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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, April 5 – CRV, CSPR, LHINU, DLANCE, METRO, ECOTERRA, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Biggest-Crypto-Gainers-Today-April 5
Biggest-Crypto-Gainers-Today-April 5

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The crypto market was flashing green on Wednesday with recoveries across the board after Binance CEO Changpen “CZ” Zhao dispelled rumours that Interpol had issued a red notice for his arrest. The global crypto market is edging above $1.20 trillion after rising 2.28% over the last day. The same bullish trend has been used to collate our list of the biggest crypto gainers today, led by the Curve DAO Token (CRV) and Casper (CSPR). 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) reclaimed the $28,000 level on Tuesday after dipping slightly on April 3 after a number of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) members announced that they would cut oil production, amounting to 1.65 million barrels per day  (bpd) until the end of 2023. Currently, the flagship cryptocurrency is exchanging hands at $28,558, up 1.89% on the day.

The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap Ethereum (ETH) is back above $1,900, the highest in seven months as the crypto community awaits the Shanghai and Capella upgrades. ETH is going for $1,912 on most exchanges having gained 5.05% on the day. Ether is the biggest gainer among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value.

According to Alternative, a firm that analyses “emotions and sentiments” around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the market sentiment is still bullish. According to its data, the Crypto Greed and Fear Index has been moving above 60 over the last seven days.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index 

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index
Source: Alternative

Today, the index is in the “Greed” zone at 62, suggesting that investors are buying more in anticipation that the prices will continue to move up. 

However, before placing your position on some of these digital assets, it would be good to understand their performance and how they are likely to behave in the near future. That’s why our dedicated team of market analysts has put together a list of the biggest crypto gainers on April 5 to help guide you in your investment decisions. 

These are Curve DAO Token (CRV) and Casper (CASP),  which are leading the gains in the crypto market today, and Love Hate Inu(LHINU), Deelance’s (DLANCE), Metropoly’s (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) which are recording amazing performances in their presales

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, April 5

Curve DAO Token (CRV)

The Curve DAO Token (CRV) is among the biggest crypto gainers today after rallying 8.34% to rise above the $1 mark. Its 24-hour trading volume has spiked 67% to $80 million and with a live market cap of $779.8 billion, CRV is ranked #62 on CoinMarketCap.

The recent rally saw CRV rise above a key level—the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) at $0.380. Holding above this level is vital for the Curve DAO token as it would signal the ability of the buyers to defend this level. 

Therefore, a daily candlestick close above $0.98 would bolster the DEX token toward the stubborn resistance at $1.07. Overcoming this barrier would see the token rise higher to revisit the February 21 range high at $1.30. This would bring the total gains to 29.64%.

CRV/USD Daily Chart

Curve DAO Price Chart
TradingView Chart: CRV/USD

The Relative Strength Index was positioned in the positive region at 56, an indication that the market still favored the upside. CRV’s positive outlook was also validated by the positive Awesome Oscillator (AO) which suggested that the market was bullish.

Conversely, the RSI was pointing downward as the seller began returning to the market. Profit booking on the current rally could extend the ongoing correction, causing the Curve DAO Token to lose the 50-day SMA support at $0.98. The next logical move would be toward the $0.84 to $0.923 demand zone where the 200-day and 100-day SMAs sat. 

Market participants could expect the CRV price to oscillate within this demand range before making any move in either direction.

Casper (CSPSR)

Casper (CSPR) takes the second position on our list of the biggest crypto gainers today. CSPR is exchanging hands at $0.041, up 7.6% on the day. Its 24-hour trading volume has doubled to $484.5 million, reinforcing investors’ interest in the token. CSPR’s market cap now stands at $454 million, booking it the #90 spot on the CoinMarketCap ranking.

This impressive performance follows the news that Casper Labs, the company behind the CSPR token, has joined the World Economic Forum’s Innovators community, the foremost global network for leading start-ups.

According to an April 4 announcement by the enterprise blockchain software company, Casper Lab becomes a member of the Global Innovators community “focused on Blockchain and Digital Assets initiatives with the World Economic Forum. 

This is in line with the firm’s advanced efforts to “educate the industry on blockchain’s existing and potential applications.”

Following the news, the native token of Casper’s proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain soared 13% within just a few minutes. It is expected that the buyers would be able to sustain the momentum and take the price higher.

As such, CSPR could abandon the ongoing correction, rise above the $0.042 resistance level to tag the $0.045 psychological level. After that, buyers may collect the liquidity above this level pushing the price toward the $0.0489 range high. Such a move would represent an 18.66% climb from the current level.

CSPR/USD Daily Chart

Casper Chart Daily Chart
TradingView Chart: CSPR/USD

Supporting Casper’s positive outlook was the position of the RSI in the positive region. This trend-following indicator was positioned at 58, a sign that there were still more CSPR buyers than sellers in the market, In addition, the Awesome Oscillator (AO) was moving within the positive region and soaked in deep green, adding credence to the bullish narrative.

Conversely, if profit-taking continues, Casper may extend the ongoing correction to seek solace from the 50-day SMA at $0.038. CSPR’s downside may be capped here for some time. 

