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Dash 2 Trade Presale 7 Days Left | Best Crypto Presale to Invest in 2023?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Dash 2 Trade has already sold 85% of the tokens in it’s presale, which will end in a week, and offering early investors high returns in 2023. The Dash 2 Trade presale is soon come to an end. The project has raised over $11 million and is prepared for the first CEX listing on 11th January 2023.

Find the full Dash 2 Trade presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto presale updates.

Dash 2 Trade Overview

Dash 2 Trade offers users the opportunity to enhance opportunity to enhance their profits by offering a wide range of innovative tools and analytics which investors and traders can benefit from. The inclusion of a dashboard of world-class quality level is what sets Dash 2 Trade apart from its competitors.

Users are able to engage with this dashboard in order to gain access to important trading tools that will allow them to improve the quality of their trades. Users are able to obtain incomparable market insights and analysis that are not available anywhere else.

D2T Token Last Stage of Presale

Dash2Trade platform’s main currency is the D2T token, is often in the news and attracted a lot of interest during its presale period. Currently on its last stage of presale and has raised more than $11 million. On 11th January 2023, users of some of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges will be able to get involved in token swaps between D2T and other currencies.

The D2T token has already been approved for listing on exchanges such as LBank, ChangellyPro, Uniswap, and BitMart. It is anticipated that this event will have a further upward impact on the price of the token.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Dashboard

The beta version of the presale dashboard is going to go live on the 5th of January. Dash 2 trade will be inviting members of the community to road test its leading edge analytics and scoring system for the roughly 20 to 30 crypto project presales are launched every single week.

The live beta means that retail investors will have all the power tools they might need at their fingertips to make sense of what’s happening in the presale arena presales continue to be the most profitable sector of crypto.

Dashboard Access Tiers

To gain access to the system and pay for subscriptions, users are required to have D2T tokens. Dash 2 Trade will offer users a free tier that allows them to explore the platform, but the full feature set will be locked and can only be accessed by users who pay for the subscription.

Subscription Structure

Dash 2 Trade has three membership tiers, paid for with D2T tokens. The price of subscription in D2T benchmarked to 400 D2T per month for the starter tier and 1000 D2T per month for the professional tier, respectively.

Free Tier

The free tier does not require the user to hold any D2T tokens. This will, however, greatly reduce the number of features that the user has access to. On the free tier, the user will have unfettered access to the Dash 2 Trade market data terminal, which offers tier-one pricing information that all traders should be using.

While the free tier does offer access to market/social metrics, in addition to notable presale token launches, this will only be for selected tokens. Those on the free tier will not have access to automated trading tools, the strategy builder backtesting platform or watchlists.

Starter Tier

The starter tier comes with a monthly subscription price of 400 D2T tokens. It offers access to advanced on-chain data and basic intelligence on notable presale launches. Watchlists are limited to two tokens, and access to a selection of market indicators and social metrics is provided.

The starter tier also offers access to automated trading tools, alongside the strategy builder backtesting platform. There is also members-only Discord channel for users to discuss metrics and insights.

Premium Tier

The premium tier offers full access to all Dash 2 Trade features. This includes access to quarterly trading competitions, where prizes are funded from the 5%subscription fees revenue that is allocated to the prize pool. Premium-tier members also have access to on-chain data, whale wallet alerts, and professional-grade market indicators.

Social metrics come in the form of market-leading data feeds in real time. Premium subscribers have access to Dash 2 Trade’s comprehensive coverage and analysis of crypto presales and the target recommendations.

Dash 2 Trade Ongoing Events

Aside from the final phase of the presale, Dash 2 Trade is conducting a giveaway, where is one lucky winner can win the $150k worth of D2T tokens. You can earn multiple points by completing simple tasks. Join their giveaway here.


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