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Hands Down, Lucky Block Sweeps the Floor of NFT Competition with Unbeatable Offerings

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy Lucky Block
Buy Lucky Block

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The cryptocurrency is going through a rough patch. Call it whatever you like— bear market or crypto winter—there is one thing that is certain and that is that the cryptocurrency market is still in the red, and surges aren’t coming as quickly as analysts anticipated they would.

It is only reasonable for investors to search for anything more than merely keeping Bitcoin and Ethereum in their portfolios during this crypto winter.

The option that makes the most sense is to invest in rapidly rising crypto assets that have the potential to provide enormous profits in a shorter amount of time.

One of these cryptocurrencies that you should consider about investing in is called Lucy Block. Lucy Block is a platform for NFT tournaments that uses one-of-a-kind blockchain-based prizes to encourage new investors and players. You should think about investing in Lucy Block.

More on Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

By participating in the NFT competitions that Lucky Block hosts across the world, users have the opportunity to win all kinds of tempting rewards. The value of these prizes varies, with the most valuable ones being one million dollars in Bitcoin, a Lamborghini, and a mansion worth one million dollars.

Over 55,000 people have purchased Lucky Block tokens since the beginning of 2022, when the cryptocurrency was first introduced. Keeping this in mind, Lucky Block is considered to be one of the best performing projects so far this year, and it has received a great deal of attention from a wide variety of media sites. Due to the fact that the most popular site for NFT tournaments awards prizes in LBLOCK, this cryptocurrency is an important and valued digital asset.

Since the coin is listed on some of the most important exchanges in the world, its liquidity has increased, and it has attracted more investors. An ERC-20 smart contract, which is an industry standard that is utilized on the Ethereum network, is employed by Lucky Block.

In addition to this, the Lucky Block blockchain is audited by Solid Proof, and all transactions are viewable by the general public. Due to this, the whole system has a very high level of security, ensuring that both you and your money are safe at all times. The finest choice you can make for your finances in 2022 is to get some LBLOCK.

How Do Win Prizes in Lucky Block’s Draw?

To participate in an NFT prize draw hosted by Lucky Block you need to make a purchase of any one of the NFTs available throughout all of their collections.

For instance, in order to participate in the prize draw for the chance to win $1 million in Bitcoin all that is required for you to do is acquire one of the NFTs related to the collection in question.

Once all of the NFTs from the collection have been sold, all that is left to do is wait for the prize draw to be called, at which point the winner of the prize draw will have their reward shipped to them.

What Prizes Can Be Won In Lucky Block?

The Lucky Block website is now hosting a number of different prize drawings, with the one offering the chance to win a Lamborghini having garnered the most attention up to this far. There are now approximately over 7,100 NFTs available for purchase out of the total of 10,000 that make up the tickets required to participate in the competition.

The owner of an NFT has the opportunity to earn passive benefits by keeping NFTs in their wallet while they wait for the prize draw to be completed.

The current floor price of these NFTs, which can be acquired at, is 1.5 BNB. This indicates that one might purchase the option to drive a Lamborghini for slightly more than $400.

LBLOCK Making Waves Everywhere

Over the course of the past few months, LBLOCK has made a number of announcements about exchange listings. The coin is now listed on PancakeSwap, Uniswap (LBLOCK v2 is on Ethereum), LBANK,, and MEXC. It has fared exceptionally well, and its ATH fully diluted market cap has reached almost one billion dollars.

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Are Lucky Block NFTs Valuable?

A significant number of NFTs give the impression that they have a bright future, despite the fact that this is not the case, and they appear content with the “community” value that they now provide.

Lucky Block has chosen a different approach by developing an environment in which NFT holders not only have the ability to join an elite club known as “The Platinum Rollers Club,” but also have the chance to win a variety of extraordinary rewards.

All due credit goes to Lucky Block’s teams and their innovative approach to make it unique yet exciting for people.

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