In highly bearish cases, the token may drop first toward the 100-day SMA at $0.036 and then to the 200-day SMA at $0.0345 before dropping toward the $0.025 support floor. 

Love Hate Inu (LHINU): This vote-to-earn crypto raises $2.8m in presale

Love Hate Inu aims to disrupt the traditional survey industry by introducing a utility-focused vote-to-earn (V2E) platform built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, which could yield significant returns for early $LHINU token adopters.

Users of the innovative platform can stake their tokens for 30 days and vote in a variety of polls in exchange for $LHINU, the project’s native coin.


The votes cover different niches, from music to politics and even controversial figures like Andrew Tate and Donald Trump.

To ensure fairness and transparency, 90% of the LHINU supply will be sold during the presale. The remaining 10% is set aside for community awards, listing costs, and liquidity.

Although Love Hate Inu is only a few weeks old, the project already has over 32,000 Twitter followers as the crypto community takes an interest in it.

At press time, the LHINU token is priced at $0.000095. The third presale stage will end in a few days, after which stage 4 will start at $0.000105.

By the eighth round, the price will increase to $0.000145, representing a 52.6% increase.

The blockchain meme project has raised over $2.856 million in just a few weeks after its debut, which indicates massive interest from investors.  The price rises after nine days or until $140,000 more is raised, whichever comes first.

This will bring the raise to $3,000,000, the point at which the team behind Love Hate Inu says will reveal its CEO.

Visit Love Hate Inu for details on how to participate in the presale.

DeeLance (DLANCE) – The Freelance recruitment token has already amassed $50k in less than 10 days!

DeeLance has harnessed blockchain technology to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and increase the effectiveness of finding the best talent for a job position.

The innovative platform is a Web3-based freelance recruitment platform with much more features than popular freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and others, including low prices, quick payments, and no fraud.

Deelance_how to get into crypto

At the time of writing, $DLANCE is selling at $0.025. Now in its first presale phase, the project’s pricing will rise in eleven days to $0.27 when the second phase begins and $0.030 in Stage 3.

Early participants will receive a 40% discount compared to the exchange listing price of $0.035.

Interested investors can purchase $DLANCE using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or the Transak payment network with a card.

The digital asset has raised over $50,000 from early investors in less than a week making it one of the biggest crypto gainers today.

To participate in the presale, visit Deelance here to get to know the process. 

Metropoly (METRO) – The Project Bringing Fractional Ownership To The Real Estate Industry

The traditional real estate market is not usually accessible to the average investor. 

Due to the ever increasing prices of homes and land over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for common investors to enter the market without taking out large loans or giving up entirely on the idea of ownership.

This is where the Metropoly project comes in. Metropoly gives anyone access to real estate investment, regardless of social status or where they are in the world. With Metropoly, you can own a piece of real estate property from anywhere around the globe.

Metropoly one of the biggest crypto gainers today

Metropoly accomplishes this by leveraging the enormous potential of fractional NFT real estate investment. With the help of this novel ownership structure, investors can own a tiny portion of a piece of real estate. Investments are as low as $100 can be made for as little as $100 while getting the full benefits of an investor.

At press time, $METRO is going for $0.0769 per token and can be purchased with ETH, USDT, or BNB on presale.

The blockchain-based real estate company has so far amassed more than $1.124 million from early investors in the ongoing presale.

Visit Metropoly Now to find out more on how to participate in the presale.

Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) – The New Greenest Crypto In Presale

Also on our list of biggest crypto gainers on Wednesday is Ecoterra, a revolutionary Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) project that rewards consumers for recycling and encourages environmentally friendly behavior.


The platform allows users to scan any goods and log them as recyclable materials to earn $ECOTERRA on the platform., thanks to the creative concept.

All climate actions in which users participate or support are added to their profiles. As their list of activities grows, users will accumulate milestone successes and even non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

Through Ecoterra, consumers, businesses, and investors can collaborate to mitigate the effects of climate change. The platform hopes to be a major force in developing a prosperous and sustainable human future.

At the first round of the presale, the $ECOTERRA token costs $0.004. However, the price will rise to $0.00475 in thirteen days once stage two begins.

The digital asset has garnered over $56,000 in less than a week, showing a high level of investor interest.

Visit Ecoterra here to learn more about this revolutionary project aimed at environmental protection. 

RobotEra (TARO) – The Metaverse Game-changer

RobotEra closes our list of the biggest crypto gainers for today as it continues to raise interest with its presale performance. 

RobotEra is being hailed as the upcoming great decentralised metaverse success story. The metaverse has the potential to radically alter how humans interact with technology, as well as how they interact with one another and their outer world.

RobotEra is an upcoming robot-themed gaming metaverse that promises to merge play-to-earn and PVP games within its interactive realm. Users of RobotEra can create their own worlds within this virtual space, engage in social interaction through a variety of games, and earn money by collecting resources from the lands they explore.

The TARO token is the currency that powers the RobotEra multiverse. The first round of the TARO token’s presale has successfully raised over $1.07 million. One TARO token costs $0.02 each. You can choose to pay instantly using either your USDT or the ETH in your wallet. 

Visit RobotEra here for more information on the ongoing presale.

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