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Don’t Miss the Boat on the Next Big Metaverse Crypto – 30x Potential in 2023! (TARO)

RotbotEra crypto
RotbotEra crypto

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The metaverse presents an interlinked virtual reality ecosystem where users can socialize using their avatar representations. In itself, the metaverse concept has been around for quite some time. However, thanks to projects like RobotEra, its integration into daily life is now beginning to make sense.

RobotEra: The Metaverse Taking The World By Storm

Based on expert predictions, the metaverse concept will record a valuation as high as $13 trillion by 2030. This aligns with a recent survey by the PwC, which showed that 82% of business leaders expect the metaverse to redefine their operations to integrate this innovative concept into their business strategies before 2027. This comes as the metaverse is becoming an increasingly popular concept among governments, giants in the tech sector, and financial institutions.

Companies Venturing Into The Metaverse

Among the giant companies that have joined the space include Microsoft, Lego, Nike, Adidas, and Gucci. These major entities, among others, have all begun to explore the metaverse game trend by venturing into the Web3 virtual world space.

Microsoft signed a collaboration with Nvidia on March 21, marking the company’s entrance into the metaverse playing field. The partnership will leverage Microsoft’s cloud computing platform christened Azure, hosting Nvidia’s Omniverse Cloud, a collection of internet services committed to constructing and managing hyper-realistic virtual worlds.

Besides Microsoft, Lego also revealed its metaverse project to create a Lego-branded virtual world mimicking the real-life Lego building experience. The project shows how traditional companies continue to adopt the metaverse to deliver new and engaging digital experiences to their customers.

Another important venture into the metaverse is a newly found collaboration between Fujitsu and nine other Japanese entities like Mitsubishi and Mizuho. The partnership is centered around Ryugukoku. This interoperable metaverse infrastructure project is committed to expanding the “Japan Metaverse Economic Zone.” To do this, it connects users to various Web3 services developed by companies and government institutions.

Governments Venturing Into The Metaverse

Governments have also expressed interest in the metaverse space. In a March citing, European Commission’s (EU) executive vice president Margrethe Vestager underscored the relevance of Europe embracing the digital age and the metaverse. In her comments, the VP noted that the EU has already started exploring potential challenges and competition within the metaverse space.

With these facts, it is clear that the metaverse hype is taking the world by storm, with developers actively producing products set to achieve widespread user adoption. At the forefront is RobotEra, with its native TARO token

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra stands out in this agile and dynamic sector, touted as a Web3 metaverse crypto game with much potential to expand. The project s gearing up for the debut of its metaverse crypto playing field.

The project distinguishes itself from industry peers by delivering an accessible experience for an expansive audience. Moreover, it eliminates the need for technical knowledge required for building game assets and landscape modification.

Additionally, the play-to-earn (P2E) game also integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) alongside its native token, TARO. These play an integral role in the advancement of the ecosystem.

Behind the project is a team of experienced professionals with a rich background in blockchain, decentralized technology, and operations in the global market.

Investing In The TARO Presale 

The platform is keen on delivering a seamless and user-friendly ecosystem. In conformity with this model, the project has made it easy to invest in the RobotEra presale to buy TARO.

To invest, you must have a compatible wallet such as MetaMask (for desktop) or Trust Wallet (for mobile devices) installed on your device. After installing the wallet, click the “Connect Wallet” button and select “Wallet Connect” to link it to the RobotEra platform. This is the case for the mobile wallet.

Furthermore, when buying TARO tokens, you can select Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Make sure you have enough ETH to buy the TARO token. As regards USDT, you must have a minimum of $20 in your wallet and key in the amount of TARO tokens you want to buy. The minimum number of TARO tokens you can buy is 1,000.

Once you have specified the amount of TARO tokens you wish to purchase, click the “Buy” icon and wait for a prompt to approve the purchase. Expect two prompts, the first one for the USDT agreement and the second to approve the transaction amount.

Notably, the RobotEra presale for the TARO token is in the first stage, where they have already collected upwards of $1.05 million. This is after the sale of 52,740,970 tokens out of the 90,000,000 tokens.

The second stage of the presale will start soon, and the price will increase from 0.020 USDT to 0.025 USDT. That means now is the ideal time to buy TARO and enjoy discounted rates only for early investors.

TARO Tokens: How To Claim

Once the presale concludes, TARO holders can claim their TARO tokens by visiting the main site of the RobotEra platform and then clicking the “Claim” button. Noteworthy, details of claiming will be communicated on the website towards the end of the presale stage.

It is worth mentioning that now would be the ideal time to grab some of this metaverse crypto to enjoy great returns once the window is open to claiming your TARO holdings. Moreover, analysts are very bullish about the project and its TARO token, predicting 30X (30 times) in returns.

This will be realized upon the game’s official launch. Other experts like Jacob Drury have also opined that RobotEra will generate significant interest for investors.

An investment into the TARO presale secures a position for you within the metaverse crypto arena. It sets you up to benefit from the vast potential this project represents as the metaverse concept grows.

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