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Just 10 Days To Go In Dash 2 Trade Presale – What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

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Investors in the cryptocurrency industry are scooping up Dash 2 Trade (D2T), one of the best presales ahead of the New Year. It is a leading crypto analytics and social trading platform, making it easier for investors to make decisions. Dash 2 Trade is the go-to ecosystem during a lengthy crypto winter, where market participants can use key strategies and tools for remarkable returns.

Investors Bullish on Dash 2 Trade Ahead of First Exchange Listing

Most investors in the cryptocurrency space are counting losses amidst a seemingly never-ending wild west-like trend in 2022. Unlike 2021, where cryptos surged to new all-time highs, this year saw the total market cap drop from nearly $3 trillion to $833 billion at the time of writing.

Cryptocurrency market cap
Cryptocurrency market cap

2021 was the year that propelled nonfungible tokens (NFTs) into the mainstream. The total value locked (TVL) in staking platforms exploded to new all-time highs as investors explored alternative investment vehicles.

The situation in 2022 has been largely the opposite of the enthusiasm with which people conversed with one another regarding cryptos in 2021. Topics like the fall of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX exchange have wiped all smiles, leaving investors waiting for the crypto winter to end.

Some investors wonder if they will ever have a chance to retrieve funds locked up in the defunct FTX exchange. Moreover, the contagion spreading across the industry has left giants like BlockFi and Voyager out of business. The crypto winter before FTX’s collapse pulled the rug on other key crypto giants like Three Arrows and Celsius Network.

As the hits on the market keep coming, interested investors are considering new crypto projects like Dash 2 Trade to diversify their portfolios ahead of 2023. D2T is at the helm of 2022’s fast-selling presales, with $10.36 million raised.

The team is on the fastest lane to raise $13,420,000 by the end of the presale, and to the look of things, the target may be surpassed. Investors are paying $0.0533 for 1 D2T token in the fourth presale stage. The presale is 82.92% close to the finish line, while D2T’s first CEX launch is scheduled for January 11, 2023. This holiday season could be the last chance for investors to book early bird access to a leading cryptocurrency analytics platform.

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Why Dash 2 Trade Presale Is Selling Out Fast

Dash 2 Trade is a unique blockchain platform for accessing trading signals, allowing traders to take advantage of buy/sell opportunities in the market. Dash 2 Trade combines both social and on-chain analysis for a Bloomberg-like terminal.

Users on the dashboard can spot specific coins likely to see significant movements in price due to a buzz, signaling social and cultural changes. Metrics used by Dash 2 Trade can track these cultural teens on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Dash 2 Trade also offers more opportunities to its users by providing key information and analytics regarding tokens in presales. This has been achieved using a bespoke scoring system, considering team credentials, tokenomics and whether the contract is adequately audited.

Exploring the Strategy Builder 

Dash 2 Trade encourages investors to become independent using a tailor-made-built strategy builder. Users possessing D2T tokens will have access to this innovative dashboard.

It allows traders to develop their strategies, and backtest them using live market conditions like price, volume, volatility and other order book activities from leading crypto exchanges. With this, users can know beforehand whether a strategy would be profitable in the live market or needs re-evaluation.

Social trading tools have been added to D2T’s system, allowing users to share ideas. The social trading platform will host competitions such as weekly price prediction challenges. Users within the ecosystem will receive the predictions, while the winner is rewarded in D2T.

How to Access D2T’s Features?

Users have three subscription structures to choose: The free tier, the starter tier and the premium tier. The free tier is accessible without the need to hold D2T. Although the platform’s features are limited, users on this tier can access the Dash 2 Trade market data terminal.

The starter tier comes with a monthly subscription, requiring investors to pay 400 D2T tokens. Here, traders can view advanced on-chain data and basic insights into selected presale launches. Moreover, they have basic access to market indicators, social trading metrics, automated trading tools, the strategy builder and a members-only Discord channel.

Traders pay 1,000 D2T monthly to access platform’s premium tier services, which include all the platform’s features. Users on this tier will participate in quarterly trading competitions. The premium tier also gives access to on-chain data, whale wallet alerts and professional-grade market indicators.

Dash 2 Trade is building an ecosystem to support traders and investors in their journeys to master the crypto market. Two CEXs have committed to listing D2T in 2023 – shortly after the presale ends, including LBank and BitMart. The team is engaged in more exchange listing negotiations to ensure that Dash 2 Trade hits the ground running.

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