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New P2E Launches with a Bang – Meta Master Raised Over $40K in Minutes

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

meta masters
meta masters

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The cryptocurrency market has been rather bullish recently, and investors can’t seem to get enough out of it. After more than a year of continuous bearish movements, the market is now starting to provide some kind of hope to investors, thanks to the increasing token prices. Infact, investors have now become aware of the type of crypto projects they should invest in, and have been stocking up on utility-driven initiatives in huge quantities. One such project is Meta Masters Guild.

Despite being one of the most recent projects to be introduced, Meta Masters has been gaining immense popularity. Naturally, this is due to a highly innovative concept and a team that has vast experience in the blockchain domain working together. Infact, a huge chunk of the crypto-investing citizenry has come to know of the project recently as it managed to raise more than $40K within minutes of its presale launch.

Meta Master and its Successful Presale Launch

There are seldom any initiatives in the space at the moment that investors wholeheartedly park funds into considering the increasing number of scams or fundamentally worthless projects. However, Meta Masters Guild being none of both, indeed started its presale with a bang, as it raised more than $40K within a very short time. It is no surprise that the raised amounts have shot up since too, helping it to cross the $100K threshold already. At the time of writing, over $126K worth of MEMAG, the native token has been raised.


The presale is set to be commenced in 7 parts, where users will be able to buy MEMAG tokens for a much-discounted price. However, the price of MEMAG will increase by $0.003 in every stage, which is why the buying pressure for the presale has been considerably high at the moment. The starting price, i.e. the current price of one MEMAG token is $0.007. At the time of listing, the token value is set to be worth $0.023.

Meta Masters has 1 billion tokens in total supply, of which 35% or 350 million tokens are being distributed during the presale phase itself. With project developments and major announcements underway, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the token quota for the presale get over sooner than scheduled.

Surely, this would give you an idea of how the project has been gaining traction ever since it was introduced in the market. But what exactly is the initiative all about? Let us take a look now.

About Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild is the brainchild of some highly experienced professionals in the blockchain space. It is an attempt to create a high-quality community-driven “Guild” for gamers while serving primarily as a full-fledged P2E game platform.

The idea is to be a one-stop destination from where players can surf and enjoy P2E games while also accessing playable NFTs from the same platform. Naturally, the team intends to make the experience worthwhile by adding several other exciting components like rewards, rankings, trading opportunities and staking.

It is backed by some of the biggest names in the P2E space, which include the likes of RWaltz, GameAround, RuskinFelix and Push. All these organizations have extensive experience in the field of blockchain gaming and have previously worked with some of the most popular projects in the industry

The project has gotten its contract code audited by SolidProof and its team verified by Coinsniper, which itself shows the amount of trust that can be placed by investors in the initiative. Moreover, several major crypto websites like Business 2 Community, Bitcoinist, Crypto News, Cryptonaute etc to name a few have also heavily featured the project and promoted it as a highly interesting token to watch out for.

Project Developments Are Ongoing – Three Game Titles Introduced

Meta Masters has let no time go to waste. As soon as the presale was introduced, they came out with the titles for three games to be hosted on the platform. This was surprising for a huge chunk of the community since projects with huge teams and ambitious roadmaps too often take time to even get a single development up and running this soon. The team was appreciated for being so quick about actualizing their plans, which was evident through several social media posts.


The three games that have been introduced to the community are Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World and Raid NFT. All three titles feature excellent graphics and artwork which can be seen from the game glimpses available on the website itself. Three exclusive NFTs have also been made available, which users can purchase as per their liking.


The Meta Masters initiative seems to be taking off and is expected to gain massive momentum in the upcoming weeks. The best time to stock up on MEMAG tokens might be now, as the prices are at their lowest and the wider audience is yet to know about this utility-driven project that could someday be a top gainer in its genre.

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