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New Best Crypto To Explode April 2023 – Next Crypto to $1?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

New Best Crypto to Explode in April 2023
New Best Crypto to Explode in April 2023

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Investors should learn that finding crypto with a cheap initial price is important while looking for the next coin to explode in 2023. One way for attaining this is to identify projects that are still in the initial stages of their presale campaign.

We’ve done the research to assist you in deciding on the most promising cryptocurrency projects available right now and listed them below.


Ecoterra was created as the first blockchain-based Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) platform to motivate consumers and provide businesses greater power to fight climate change. Users of the Ecoterra app can scan items for recycling to receive ECOTERRA in return.

Their ECOTERRA profits can be staked, invested, or used to support environmental causes. The ecosystem’s four primary components are recycling, the market for carbon offsets, the recycling market, and educating. The ecologically friendly design was developed to support all users.

This category includes recyclers as well as huge and small businesses, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations. The goal of Ecoterra is to support and profit each and every one of these communities as they strive for a better, more sustainable future.

By creating a clear strategy for recycling, carbon offsetting, and the circular economy, the platform hopes to achieve this. Using blockchain’s features will also encourage usability, transparency, and safety.

One ECOTERRA token costs $0.004 at the time of publication, and the initial presale for the ecologically friendly initiative raised over $58,000. Early adopters can use ETH, USDT, or a credit card to buy the coin. Guide on how to buy ECOTERRA token here.

Love Hate Inu

The most important matters of the day are being acknowledged by the brand-new cryptocurrency initiative Love Hate Inu. Users of this cutting-edge platform can cast votes in a variety of surveys. Users must stake LHINU tokens in order to vote on Love Hate Inu.

The quantity and duration of their LHINU stakes affect their voting power. Because every vote is recorded to the blockchain, the outcomes of the Love Hate Inu poll are unchangeable and irreversible. The innovative vote-to-earn mechanism in Love Hate Inu is one of its most original features.

Users that vote get something in return for taking part. This can take the form of extra LHINU tokens, special NFTs, or any other kind of digital asset. Love Hate Inu has potential to generate income through collaborations due to this incentive system. Guide on how to buy  LHINU token here.

The platform might end up serving as the standard polling tool for fresh metaverse initiatives or it might be employed by well-known companies to assess fresh products. Any profits Love Hate Inu makes can be used to repurchase LHINU tokens, thereby driving the price of the coin higher.

The vote-to-earn strategy used by Love Hate Inu has investors quite excited. Almost $2.8 million was raised for the project, and each LHINU token was priced at $0.0000105. The presale for Love Hate Inu has a hard cap of $10 million and aims to sell up to 90% of the entire token supply.

The development team anticipates holding an initial exchange offering after the presale. Check out our list of the best meme coins to buy here.

The full rundown of the new best crypto to explode in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content.


DeeLance, which recently started its DLANCE token presale, is the next cryptocurrency to take off in the Web3-based freelancing and recruitment sector. By enabling a user-controlled environment where freelancers are paid using cryptocurrency, this decentralized network revolutionizes how independent contractors and employers interact.

According to the project whitepaper, the ecosystem of the platform is built on three main pillars: a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, a modern metaverse, and a ground-breaking recruitment platform.

These elements provide a wide range of tools and services, improving the efficiency of the freelancing process while maintaining transparency and digital ownership of work. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.

Several benefits come with DeeLance, including faster business operations, an automated dispute resolution system for greater transparency, secure escrow services, quick cryptocurrency payments, low costs, and NFTs as digital tokens signifying ownership of the task.

The network also gives users access to elite professionals and excellent career possibilities on a fully decentralized, accessible platform. The unique NFTs from DeeLance serve as digital certificates of legitimacy that are protected by blockchain technology.

The secure and stable transfer of ownership of the work is made possible by this mechanism, which also addresses problems like payment fraud and copyright breaches. DeeLance is also developing a brand-new idea that is based on metaverse technology that emphasizes metaverse lobby arenas, offices, and meeting spaces.

A dedicated Web3 freelancing platform called DeeLance offers unique characteristics that make it a desirable investment. The project has raised more than $51k and is currently in its presale phase. Early investors can purchase DLANCE token at the selling price of $0.025 each.


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