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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Monday 10 July – Wall Street Memes, Compound, Curve DAO Token

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Wall Street Memes WSM
Wall Street Memes WSM

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The US economy will be looking forward to knowing the full effect of higher interest rates as we begin the new week. Investors in the world’s largest economy are waiting for updates on the state of inflation reports and the overall health of the bank space. Despite the fidgeting on the broader financial market, there is a bit of respite in the US real estate sector as economists have predicted a rally. The argument for the predicted rally comes from the recent surge in the construction market.

While the domestic US economy searches for a way out of inflation, its spat with China lingers. Secretary Yellen’s visit to the People’s Republic to meet with top Chinese economic leaders did not yield a consensus. According to US officials, it was important for the US Secretary of Finance to have opened communication with the Chinese.

Most stocks in Asia are beginning the week on a mixed note but China’s disinflation is currently dragging. In the Gulf, however, most markets are gaining but Egypt is particularly experiencing losses.

The first effect of these on the crypto market is not so decisive at this moment being the beginning of the week. The crypto market’s Fear & Greed Index is currently neutral at 57. According to CoinMarketCap, the market is down by 0.69% against the 0.20% rise recorded in our last next cryptocurrency to explode post. It is expected that the market will pick up again on a large scale as we proceed into the week as there is no external fact working strongly against investor sentiment. 

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

While the crypto market waits to define its route for the new week, investors’ appetite for various assets is sharp. There are really a few cryptocurrencies on the gainers’ list on CoinMarketCap as of the time of this report but they give a good level of confidence. The next cryptocurrency to explode explores some of the promising crypto assets in the market today.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

The memecoin season is showing no sign that it would slow down anytime soon. Since other coins like Pepe rose exponentially some months ago, new memecoins have followed suit. The market is getting to see second versions of memecoins that once dominated the market and they are equally doing well. The likes of SHIB 2.0 and PEPE 2.0 exploded just last week.  

In spite of the stiff competition in the memecoin space, Wall Street Memes has also not abated in its pursuit to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. The project’s presale has raised more than $13 million and is now closer to $14 million. The project is currently living up to the expectations set for it to bring people together and challenge existing boundaries.

Wall Street Memes began as a response to rising demands in the market. It rose on the back of the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection and GameStop. The goal of creating Wall Street Memes wasn’t to get people into token accumulation but to create a community. This platform users have control because of the merger of decentralized technology and meme culture.

The Wall Street Memes community numbers well over a million people. The power of such a community over a crypto project cannot be over-emphasized. The community support is so strong that the project raised more than $300,000 on the first day. The rapid growth and acceptance of the WSM token set it as a promising one for many crypto exchanges that would want to list it once the presale is over. 

Now in its 21st stage, the Wall Street Memes token, WSM, sells at $0.0313. There will be 30 stages overall and the price will rise at every stage. The project is getting a lot of traction and more attention from investors as the days go by. Renowned influencers like Elon Musk have thrown their weight behind the project. This is a factor that helped Dogecoin blow up rapidly.

While the Wall Street Memes Project is gaining support, it is also giving back to the community. It is giving airdrops worth $50,000 to users after they complete certain tasks. Investors and traders have an ongoing opportunity to benefit from the presale till the 30th stage is over.

Visit Wall Street Memes.

2. Compound (COMP)

Compound Finance’s native token, COMP, is the next cryptocurrency to explode. The token started the week at the top of the gainers’ list on CoinMarketCap with a gain of 11.56%. The token has consequently drawn a lot of attention. It has been performing ahead in the green zone since Sunday and investors only increased their activities around it.

COMP’s price increase is a significant one because it experienced some losses last week. It may have created concern for its investors because they saw it experience a bullish run recently.


The decentralized finance platform saw its bullish run in the 3rd week of June. Its token, COMP, gained by 125% and traded at $69.15. But the token came under pressure after seeing that price level and it lost up to 9.63% for a few days before coming back to the latest price surge.

The asset’s relative strength index on its 4-hour chart stands at 53 but it is going in the direction of the overbought area. This means that the ongoing price action will last for some time. But if the Bulls are able to maintain the current momentum, then COMP may resume its early bullish move.

Conversely, if they are not able to break beyond $70, the price may retrace to $50. This is the token’s current support level. Interested investors may want to contribute to seeing COMP resume its bullish run.

3. Curve DAO Token (CRV)

Curve DAO Token is staging a market recovery and its native token, CRV, is one of the leading tokens on the gainers’ list today. The mother platform,, is a decentralized exchange built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. This platform uses an automated market maker too.

CRV investors and its price are now enjoying a good recovery in the market specifically in the last few days. The token has now risen by more than 27% from its lowest selling price. Furthermore, its current price of $0.8031 is above its critical point of resistance at $0.7368 since it is up by 2.14% today.


Right now, Curve DAO is trading above its 50-day simple moving average. Before a few hours ago, it formed a break pattern which showed that it might see a bearish trend but it rapidly beat that line. CRV is currently a safe investment and should be explored by interested investors. The benefits of the next cryptocurrency to explode can only be seen while in.


UNUS LED LEO’s LEO is the next cryptocurrency to explode. Being one of the few crypto assets to raise their heads at the beginning of the week, the token is up by 1.61% as of the time of this report. Its market capitalization is, up by the same percentage over $3.6 billion with a trading volume of over $1.1 million in the last 24 hours.


UNUS SED LEO is a protocol that addresses issues with seized funds. The token, LEO, was conceptualized for the platform so investors could have convenience when they trade, lend, or borrow crypto. All these tasks are designed to be carried out with easy and relatively low fees.

The network and its token have attended to the increasing demand from investors while enhancing their liquidity. The guarantees of this network are why it keeps attracting investors and its token gains utility.

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