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Crypto Oliver – Dash 2 Trade (D2T) | Trading Signals Crypto Presale Review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Popular YouTuber Crypto Oliver reviewed new analytics and trading signals platform Dash 2 Trade and its native coin D2T which is on presale now. Within a short period of time following the presale, Dash 2 Trade has profoundly impacted the cryptocurrency industry. It has developed into a brand-new cryptocurrency with growth potential and the most thrilling online trend.

Crypto Oliver Dash 2 Trade Overview

Dash 2 Trade is a new cryptocurrency trading and analytics platform, which is owned and powered by Learn 2 Trade, offers cutting-edge technologies to assist traders stay ahead of the constantly shifting cryptocurrency market. Dash 2 Trade will have many features, such as cryptocurrency trading alerts, a collection of technical indicators, and a tool for backtesting trading strategies.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Update

There’s only eleven days remaining until presale end. More than 81% of the D2T tokens made available for the presale have already been purchased, currently has raised $10.8 million. First CEX launch will go live on Wednesday 11th Jan 2023.

Why Dash 2 Trade is a Good Investment?

We now overlook cryptocurrencies differently because of Dash 2 Trade and D2T, its native token, which is a specialized and knowledgeable trading analytics platform. The platform gives users access to signals, measurements, and social trading tools as well as detailed market information that aid in developing market-beating strategies.

Traders can get assistance and a location to invest, regardless of their level of expertise or experience. The platform has a lot of advantages that traders and investors can take benefit of.

Dash 2 Trade Unveils Presale Dashboard

A sneak peek video displaying the presale analysis section of Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard, an upcoming cryptocurrency analytics platform, has been made available. The video can be found on Dash 2 Trade’s official YouTube channel. These are only a few of the features on the platform, so it’s important to keep updated.

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard Features

Dash 2 Trade offers an extensive platform with a functionality dashboard that offers a wide range of information. This provides details like social metrics, which are broken down into engagement and followers, weekly changes, and a sentiment score. Below are few features offered by Dash 2 Trade platform.

On-Chain Analytics and Social Sentiment

The social on-chain analysis insights are one of the core features of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard. This allows dashboard users to identify patterns and trends that indicate specific coins may experience significant price volatility. Many substantial market movements are influenced by socio-cultural developments in the space. Traders and other market participants are spending more time online and on social media sharing their thoughts on specific coins.

Crypto Trading Signals and Technical Indicators

Traders generally utilize technical signals to decide on short-term trades. However, they are available on a variety of timescales and can be used by merchants of all kinds to assist them in making educated entrances.

Indicators like moving averages, bands, supports, price correlation between assets, outliers in volume, orderbook statistics on centralized exchanges, and far less interesting ones like, for example, whale activity and inflows and outflows to centralized exchanges are all included in Dash 2 Trade. They are also included in Dash 2 Trade.

Bespoke Scoring System for Presale and ICOs

Some of the most interesting and profitable chances in the cryptocurrency world can be found during presales. The features and factors to be taken into account while studying a presale token will differ in some significant ways, mostly because price discovery has not yet occurred.

Strategy Builder and Backtester

Independent trading techniques are strongly encouraged by the Dash 2 Trade cryptocurrency intelligence platform. The cutting-edge strategy builder is accessible to D2T token owners. Here, traders of all skill levels can develop trading plans based on metrics from Dash 2 Trade.

D2T holders can evaluate the profitability of their chosen strategy using backtesting. If it isn’t, traders might re-evaluate the approach and then make the necessary adjustments to maximize it. The trader can access the Dash 2 Trade backtesting platform whenever they want to conduct additional research.

You can review their whitepaper for the entire features and advantages.

Tokenomics Explanation

The total supply of D2T is 1 billion tokens. This represents the total fixed supply, so no additional tokens will be created. The smart contract is designed to prevent the minting of additional tokens. The D2T token is used to pay subscriptions to access the dashboard and its all features. As they progress along the roadmap, more Dash 2 Trade features will be linked with D2T.

Because Dash 2 Trade wants to encourage onboarding and therefore the purchase of the D2T token to take out subscriptions, there is no tax imposed on the token transactions.


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