that it provides analytics, training, signals, tips, and a lot more to inventors and traders looking to maximize their profit in the crypto market as well as improve their decision-making process.  Being a blockchain-based project, it’s currently offering its native token, LPX, on presale to interested investors at $0.0445. The goal is to make it easy for them to get on board and take advantage of the offer. However, the offer is not going to last forever. 

As soon as the fund crosses the $1,550,000 mark, the value goes to $0.0446. What it means is that the chance of taking advantage of the Launchpad XYZ opportunity becomes even slimmer. 

At the moment, the fund is still at $1,156,661.35,  which means investors still have the opportunity to get on board and get involved with the revolutionary offer. More importantly, there is an ongoing giveaway in the community that rewards intending investors for joining the community. 

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