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Ecoterra Integrates Vittel To Scannable Product Database Bolstering The Presale For The Recycle-2-Earn App

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Ecoterra and Vittel
Ecoterra and Vittel

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Ecoterra, the innovative Recycle-to-earn (R2E) announced on Wednesday that it was adding products of renown brands like Vittel, Dr Pepper, San Pellegrino and Heineken into its scannable database. 

This is expected to increase interest amongst investors and climate change adoption enthusiasts as consumers will now be able to scan recyclable products from those brands. Such scannable products include plastic bottles and aluminium cans, a development that provides proof of Ecoterra’s real-world use cases.

As a result, the Ecoterra app will be able to verify and record the items as recycled materials and reward the app user accordingly.

Ecottera Doubles Down On Its Strategic Partnerships

Ecoterra’s mission is to incentivize consumers for their efforts to recycle and protect the environment. It also provides companies with a way of enhancing their green reputation and customer loyalty through taking part in actions that positively impact the environment.

This news comes after the R2E platform announced a partnership with major supermarket chain Delhaize (Lion), which has branch networks across Europe, North America and Asia.

These latest developments are part of Ecoterra’s grand plan to help mitigate the effects of climate change by leveraging Web3 decentralization to make recycling convenient and rewarding.

The platform is committed to bringing to life the much-talked-about circular economy, where waste and other disposables become inputs for new cycles of production. 

The Ecottera team is also reaching out to the parent companies of the brands such as Nestlé, Heineken, and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, as it seeks to onboard more products into its database.

Commenting on the project announcement, Ecoterra CEO Mihai Ciutureanu said: 

“We are happy to announce the first brands to be integrated into Ecoterra’s ecosystem. These are the first steps in building out our extensive product database. This is also a major milestone in moving towards forming partnerships with parent companies in the coming months.”


Ecoterra is off to a great start given the fact that Nestlé is a large multinational company with a diverse portfolio of brands. 

Nestlé owns over 2,000 brands around the world. Some of its most well-known names, alongside San Pellegrino and Vittel, include Nescafe, KitKat, Maggi, Nestea, Gerber, and Purina. Nestlé operates in 186 countries.

Ecoterra presale raise crosses the $58,000 mark

Ecoterra began fundraising for its project last week and has already raised more than $58,000 from investors.

ECOTERRA coin is the utility token of the Ecoterra platform that can be purchased for just $0.004/ Interested investors can buy with either ETH, USDT (Tether stablecoin) or using ordinary fiat money with a card.

Through the presale, the recycling app seeks to drive its mission of educating the public on recycling and incentivizing people to actively participate in the app’s launch process.

Since $ECOTERRA is built on the Ethereum network, investors need to set up a crypto wallet compatible with the ERC-20 standard. Multiple wallet providers, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet, offer this functionality. After selecting the preferred wallet, visit the provider’s website, download the wallet, and follow the instructions to create a secure password.

To participate in the presale, investors must possess either ETH or USDT. These digital currencies can be easily purchased on most top-tier crypto exchanges. Alternatively, investors can buy $ECOTERRA tokens using a credit/debit card via the presale dashboard.

Visit the ecoterra website and click on ‘Connect Wallet.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the previously created wallet to the presale dashboard.

Select the preferred payment method (ETH, USDT, or credit/debit card), enter the desired investment amount, and confirm the transaction with the wallet provider.

In short, by combining blockchain technology with a rewards-based approach to recycling, ecoterra’s green crypto project has the potential to shift the way we perceive the circular economy and the role each of us plays in it. As the world grapples with the urgent need to address environmental concerns, ecoterra’s recycling app offers a beacon of hope for a cleaner, greener future.

Bridging the Recycling and carbon credit marketplaces

At the heart of the Ecoterra ecosystem are its two marketplaces: one for recycled materials and the other for carbon credit offsetting.

The platform is compatible with so-called reverse vending machines (RVMs) which are already in use by hundreds of millions of consumers – and businesses – across the world.

RVMs facilitate the insertion of a recyclable item in return for the issuance of a reward. In conjunction with the Recycle-2-earn Ecoterra app you will be able to earn tokens for each item recycled. 

It should also be noted that the tokens earned can be staked or spent, or simply held in a self-custody crypto wallet.

Ecoterra: Disrupting the $60 billion recycling industry

Ecoterra has potentially placed itself at the centre of a global recycling industry valued at $63 billion in 2023, according to data from Statista, growing to $88 billion by 2030.

The project is demonstrating that making it easier to recycle is a valuable and measurable public good. By enabling consumers, companies and investors to take part in impactful actions and to offset their carbon footprint, both the planet and the investor can benefit in a symbiotic relationship.

Specifically, Ecoterra will encourage app users to spend their tokens on impactful ecological activities, such as funding beach cleanups, tree planting or supporting the development of green energy projects.

With Ecoterra, all of the climate actions an individual or company is involved with are tracked and counted towards milestone achievements that can be represented by NFTs.

Additionally, if your household or company generates its own renewable electricity, this will generate an $ECOTERRA token revenue stream.

Ecoterra’s sustainable infrastructure and novel way of incentivizing recycling and carbon offsetting make it one of the most innovative green projects in the crypto space and beyond. It will also no doubt be a profitable business for its investors.

Be the change you want to see by participating in the Ecoterra presale today. Buy your $ECOTERRA tokens now.

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