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DeeLance – A Web3 Space Where the World Works Together Smartly

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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DeeLance is a new entrant in the decentralized cryptocurrency market, bringing forth a space where the world works together smartly. It operates as a freelancing and recruitment platform based on Web3 technology to revolutionize how freelancers connect with potential employers.

The platform is built atop a solid foundation, supported by three strategic pillars.

  • Cutting-edge non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.
  • A revolutionary metaverse.
  • An innovative recruitment platform

These three fundamentals provide comprehensive infrastructures to streamline the freelance process while creating a more seamless experience for every user. If you think about it, the project brings a much-needed difference in a terminal generation, where freelancing has become an actual job. The project takes things up a notch, providing transparency and digital work ownership to freelancers and buyers alike.

DeeLance leverages a web3-oriented digital ecosystem to establish new avenues for professionals and creators to profit from the agile, dynamic, fast-paced metaverse concept.

DeeLance Pillars

A deep dive into the three pillars of the DeeLance ecosystem is as follows:


NFTs operate as digital certificates of authenticity because they are secured with blockchain data and are, therefore, unique. Within the DeeLance decentralized freelancing ecosystem, several elements can take the form of NFTs. Such may include digitally available work or items existing on the internet, like subscriptions, writing, music, royalties, and design.

At the center of the project’s innovative working formula is tokenizing freelance work products by making them NFTs. Moreover, there is also a convenient approach to facilitating the secure and reliable transfer of work ownership to employers.

With such a transformative solution, DeeLance has perfectly addressed recurring challenges within the digital freelancing arena. These include copyright infringement and payment fraud, among others. The ecosystem has also provided a unique sense of security and confidence to buyers, sellers, employers, and freelancers.


DeeLance is taking advantage of the metaverse technology, rapidly gaining popularity. The platform delivers a unique narrative around this concept with the goal of moving people to the next dimension within the digital sphere.

Within the DeeLance metaverse, buyers and freelancers interact within the office spaces. They can also hold meetings by way of voice or video conference calls in the meeting room.

These are facilitated by a metaverse lobby arena, metaverse offices, and meeting rooms.

Recruitment Platform

A bonus feature that may not feature in the DeeLance website but passes as a value-adding element in the ecosystem is employment opportunities.

DeeLance provides access to top-tier job opportunities where buyers can access some of the best professionals in the industry with the right skill set and experience to do the job.

Moreover, the fact that the platform uses a fully decentralized platform further supports this feature as it ensures a global reach. Additionally, the platform’s vast experience in staffing solutions ensures that clients receive optimal results because of refined freelancer selection after vetting.  

DeeLance Ecosystem: Features And What They Mean For Freelancers

Several factors make up the DeeLance ecosystem, each with its relevance to the freelancer and buyers. They are:

Business simplified

Thanks to DeeLance, processes such as posting a job to identify potential recruits have been made easy. Similarly, anyone looking to find a job can apply just as easily. It only takes a minute and does not require any browser plugins, third-party applications, credit card details, or that you connect your wallet.

Furthermore, the process is also fast, efficient, and easy- Seamless! This aligns with what the blockchain was meant to be in the first place.


The DeeLance platform has also established an automated dispute system. The system is responsible for storing the reputations of every buyer and seller on the public blockchain. It is worth mentioning that the seller, in this case, refers to the freelancer.

With the interest of the buyer and seller both taken care of, it is safe to say that DeeLance is a trustworthy platform that every stakeholder can depend on.

Fast payments

DeeLance also enhances the speed of payment for services rendered. To do this, it leverages crypto payments known to be ultra-fast. Freelancers have to accept cryptocurrency as compensation for whatever services they render and enjoy the guarantee of being paid fast.

Besides the benefit of getting paid fast, DeeLance also spares the freelancer from risks related to currency exchange and the huge commissions that third-party institutions would otherwise claim to facilitate the transaction.


DeeLance has expertly converted freelance work into digital tokens in the form of NFTs, a move geared toward buyer protection. While the move sounds unconventional, it is value-adding. This is because it ensures that recruiters get to own the work they have paid for. It protects the buyer against problems related to payment fraud and copyright violations.

On the freelancers’ side, using NFTs makes the freelance world more secure and reliable.


The platform uses secure escrow accounts for payments. This tool guarantees freelancers receive payment for every service they render or supply.

The platform’s escrow system safely stores employer funds until the freelancer completes the contracted work to the agreed specification and standard. Once this is ascertained, only then will the escrow accounts release the funds.

Furthermore, every agreement between the buyer and the freelancer or seller (transacting parties) is based on smart contracts, which means they are executed automatically.

Low fees

DeeLance also boasts low fees. The network’s decentralized reputation and smart platform links freelancers (sellers) and employers (buyers) in a peer-to-peer (P2P) system. In so doing, the freelance marketplace has the flexibility to charge much lower fees compared to legacy competitors. This is attributed to the fact that it links the two parties directly, thereby eliminating the need for third parties.

DeeLance Presale For The DLANCE Token

The project went live only recently with the presale of its native token, DLANCE, running on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of DLANCE tokens is 1 billion, with the token’s utility coming into play within the ecosystem.

The token is tailor-made so users can enjoy a seamless transaction process where their overall experience is improved or enhanced. Use cases for the token include:

  • Purchasing virtual land and offices within the metaverse
  • Purchasing NFTs within the NFT Marketplace
  • Leasing offices
  • Advertising purposes
  • Paying for services or buying additional features within the DeeLance ecosystem

This ticker token is auctioning for $0.025 USDT, with barely a week to the next stage, where buyers will get one DLANCE for $0.027 USDT. This means that now is the best time to buy DLANCE so that you enjoy early investor profits once the token gets listed. The launch price is set at $0.035 USDT.

To learn more about the DeeLance crypto presale, watch this video for an insightful review. You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates to keep you abreast of project developments.

Is DeeLance A Good Investment?

Indeed! For starters, it solves giant problems in the freelancing playing field. This is the first time we see a Web3-specific freelancing platform that shows promise to overcome all the obstacles in freelancing.

Despite being in the early stages of the presale, its unique features described above make it worth the hype.

The project has also commissioned an amazing $100K giveaway in celebration of the launch of their presale.

The giveaway is the brainchild of the project’s development team, offering $100,000 DLANCE tokens given to four lucky investors. To participate, users must complete eleven tasks successfully. The first task is to join the project’s social media platforms. You must also hold a minimum of $100 worth of DLANCE tokens when the draw happens.

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