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Meta Masters Guild Clears $2.3 Million In Presale – Less than 4 Days Remain in Stage 4

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The gaming industry was one of the biggest gainers during the last bull run when BTC made its all-time high of around $67k. Projects were being introduced in the market at a quick pace, and P2E gaming became a well-known sector with a massive community worldwide. However, this growth was stunted as the market crashed right after, bringing a majority of the gaming projects’ value to almost nothing.

Surely, many major projects have managed to sustain their ecosystems, and still, have support from their respective community. But a majority of projects that had been introduced as a cash-grab opportunity for developers or simply to make profits off the hype back then have lost value considerably, which indirectly caused a huge majority of the investors to abandon P2E-based projects.

This has now changed since Meta Masters Guild came with one of the most innovative and utility-driven products. Based in the gaming domain, Meta Masters Guild has seen a drastic increase in demand for the native token MEMAG since the start of its ongoing presale.

A Whopping $2.3 Million Raised Already

Despite being launched only a couple of weeks ago, Meta Masters has managed to raise more than $2.3 million, with only some amount left to complete the current phase of the fundraising. The project presale is in its 4th stage, where a single MEMAG token is priced at $0.016. This price is set to increase by $0.003 and be around $0.019 once the current stage is over.

The presale has garnered major popularity and amassed a massive community which seems to be in high hopes of the project. It makes sense since the team behind Meta Masters Guild consists of some highly skilled and experienced professionals in the gaming, blockchain and management industries. The project features 1 billion coins in total supply, of which 35% is set aside for the presale. Another 15% is kept away for providing liquidity on exchanges once the token gets listed.

Investors have been flocking to the website to stock up on MEMAG tokens since it may be difficult to purchase the token at such a discounted price as the presale proceeds and after it gets listed officially.

What is Meta Masters Guild?

Next big crypto game presale Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild is a recently introduced project that aims to create a ‘Guild-like” platform for blockchain gamers. It is essentially a P2E platform that is set to host a variety of games and has some of the best types of games announced on its website already. The idea behind Meta Masters is to propagate the idea of P2E games as not just another avenue for earning, but also as a game worth playing for their interesting and creative elements.

The project has been featured on some of the biggest crypto websites like Cryptonaute, Bitcoinist, The Economic Times, Business 2 Community etc and is currently gaining followers at a rather quick rate. The contract code is completely audited by SolidProof which is a third-party entity, while the team has been verified by Coinsniper.

Several developments and upgrades to the platforms have already been happening in the Meta Masters ecosystem. It has released three NFTs on the website itself for players to stock up on, which can be used in games. The in-game currency is called GEMS, which can eventually be exchanged for MEMAG, the platform’s native token.

Current Market Condition and How it will Affect Meta Masters Guild

On a shorter timeframe, the crypto industry has been surely performing at a surprisingly good rate, as a majority of crypto has been pumping considerably since the start of 2023. BTC has gone from trading at around $17 at the start of January to more than $23k at the time of writing. As such, this data proves that it may be an excellent time to start parking funds into good crypto projects.

What is Meta Guild Masters

However, on a long-term basis, it may be difficult to precisely confirm a potential bull run, which may pose a threat to every altcoin as the market could also take a bearish turn. The best part about MEMAG is that it is still in its presale phase. Investors will be buying the token at its lowest price and will be able to make massive profits simply due to the fact that its price will be much higher during the launch.

Since Meta Masters is a fundamentally strong project, it is very likely that MEMAG will grow in terms of price not only in the short term but also in a longer timeframe. So if an investor is looking to invest in some newly launched crypto gems, then MEMAG is surely an option that cannot be overlooked.


MEMAG is a utility crypto which is still in its presale phase. This makes it an excellent pick for potential gains. However, it is vital that due diligence is done before spending money on any type of cryptocurrency or assets. You can read our detailed review of the Meta Masters Guild by clicking here to take the decision to potentially buy the MEMAG token.

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