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Ecoterra Recycle-to-Earn New Crypto Presale Launch – Next 100x Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Ecoterra Recycle-to-Earn New crypto Presale
The Ecoterra Recycle-to-Earn New crypto Presale

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Ecoterra is an ecosystem built on the blockchain that rewards individuals and provides companies more ability to fight climate change. A wide range of users are targeted by Ecoterra,

including recyclers as well as small and large businesses, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). To build a more sustainable future, the project aims to benefit and help each of these groups.

For a comprehensive analysis of the brand-new eco-friendly crypto Ecoterra, check the video above. For more in-depth reviews of high-potential crypto presales, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

What is Ecoterra

Because of the current impacts, several well-known companies and a large number of consumers are working to slow down and eventually reverse the uncontrollable weather patterns that climate change has sadly created.

Ecoterra is a startup that aims to educate people about the unstoppable changes that humans are currently causing via their routine actions and behaviors. The globe is currently grappling with a number of environmental problems,

including ocean acidification, garbage, air and plastic pollution, deforestation, and food waste. Each one frequently poses a threat to everyone’s life. The Ecoterra team is dedicated to encouraging recycling as a means of combating climate change and global warming.

The startup has created a number of initiatives to encourage users to recycle in order to achieve this. If users of Ecoterra complete a few easy procedures that will be listed on the Ecoterra app, they will receive rewards each time they recycle.

As a result, in addition to receiving fiat money in exchange for their Coke can or water bottle from the reverse vending machines, their consumers will also receive Ecoterra tokens as part of our recycle-to-earn system (R2E).

R2E is a rewards program that ecoterra uses to encourage customers to recycle for more incentives and advantages. The project is now in the initial stage of its token presale and has raised almost $26k. Investors can purchase ECOTERRA coin for $0.004 each. Guide on how to buy ECOTERRA here.

Environmental Impacts of Improper Garbage Disposal

One of the most significant industries in the world is waste disposal. The large manufacturing industries produce too much without proper waste disposal, quickly destroying the ecosystem. When you examine how incorrect trash disposal impacts the environment, this is clear.

The improper handling of waste is a contributing factor to the environment’s deterioration, thus putting an end to any behaviors that increase waste will assist save many lives while also preserving the ecosystem worldwide. The dedication to trash reduction and efficient garbage treatment

can be a difficult task for many people. Some even believe that there is no point because it is too late. Even if only a small number of people are affected, any effort made to dispose of waste properly will help prevent future tragedies and suffering. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

Also, it raises the possibility that a significant change may be made, thereby resolving the problem. Therefore, always check to make sure you’re not accelerating environmental degradation while also assisting in efficient trash management.

Ecoterra Ecosystem

It’s time for solutions now that we have a greater knowledge of the current environmental concerns. Ecoterra prefers to concentrate on some business-level methods and personal decisions that its users can employ to combat climate change.

Ecoterra needs an ecosystem in order to allow recycling and address the problem of CO2 emissions at the same time. Ecoterra created an ecosystem that is self-sustaining and circular and is made up of the following four components:


For individual: The tool by which they hope to encourage a sustained behaviour change is the monetary incentivising mechanism called “Recycle-to-Earn” (R2E). Ecoterra users will be rewarded every time they choose to recycle their waste as long as they follow a simple step-by-step guide as follows:

  • Create an Ecoterra account
  • Scan the recyclable item’s bar code which is linked to their item database
  • Log into the Ecoterra app available on the website’s dashboard
  • Open the Ecoterra App and search for the nearest RVM using their RVM map
  • Go to the location and place the recyclables in the RVM
  • Receive a receipt with the type of material and number of units attached to it (which serves as a confirmation of recycling)
  • Take a photo of the receipt using the app
  • Receive Ecoterra tokens according to the quantity of scanned recyclables placed in the RVM via their R2E system

For business: Ecoterra created company recycling plans. These recycling programs vary in size and price depending on the number and kind (plastic, aluminum, glass) of recyclables the company intends to recover from its consumers by a specific time.

One company can choose a recycling plan to recover two hundred tonnes of PET bottles by the end of the year, while another smaller company might choose a plan to collect one hundred tonnes of aluminium cans. Companies who buy their programs will give Ecoterra users cash incentives for recycling.

The Recycling Marketplace

Ecoterra wants its affiliates to embrace and support a circular product life cycle. their recycling marketplace promises that it becomes a safe digital space for fast, transparent transactions by connecting businesses and recycling providers. Recyclers can sell waste-to-raw materials on the recycling market.

Companies can buy existing raw materials or request new ones for their manufacturing. The corporation must specify the type, quantity, frequency, and quality of a new substance. Recyclers will respond when they have material that fulfills corporate standards.

Companies can accept fiat money, stable coins (USDT), Bitcoin, and ecoterra. Ecoterra payment reduces transaction fees for companies. Recyclers will receive ecoterra tokens for fulfilled transactions.

Ecoterra Crypto Presale


Ecoterra’s green education platform is a key short-term goal. Ecoterra strongly believes that educating and motivating people to change their everyday behaviors greatly improves the quality of our lives and the environment.

Their users should embrace climate change and global warming since they understand their dangers and harms. Ecoterra prioritizes building and releasing its teaching platform to people. This will give ecoterra supporters interactive and trustworthy content.

The Carbon Offset Marketplace

Ecoterra‘s ecosystem concludes with a carbon offset marketplace for people and businesses. Carbon markets allow people, businesses, and nations to satisfy their short- and long-term emission objectives when internal reductions are not enough.

The initiative will employ blockchain technology to connect carbon-reduction projects and offsetters. Its marketplace will help users find and buy carbon credits, and blockchain technology will ensure safe, transparent, and fraud-free transactions.

What Makes Ecoterra Different and Valuable

Using blockchain technology, Ecoterra is dedicated to improving circular economy processes by building a marketplace for recycled materials and a platform for incentivizing individuals to recycle. This not only helps to raise recycling rates,

but it also gives consumers a unique opportunity to earn rewards while helping the environment. Via their carbon offset marketplace, ecoterra is also able to provide a transparent and secure way of tracking emissions and carbon credits, so helping to mitigate the consequences of climate change.

Visit the Ecoterra presale here.

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