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Best Crypto to Buy Now July 13 – Compound, Mr Hankey Coin, Nexo 

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash

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There are rumors that the release of the consumer price index (CPI) might improve the performance of the crypto market in the coming weeks. Some traders speculate that the release of the CPI might push the price of BTC to $35000. Nonetheless, what are the best cryptos to buy now? As the market awaits better performance, especially in the price of bitcoin, other crypto assets, and presales are gaining ground. In the meantime, investors can capitalize on these assets. But before getting into the details, below is a quick overview of the global crypto market. 

The global crypto market cap has increased by 2.4% in the last 24 hours with a value of $1.22T, a 2.40%. Furthermore, the crypto trading volume also saw an increase of 10.7%, putting the value at $32.85 billion. DeFi transactions still hover around the unitary percentage at 6.68% of the total trading volume. BTC saw an increase in price with over 1.4% gains and its dominance dropped by a few decimals to 49.42%. 

Global market chart

Global Crypto Market Cap Chart

Best Crypto to Buy Now 

Although the crypto market is gradually getting back on track, it’s not enough reason to ignore portfolio diversification. As a matter of fact, periods of market stability are the best period for investors to look into diversifying their crypto portfolio. Those times give enough room for mistakes and experimentation. At the moment, presales offer some of the best hedging options. A good example to capitalize on right now is Mr. Hankey Coin. The HANKEY presale is set to go live on Thursday at 6 pm UTC (2 pm Eastern Time, 8 pm CEST, 7 pm BST). There’s a lot of upside to the HANKEY coin and investors should keep an eye on this one. Find more details about it below. 

1. SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET tops the gainers’ list today. AGIX added over 12% to its price in the last 24 hours. AGIX was introduced in 2017 as a platform that allows everyday users to create, share and monetize AI-backed services. The platform quickly received wide recognition and several use cases of the platform went to the market. At some point, the price of AGIX reached $1.46. However, the AI projects seemed ahead of their time when SingularityNET went on the market and the price of the token plunged below $0.1. Despite the bull run of 2021, AGIX recorded a mild rally that only pushed its price upwards of $0.2. 

However, recent interest in the AI sector is beginning to reflect in the price of AGIX. the price of the token in the last 30 days has increased by 22% and its price Y2D has jumped by 650%. With the launch of the xAI, there are speculations that the Crypto AI sector might receive an influx of investment in the coming days and the reflections of the fact are seen in the trend across the board. 


At the moment, SingularityNET and some other AI-backed crypto projects might be the best crypto to buy now. Especially for long-term edging. As a  matter of fact, over record shows that over $92 billion have been committed to the AI sector since 2018. Ultimately, many more billions of dollars will still sip into the sector as the technology evolves. As a crypto investor or trader, it’s best to get involved early before the sector reaches its full potential.  

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH has faced intense price resistance since the early days of the month, Its price has progressively fallen from $305 to $285. In fact, BCH reached the $275 range at some point in the last 24 hours before moving to its current price. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time BCH has fallen below that range. The price of BCH fell as low as $262 a few days ago before bouncing back to regain its upward trend. 

Today, BCH recorded gains of 2% in the early hours of the day. However, the gains are being contested by the bears as the impact of the FUD spread across the market. BCH price continues to fluctuate widely between the highs of $285 and the lows of below $275 with no specific trend at the moment. Why is the price of BCH trending sideways? Ideally, the price of BCH should follow a similar trend as BTC. However, despite BTC touching $31k in recent times, BCH is battling for survival. 


Nonetheless, BCH might be the best crypto to buy now. The reason is that Binance has clarified the glitch causing the FUD, and the dust seems to settle. The restored confidence might bring the token back to its upwards trend in the coming days. The interesting fact is that beyond the $305 resistance, It is likely the price of BCH may rally into the $350 region. BCH might be one of the best to watch now as the price continues to climb amid bear pressure. 

3. Compound (COMP)

Compound can easily be described as one of the highest gainers in the altcoin categories in the last 7 days. The token has recorded an increase of over 22% in the last 7 days and 158% in the space of 30 days. Not only that, in the last 24 hours, It gained the top 7%, pushing the price to $72 before settling for its current price of $70. Besides its increasing price, the trading volume of COMP has also recorded an increase of over 26% in the last 24 hours. 


What’s fueling the gains of COMP? The bulk of the spike in the price of Compound comes from the increasing wallet addresses connected to the network.  Besides the new addresses, ongoing upgrades targeted at improving the lending and borrowing experience of users seem to instill confidence in the platform as the price has been on an upward trend. since its inception in the early days of the month. 

Looking at the charts of COMP, the long and short-term moving averages indicators show values in the ranges of 40 – 62. Invariably there is going to be minimal resistance to the trend of COMP in the coming days. What this means is that there is room for more gains. Nonetheless, the RSI indicator shows that COMP is likely overbought with a value of 70.89. It’s still safe to buy COMP now.  However, COMP might start facing resistance as soon as it reaches the $100 price range. Investors should note this and think more of short-term strategies to benefit from the movement. 

4. Nexo (NEXO)

Nexo is one of the less popular assets with a market cap of over $350 million. In the last 24 hours, the price of NEXO moved $0.61 to $0.64 as the token continues its upward trend. Nexo is regarded as the leading digital assets institution with a mission to maximize the utility of digital assets. The platform provides trading solutions and liquidity aggregation. 


NEXO recorded 4% gains in price and 69% gains in trading volume in the last 24 hours. What this means is that if it breaks through the $0.65 resistance, NEXO might be on its way to $0.7 and above. 

The introduction of limitless withdrawal and top-ups in August might also create reinforcement for its upward trend. Invariably, there’s a lot of traction and price action going on in the NEXO network right now and it’s the best time to start watching the token. It might be the best crypto to buy now. 

5. Mr. Hankey Coin (HANKEY)

Mr. Hankey Conin is described as the next big deal that’s likely to dwarf the performance of the PEPE coin. While that might sound grossly ambitious, there might be some facts to the claims. Here’s why.

Mr. Hankey Coin presents opportunities where degens can make “dirty money”. It’s perhaps one of the shitiest crypto presales around right now and it’s not afraid to say so. A look at its presales page and Twitter handle says it all. What’s more, is that the team behind the project is described as the brains behind many shitcoins that’s seen wild pumps in the past. 

The presale offer is intended to raise just $500,000 and the supply of the token is pegged at 1 billion coins. 40% of the tokens would be available for presale and another 40% reserved for liquidity. The goal is to lock liquidity as soon as the coin goes live. This would eradicate rug pulling and improve sustainability. 

There’s no doubt that this might be the next big pump as the Twitter handle already has over 7k followers and another thousands are engaged on the telegram group. With the little amount to be raised, it’s best to get in as quickly. It’s easy to miss out on this opportunity if swift actions are not taken.

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