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Fast Growing Crypto Project Launched Today With Low Market Cap

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Mr Hankey New 10x Potential Meme Coin
Mr Hankey New 10x Potential Meme Coin

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Discover the hilarious world of Mr Hankey, the new memecoin sensation taking the crypto market by storm with its $500,000 coin presale launch today. The Web3 community is abuzz with excitement as they eagerly await the initial coin offering (ICO) of the highly promising new meme token, Mr Hankey coin.

But the long-awaited launch of the Mr Hankey is finally over, as the presale for the HANKEY token is currently live and has already achieved an impressive $269k in just two hours since its launch. The coin’s fair launch, low market cap, and ensured liquidity have all contributed to the increasing excitement surrounding it.

HANKEY – Limited Token Offering with High Anticipation and Potential for Significant Growth

The Mr Hankey (HANKEY) ICO is planning to create a sense of competition among investors by introducing a limited number of tokens alongside a secret drop. The team expects that all 400 million tokens, which have a maximum value of only $500,000, will be purchased immediately.

The total token supply is one billion, with 40% allocated for the presale and another 40% reserved for the liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges. The HANKEY token is poised for a potential surge right after its DEX launch, driven by a combination of a small hard cap, intense FOMO (fear of missing out), and substantial liquidity.

Furthermore, there is no risk of a rug pull as the liquidity is expected to be locked at the launch. The project’s fair launch, quick ICO, existing buzz, and the expertise behind one of South Park’s most famous creations have led many crypto analysts to predict a potential 10x growth in the project,

considering the growing anticipation for its debut, along with the frequent explosion of similarly themed cryptocurrencies in the market. This impressive feat highlights the strong interest and belief in the project’s potential.

As the Mr Hankey token prepares for its public launch, the presale success sets a promising tone for the future, fostering anticipation and excitement within the crypto community.

To learn additional details about the Mr Hankey presale, please watch the video provided above and ensure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord community with 16,000 members, offering trading advice and updates on upcoming crypto presales.

Mr Hanky Coin Unleashing Humor and Potential in the Crypto Realm

The Mr Hanky token offers a refreshing escape from the ordinary realm of traditional cryptocurrency. Taking inspiration from the notorious Mr Hankey, the unforgettable Christmas character from South Park, this token goes beyond being just another crypto asset.

It combines humor and the potential for significant returns, making it a unique and promising ERC-20 token that aims to revolutionize the market. By merging blockchain technology with simply having fun, it provides an unparalleled experience that the crypto industry has yet to witness.

For crypto enthusiasts seeking a delightful and distinctive investment opportunity, the Mr Hanky Coin is the perfect choice. The community surrounding this coin is rapidly expanding, fueled by FOMO (fear of missing out), as evidenced by their Twitter page boasting 7,000 followers and their Telegram channel with 1,350 members.

The highly anticipated Mr Hankey presale is now live and has generated an incredible response from investors and enthusiasts alike. At the two hour mark they are just over 50% sold out. With an initial token price of .00125, the presale offered an attractive opportunity for early participants to secure their spot in the Mr Hankey project.

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Understanding the Tokenomics and Distribution Strategy of Mr Hankey Project

The tokenomics of this project are relatively easy to comprehend. Users have the opportunity to purchase tokens and hold onto them as their wallets experience significant growth. However, Mr Hankey token has imposed a limit on the total token supply, capping it at 1 billion.

This decision stems from the project’s recognition of scarcity as a valuable element. Below is the breakdown of token distribution for Mr Hankey:

  • 40% – Presale
  • 40% – Liquidity Pool
  • 10% – Marketing
  • 5% – Team
  • 5% – Centralized Exchange (CEX)

Mr Hankey Roadmap Towards Success in 2023

Mr Hankey has developed an ambitious plan that outlines their future goals and milestones. The plan includes a clear and specific roadmap that highlights the project’s main objectives.

In the initial phase, they aim to establish a strong and engaged fan base by utilizing various social media platforms, hosting competitions, organizing giveaways, and forming partnerships. The second stage entails starting the presale and putting the token up for trade on top exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Finally, in the third phase, the focus shifts towards dominating the market through a substantial marketing campaign, with the ultimate goal of positioning Mr Hankey as the most popular and successful token of 2023. Take part in the HANKEY presale at


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