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Crypto Tool Dash 2 Trade Unveils Presales Section of Dashboard

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Upcoming crypto analytics tool Dash 2 Trade has released a sneak peek video showcasing the presale analysis part of their dashboard. Dash 2 Trade provides trading signals, social analytics on-chain data, their presale went quite well, raising more than $10 million.

The fact that tokens have been moving so quickly indicates that many investors think this new initiative will soon generate huge gains. In this article, we will outline the Dash 2 Trade platform’s dashboard capabilities and its features.

Find in the video above from the official YouTube channel of Dash 2 Trade, the full features of Dash 2 Trade presale analysis in their dashboard.

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard Presale Sections

Keep an eye out for any upcoming new features because these are just a few of the many features they will have. Below are just a few of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard functions:

Top Social Activity

In this category, in addition to the different tokens and symbols, you can also see the number of followers, which is averaged across all of their various social media sites, as well as the percentage of growth in their following.

Top Selling Presales

If you want to learn more about the projects, you can just look up the tokens’ symbols. You can also see the presale start date and the total amount sold, and  how the projects are classified in this section.

New Listings

You may find updated listings of recently launched projects, together with their market values and dates, on the list.

Presale Token

The section where the presale tokens are shown, below are the portions that go into greater detail about presales.

Presale Token Sections

  • Tokens – In addition to a brief description of what it is, you may check to see if the team underwent an audit, an external KYC, and whether VC funding was provided.
  • Dash score – A score table that includes team, product, marketing, development, and tokenomics.
  • Presale end date – You can check when their presale ends.
  • Tags – This includes the VC, vesting and cliff.
  • End date amount raised – The total amount that they have raised.
  • Hard cap – The highest value of funds a project intends to raise at a fundraising event.
  • Presale market cap – The token valuation.
  • Social following – When their followers are aggregated across all of their social media channels, you can see how much growth they’ve experienced in both their percentage and overall number of followers.
  • Seven days social interactions – You can check their seven days interactions and and their total growth.
  • Chain – You can view which chain a certain token is a part of.

Presale Token Filters

Chain Filter – You can choose to filter by a certain blockchain if you want to.

Audit Filter – If you want to ensure that they are properly audited.

KYC Filter – If you want to make sure the team is KYC’d.

VC Filter – You can check if it’s VC backed.


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