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New Chimpzee Presale Save Animals and Earn Crypto – Best Crypto to Buy Now?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

New Chipzee Crypto Presale
New Chipzee Crypto Presale

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The initiative that focus on saving animals and the environment Chimpzee has officially launched the presale of its CHMPZ token. Chimpzee enables individuals to generate passive income while simultaneously helping animals and fight global warming.

The world’s climate is currently suffering greatly from an unforeseen disaster of endangered species and deforestation. There is an urgent need for action due to the planet’s catastrophic rates of extinction and widespread forest loss.

Almost a million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction as a result of human activity, and climate change is making the situation worse, according to the World Economic Forum. The Chimpzee ecosystem will provide the funds required to assist conservation initiatives, organizations

that address global concerns, and many more that urgently require financial support to continue their work. In essence, this will save us all from what will occur if nothing is done. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

What is Chimpzee

Chimpzee’s goal is to give consumers a method to generate passive money while also protecting the environment and animals. This concept serves as the foundation for the Chimpzee program, which places a strong emphasis on preserving the environment. It aims to raise public awareness

and donate money to organizations that support threatened species and prevent deforestation. With features like the Chimpzee shop, the NFT Marketplace, and the Zero Tolerance Game, the Chimpzee ecosystem has been developed as a ground-breaking ecosystem.

Each of these elements is integrated with the others. The project’s underlying idea is that while receiving passive income, we must take active action to improve the current situation of endangered species and forest degradation, which significantly contributes to climate change.

Chimpzee Ecosystem

An linked network of several Web3 platforms and services, such as the Chimpzee store (Shop2Earn), the NFT Marketplace (Trade2Earn), and the Zero Tolerance Game (Play2Earn), make up the distinctive Chimpzee ecosystem. To combat climate change, a portion of all profits are donated to groups that protect wildlife and forests.


The Chimpzee shop offers a range of unique merchandise for sale and earns passive income for you in the form of CHMPZ coins. Your purchase demonstrates you support the battle against climate change and animal cruelty. A percentage of profits go to charity, so you can feel good about your purchases.


Dive headfirst into the action with Chimpzee’s Zero Tolerance Game. Earn CHMPZ coins, access premium prizes and gain an advantage using your NFT passport or custom avatar to stop poachers and protect the forests from destruction. Become a hero for Earth by joining the Chimpzee movement.


Trade and earn your way to a better world with the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace, the first platform to share a portion of trading fee profits with its users. Environment-focused NFTs will be featured on the main page, and all projects will be scrutinized to minimize copying of collections.

See our guide to the environmental impacts of NFTs.

CHMPZ Tokenomics

The Chimpzee NFT passports needed to generate the most passive income and receive the most number of advantages and rewards are purchased using their CHMPZ token, which serves as the fundamental financial unit of their network. Upon the conclusion of the presale,

the CHMPZ tokens will be available for claim following a 30-day vesting period. When the Chimpzee NFT Passport launches, every CHMPZ coin used to pay for one gets burned and removed from circulation. This might account for up to 10% of the overall supply that is in circulation.

They have created a strong and long-lasting structure for their tokenomics in order to support the viability of Chimpzee.

  • Public Sale 45% – Tokens will be sold via presale and public offerings.
  • Exchange and Liquidity 10% – To get on popular exchanges and DEXs.
  • Marketing 15% – To spread the word of Chimpzee to the world and build a new movement to protect animals and save the environment.
  • Community Rewards 5% – To reward the community for their support and activities to help spread the word.
  • Charity 10% – To donate the organizations helping save animals and fight climate change.
  • Development 10% – To support the development of the Chimpzee ecosystem.
  • Team 5% – For talent acquisition and team growth.

The CHMPZ token is presently available in stage one presale for $0.0005 per token. CHMPZ can be purchased with ETH, USDT, or a credit card. Get up to 2,000,000 FREE CHMPZ tokens airdropped to your wallet before the promotion ends on April 9th.

The video above provides a comprehensive overview of the Chimpzee crypto presale. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for high-potential crypto presale evaluations.

Chimpzee NFT Passport for Passive Income

The Chimpzee NFT Passport is key for maximizing passive revenue. To accomplish this, CHMPZ coins are used to acquire a limited number of these passports. Ultimately, ecosystem project users with a Chimpzee NFT passport will receive greater benefits and prizes and earn more CHPZ coins than those without one.

The following is a list of some advantages you will receive:

  • Stake your NFT and earn up to 20% APY.
  • Earn CHMPZ tokens when you buy Chimpzee merchandise.
  • Receive a larger share of the NFT Marketplace trading fee profits pool.
  • Receive advantages in Zero Tolerance Game and earn more CHMPZ coins.
  • Buy the Diamond and Gold series NFT’s early for the most rewards and benefits.
  • CHMPZ tokens used to buy the NFT Passport are burned.

It is recommended that users engage in the presale to purchase the CHMPZ coins as the lowest prices before they launch to the public. Everyone that invest in the presale will be automatically added to the Chimpzee NFT presale buyers-only whitelist

and be among the first ones to purchase the NFT Passport before they become available to the public. In the event all of the NFT passports are sold out in the pre-launch event, the only way to acquire one after will be to buy it on the Chimpzee NFT marketplace from an owner.

Make Your Own NFT Passport and Build The Most Immersive Gaming Experience

Make a unique Chimpzee avatar to show the world that you are a part of the emerging environmental and climate change movement. The Chimpzee transformation generator will be a desktop and mobile app that uses AI to take your photo and turn it into the kind of chimpanzee of your choice

as the central point for their objective. After that, you may use it in the game, sell it on their marketplace, or have their print shop print it onto a number of items. It will be yours, which is the best part.

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