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How To Buy XRP20 Presale Guide – Alessandro De Crypto Reviews ‘The New XRP’

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Alessandro De Crypto Reviews ‘The New XRP’
Alessandro De Crypto Reviews ‘The New XRP’

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YouTuber Alessandro De Crypto posted a guide on how to buy XRP20 token during its presale, and a background to the ‘Ripple 2.0’ project.

Following the long-awaited favorable outcome in the Ripple legal case, all attention has been focused on its subsequent performance. Immediately after the verdict, the cryptocurrency’s value experienced a rapid increase, bringing gratification to those holding XRP.

The price of $XRP surged as high as $0.85, but it has since plummeted by nearly 30%, settling at its current level of $0.64. $XRP has faced a significant decline of 8.43% within a week, retracting from its earlier surge following the favorable ruling against the SEC.

This has prompted predictions of an ongoing downward trend, with experts and analysts suggesting a potential decline toward the $0.45 mark. Conversely, there’s considerable anticipation surrounding XRP20, a new cryptocurrency which is believed to possess substantial potential for surpassing XRP’s performance in the year 2023.

How to buy XRP20 – Alessandro De Crypto’s in-depth tutorial guide

XRP20 (XRP20) emerges as a fresh Ethereum token operating on a proof of stake (PoS) basis. Its intention is to mirror the principles and tokenomics of Ripple (XRP), with a particular emphasis on catering to retail investors.

While the project draws inspiration from Ripple’s ideas, it’s essential to acknowledge that it stands alone as a distinct initiative unrelated to the prominent large-cap coin. Back in 2012, during the company’s founding, retail buyers were unable to acquire XRP through ICOs.

However, today presents an opportunity to acquire XRP20 at a presale price lower than the original token’s entry of $0.01. It’s crucial to emphasize that XRP20 isn’t classified as a security. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the initiative, accompanied by instructions on how to partake in the presale phase.

Step 1: Establishing your wallet

Commence your journey by creating a Web3 wallet—an essential step for participating in the $XRP20 presale. During the presale phase, identify the supported wallets—MetaMask or Wallet Connect. To ensure authenticity, download these wallets solely from official sources.

Prioritize security by verifying HTTPS certification and confirming the legitimacy of your chosen version.

Step 2: Equipping your wallet with crypto

Funding your Web3 wallet is pivotal for engaging in the $XRP20 presale. Acquire the necessary cryptocurrencies—USDT and ETH—to facilitate the transaction. Remember to allocate additional ETH to cover network fees.

Obtain crypto from established exchanges, which will direct the acquired funds to your Web3 wallet’s designated ETH or USDT address. Notable centralized exchanges include Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Binance.

Step 3: Connecting your wallet

Connect the wallet to the XRP20 platform’s pre-sale page afterward. Choose “connect wallet,” then select MetaMask or any desired wallet, and finally, link the wallet. Therefore, it is possible to trade ETH or USDT for XRP20 tokens.

Step 4: Acquiring $XRP20 tokens

Once your wallet is securely connected, specify the quantity of $XRP20 tokens you intend to purchase. The transaction’s swift pace ensures efficiency, but exercise prudence by confirming the accuracy of your chosen amount, particularly when dealing with fractional quantities and multiple decimal places.

Step 5: Claiming your tokens

Following the presale’s conclusion and subsequent token availability, initiate the process of claiming your $XRP20 tokens. Consistency is pivotal here—employ the same wallet used for your initial contribution. Token claiming coincides with the DEX listing period, ensuring a seamless transition from presale participation to token ownership.

XRP20 token emerges as XRP’s best alternative, achieving over $1 million presale soft cap milestone

Amidst the decline in $XRP’s value, traders are seeking alternatives with significant returns and minimal initial investments. Specifically, those focused on $XRP are turning to a direct token alternative, anticipating tenfold returns in the coming weeks.

Despite its presale commencing only a few days ago, XRP20 has already reached a $1.4 million fundraising milestone, showcasing the surging momentum surrounding this token. As a contemporary successor to $XRP, XRP20 seamlessly transitioned the original token onto the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 version.

Seamlessly integrating into the realm of the “Meta 2.0 Version,” this landscape has witnessed the emergence of tokens like Dogecoin 2.0, Ethereum 2.0, and Pepe 2.0, contributing to the creation of several newly prosperous individuals in recent weeks.

XRP20 aspires to reignite the enthusiasm of the esteemed XRP community, presenting a fresh opportunity to relive the remarkably bullish phase that previously garnered significant attention.

XRP20 key features and tokenomics: Staking and token burning

$XRP20’s tokenomics honor $XRP’s legacy, proudly presenting a total supply of 100 billion $XRP20 tokens. This allocation is thoughtfully divided: 40% is dedicated to the presale, another 40% is earmarked for staking rewards, 10% is reserved for DEX liquidity, and the remaining 10% is designated for the crucial process of burning.

During the presale phase, the token is offered at a fixed price of $0.000092, with the objective of reaching a hard cap of $3.68 million. Investors are converging on this token due to their anticipation of the long-term potential inherent in the staking and burning mechanisms.

The evolution of $XRP introduces an innovative stake-to-earn element coupled with a pioneering deflationary mechanism, offering passive income opportunities and heightened scarcity. Check out our guide for the best low market cap crypto to buy.

The stake-to-earn functionality provides a practical utility for retail investors, enabling them to earn passive income through on-chain staking. The burning mechanism functions to gradually reduce the supply of $XRP20, thereby enhancing its scarcity and potential value in response to mounting demand.

This is executed through a 0.1% tax applied to both buying and selling transactions within the network. The collected funds are directed to a designated burn address. The excitement surrounding this top alternative to $XRP is undeniably on the rise, and $XRP traders are positioning themselves eagerly to capitalize on this opportunity.

For those who have pondered the missed chance of acquiring $XRP at its historically low price, XRP20 presents the possibility of recapturing that experience. However, with the presale already amassing $1.4 million in less than a week, more than a third of the total presale allocation has already been claimed.

To secure presale prices, swift action is crucial, as delay could lead to higher costs upon its launch and subsequent trending on prominent platforms such as DexTool.

The amazing roadmap of XRP20

The roadmap laid out for XRP20 unfolds across four distinctive phases. The initial stage revolves around the presale and the subsequent token distribution. This presale phase serves as an opportunity to cultivate a strong and engaged community centered around XRP20.

Transitioning to the second stage, the spotlight shifts to marketing and awareness-building. This phase prioritizes the accessibility and practicality of XRP20, emphasizing the value proposition of accessing the “second iteration of XRP.” Furthermore, the importance of long-term staking for augmented rewards will be accentuated.

As the project advances, the third stage introduces the token-burning mechanism. While specific details remain undisclosed, it is understood that 0.1% of each transaction contributes to a designated burn address, with 10% of the supply earmarked for burning.

The final phase centers around post-launch community staking, albeit comprehensive details are still under development. This approach to staking rewards is designed to incentivize enduring investments and foster price stability.

Significantly, no fixed dates are provided for each stage of the roadmap’s progression. For the most recent updates, it is advisable to follow the project team on platforms such as Twitter or Telegram. Take part in the XRP20 presale at


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