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Fiat Purchases can Now be Done with Telegram-Based Crypto Wallet

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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People can now purchase coins more easily with US dollars by using a Telegram-based app that puts a cryptocurrency wallet inside their Telegram accounts.

The so-called Button Wallet represents a messenger-based platform and has been launched at the ending of 2018. The company reports that the platform was created with the purpose of sending payments and it is now integrated with Telegram having over 100.000 users with 2.000 users actively using the app.

The CEO of the company claims that the platform aims to make it easier for people to buy in coins because it is the only way to attract more people to join the system of decentralized banking.

Button Wallet is rapidly gaining success

Although it has only been launched for less than a year, the platform has already succeeded in becoming some of the world’s most popular messaging platforms for sending crypto payments. Facebook also has a project called “Globalcoin” that aims to rely on the most popular services of the social media world, Messenger and WhatsApp apps.  The Telegram service is contributing to the achievement of creating a Telegram Open Network for all the users interested in this market.

The creators of Button Wallet claim that they would be more than delighted to achieve a partnership with the famous payment processor Wyre. The director of institutional sales at Wyre states that Wyre’s goal is to help users who want to join crypto platforms by lowering the existing barrier. Moreover, the director believes that Button Wallet has achieved a major success by helping the users who are already familiarized with Telegram to purchase crypto with Bitcoin wallets and self-custody funds all by using a messenger app.

Button Wallet’s goals

For a platform that has only been launched last year, Button Wallet is gaining momentum among people who are interested in online crypto trading. The non-custodial wallet has created a whole new world for its users who can make payments or exchanges with a multitude of cryptocurrencies often in small amounts.

The company has reported having experienced a major concentration of users from US, UK, Indonesia, Venezuela, and Germany. The users can initially send US dollars and make transfers that are made with an automated clearing house. Yet, the Button Wallet company is aiming much higher in helping its users and providing a multitude of services. While at the moment users only have Bitcoin and DAI as the only crypto available, the company claims that their next goal is to incorporate in its platform fiat currencies from Europe and Asia in the next period of time. Moreover, the company is claiming that the platform is almost ready for bigger changes such as being integrated able to plug into other messaging platforms and, the next goal, to integrate the GRAM token that is expected to be the new success of Telegram.

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