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Two Renowned Cryptocurrency Specialists, Followed by Half a Million People, Predict XRP Value Will Plunge to $0.45, While XRP20’s Presale Reaches the $1 Million Mark

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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While the XRP price continues to soften after a bullish run, buyers are turning to new staking coin XRP20 in growing numbers, witnessed by it hitting $1 million in its presale raise goal – can it explode 220x as the original XRP price did?

XRP20 is not affiliated with Ripple Labs or XRP. However, it is squarely aimed at the large and loyal following of the original XRP coin, the XRP Army, and those yet to be converted.

XRP20 is not just a pretty face hitting on the ‘2.0 version’ trend – it offers much more than a name change. XRP20 will bring brand new utility to the XRP space by introducing staking designed from the bottom up to reward token holders.

Alongside the brand power of XRP, the XRP20 token presale is attracting growing interest in the wider crypto community because it offers the opportunity of passive income from staking and a capital appreciation that could match, or even beat, the original XRP.

From its all-time low price of $0.002802 to the current price of $0.61, XRP has gained 21,792% or about 220x. You can buy XRP20 for just $0.000092, 30x less than its all-time low.

The upside could also flow from the partial victory the Ripple Labs issuers of XRP won in the case brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The judge’s finding that, in its sale to retail investors, it was not a security means there is likely to be a higher glide path for the price that could take it past its all-time high to date of $3.84.

However, some XRP price analysts are predicting that XRP could give up all of its gains made since the court ruling, which adds further to the case for XRP20. One such expert predicts the XRP price could fall to $0.45.

The XRP20 token can potentially increase in value by as much as 6,629 times

Factoring in the price metrics above, from XRP’s all-time low to its all-time high, the return is 136,944% or 1,370x.

Therefore, if you were not one of the insiders at Ripple who could acquire XRP tokens at a super-cheap price or did not get in at the all-time low, XRP20 provides the best way to gain exposure to a gigantic price uplift. 

XRP20 has set a minimum raise total of $1,850,000 in its presale and a hard cap maximum goal of  $3,680,000.

If XRP20 were to climb from its presale price to match the current XRP price, it would entail a return of 662,943% or a 6,629x gain.

Moreover, if XRP20 achieves only a fraction of that price target, buyers would still be bagging returns that could make a 10x or 100x gain seem positively pedestrian.

With the presale already past the halfway mark to its soft cap goal, the raise run rate is likely to accelerate further as the remaining $850,000 gets scooped up by token investors.

To avoid disappointment and to get all the latest presale news and listing dates, follow the project on X (formerly Twitter) and join its Telegram channel.

Design of XRP20, a deflationary cryptocurrency, inherently supports price stability.

Although XRP20 might have similar tokenomics to the original XRP, significant differences provide added positives for prospective buyers.

In addition to staking, XRP20 is deflationary because it has a 0.1% burn mechanism on transactions. Every time a token is bought or sold, 0.1% of the transaction total is burnt. This downward pressure on circulating supply makes XRP20 scarcer over time and is price-supportive.

Through allocated burning, 10% of the total token supply will also be removed from the circulating token supply over time. 

Regarding the number of tokens available in the presale, 40% has been allocated to the general public for purchase.

Decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity will be catered for by allocating 10% of the total token supply. 

‘XRP20’ has become a hot search term on Google, surpassing ‘XRP’ in the finance section

Undoubtedly the XRP court case has heightened the interest in the coin, even if the price is retracing somewhat from the recent high of 0.83.

What is even more noteworthy, however, is the ability of XRP20 to surf on this wave of interest, as shown in search term data on Google Trends.

Comparing ‘XRP and ‘XRP20’ search terms in the past 24 hours in the United States for the finance category and not only does XRP20 win out on many occasions – it is also predicted to outperform XRP in the coming days, as shown in the chart below.,xrp20

XRP has a large following in Asia. Looking at the search data for South Korea and XRP20 is level with XRP over the past seven days, as shown in the chart below.,xrp20

The trending data explains why optimistic price predictions are being made across crypto media. Currently priced at $0.61, the XRP price is predicted to reach as high as $9, according to a crypto expert on Techopedia. A $9 price point would represent a return on investment of 1,167%.

Meanwhile, a clutch of top crypto sites, such as Beincrypto and Cryptopotato, are also predicting significant gains for XRP20.

XRP20 token is entirely decentralized, in contrast to Ripple’s XRP.

As an Ethereum token, XRP20 has the advantage over XRP of being fully decentralized. A frequent complaint about XRP is the centralized control exerted by Ripple Labs over the coin’s issuance from the escrow account it manages.

Below is a view of the XRP token release from escrow over the past three months:

XRP20, as an Ethereum-compliant  ERC20 token, has all the benefits of complete decentralization and the smart contract extensibility that has made Ethereum the premier enterprise-ready blockchain of the crypto industry.

How and Where to Purchase the XRP20 Token

To buy XRP20, head to the website, connect your crypto wallet, and pay with Ethereum or USDT.

There’s no time to lose to get in before the coin lists, but do your research and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Also, as is made clear on the website, XRP20 has no affiliation with XRP or Ripple Labs. XRP20 is not a security.

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