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The Upstart Recruitment Platform that’s Poised to Take on the Big Players in Web3 and Beyond – How to Buy Early?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Upstart Recruitment Platform
Upstart Recruitment Platform

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DeeLance is an upstart recruitment platform that brings freelancers to Web 3. This unique freelancing platform offers a haven to freelancers, securing them away from corporate greed while also ensuring that recruiters find access to the right talent.

Freelancing has become a big part of the world economy, with its overall worth about to hit $650 billion by 2023. However, the current platforms in Web 2 aren’t centralized, presenting major issues for freelancers as well as companies.

  1. Long payment circles
  2. Lack of high-paying freelance gigs
  3. The abundance of bad actors – recruiters that take the project and don’t pay the freelancers
  4. High usage fee
  5. And a high level of uncertainty.

UpWork decided to purge 2 million freelancers that it deemed “less skilled”. Other Web 2 projects like Fiverr and Freelancers also followed suit – in a bid to provide a platform based on “perceived” quality. Also, being centralized, many of them are politically motivated – which leads them to stop lending support to freelancers if they belong to a particular region.

DeeLance is here as a way to provide a decentralized platform to users. It promises a better platform, better gigs, better payouts, and more facilities for both freelancers and recruiters.

What is DeeLance?

DeeLance’s official whitepaper defined this project as a “next generation freelancing and recruitment platform” that leverages decentralized Web 3 technology to allow freelancers and companies to work together “smartly”. The platform has been established on three key pillars:

  1. Cutting Edge NFT Marketplace
  2. Revolutionary Meetaverse
  3. Innovative Recruitment Platform

Combined, these three pillars provide a decentralized, democratized, and simplified platform for freelancers and companies to interact with the gig economy.

Upstart Recruitment Platform Making NFTs the Core of Freelancing

NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens – offer a way to establish provable ownership on the digital frontier. DeeLance has implemented that aspect innovatively, providing freelancers to upload their work samples as well as completed tasks as NFTs.

The tokenization of freelance work products into NFTs makes the ownership of the project properly transferrable. It also ensures security since immutable smart contracts prevent copyright infringement and payment fraud.

Here are the different ways freelancers can approach this project.

Freelancer Writers

Freelance writers can transform their work into NFTs before selling them to buyers. These writers can also post their work samples as NFTs. Bearing the writer’s digital signature, these NFTs would have provable ownership – meaning that no one else can show off these projects as their own.

Freelance Music Artists

Freelance music artists can release limited and exclusive runs of their music projects in the form of NFTs. And by making adjustments to the smart contract during the NFT creation process, they can set the loyalties they can earn on the marketplace.

Freelance Architects – Interior Designers

Architects and interior designers can use the DeeLance metaverse to post their architectural creations and use the virtual world as a platform to sell their works as well as ownership of those works to buyers.

Using NFTs To Provide Better Services

DeeLance is extending its use of NFTs to provide better services to freelancers. It will launch multiple categories of NFTs for holders, who can then use them to access different services from the platform.

General NFTs

DeeLance will launch general NFTs that have a limited supply of 5000. Holders of these NFTs will receive all the privileges that the platform has to offer, with all the fees removed.

Premium NFTs

There would also be 1000 unique NFTs with different categories – one of which is Premium NFTs. There would be 500 premium NFTs in total. Owning it will give users a 2% discount, a one-person office, and a small land inside the metaverse.

Pro NFTs

The remaining 500 of the 1000 unique NFTs will be Pro NFTs. Holders of NFT will get a 2% discount, a free personal office, a small plot of land in the metaverse, and access to a reception NFT – an auto-reply bot in the metaverse.

NFTs within the DeeLance ecosystem aren’t merely digital assets that you can sell to gain finances. Holders of these NFTs will be able to sell these NFTs to get access to offices and land within the metaverse, advertising boards, and display ads. Users can also swap their NFTs to rent an office on a temporary basis.

Providing Better Recruitment Solutions Using Blockchain Technology

Freelancing is a two-way street, where the freelancers aren’t the only beneficiaries. DeeLance’s novel crypto project will also help recruiters by giving them a platform that simplifies the recruitment process. At this decentralized platform, recruiters will be able to:

  1. Find all their job postings in one place.
  2. Gain access to a wide variety of talent.
  3. Leverage the metaverse to communicate with the freelancers.
  4. Integrate freelancers with their gigs via the metaverse – which would include welcoming the freelancers to their office space, which would give it an air of professionalism.
  5. Provide job seekers with more opportunities by announcing hiring events, career fairs, and more.

The DeeLance Metaverse – Providing Virtual Offices To Create a Next Level of Professionalism

Freelancers often get a bad rep for not being fully integrated with the professional environment of the recruiter. DeeLance – an upstart recruitment platform – fixes that by bringing these freelancers into the virtual world and giving them their own offices within a 3D space.

This metaverse will feature a lobby arena and a metaverse office.

The lobby arena will be the nexus of community interactions. Freelancers and buyers will be able to interact with each other and discuss freelancing projects.

And providing a sense of professionalism to the freelancing niche will be the metaverse office. This 3D-constructed asset will house all the virtual tools necessary to give it the same feel as a real-world office. Recruiters and freelancers will be able to hold meetings with each other and collaborate in a more cohesive fashion.

DLANCE Tokens – Powering the Entire DeeLance Community

At the core of this unique freelance platform is a token that makes it all possible – DANCE. DLANCE is an ERC-20 token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. With a supply of 1 billion, DLANCE is a deflationary crypto with multiple utilities.

  1. You can use this token to gain access to virtual spaces within the metaverse.
  2. Interact with the NFT marketplace and post work and work samples
  3. Lease offices within the Metaverse
  4. Advertise your work
  5. And pay for services or buy additional features to have power in the DeeLance community

DeeLance is Currently Available as a Presale – How to Participate?

To participate in an upstart recruitment platform like DeeLance, which has many long-term upsides thanks to its unique approach to tackling the issues of freelancing space, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Swap your USDT or ETH for DLANCE tokens
  4. Claim your tokens once the presale ends

Check the entire process in our how-to-buy DeeLance guide.

DeeLance is Here to Change the Freelancing Game

There is no stopping the gig economy. People are finding it a more freeing experience to work on their own time and on their own terms – which gives them enough time to show off what they are really capable of. DeeLance is a project helping them properly capitalize on that.

The presale has hit the ground running. Visit the official website to participate in becoming part of this emerging gig economy.

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