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Crypto Gains Reviews FightOut Presale- This M2E Project Could 10X Your Money?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Buy FightOut tokens
Buy FightOut tokens

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Influential YouTuber Crypto Gains reviewed the new M2E platform that rewards users for completing exercises FightOut and its native token FGHT. If you get in early on their presale, you have a good chance of making significant gains from the Move-to-Earn, which is going to be a major trend in the future.

Crypto Gains FightOut Review

FightOut is creating a high – end gym and workout app. FightOut is essentially a Move-to-Earn platform that rewards customers for working out, be it at a traditional gym or in the comfort of their own homes. The user’s fitness routine is tailored to their own needs and abilities, and their successes and improvements are automatically reflected in their virtual avatar.

When it comes to staying fit, sometimes you need incentive, and if you have some form of an avatar that you know you can keep increasing your stats, making yourself more better, and other things that could urge you to want to get out and work out, then you will have that motivation. FightOut is one of the most promising presale cryptos set to launch in 2023.

Why FightOut

Combat athletes show their training in competition. Only portion of their training involves combat. Combat athletes must excel in cardio, strength, physical endurance, and wellness. However, fighters who excel in certain areas but have a high baseline can have huge advantages. Their FightOut routines and Move-to-Earn systems reward the FightOut community for a complete fitness approach.

FGHT Presale Update

FGHT is on the first stage of it’s presale and has raised $2.9 million. Those who participate in the presale have the chance to receive up to 50% more FGHT tokens as a bonus. This is determined by the number of FGHT tokens acquired and the vesting period chosen. See our FightOut price prediction page for some possible price target.

During the presale, purchase and vesting bonuses may be modified or eliminated, the community will be alerted beforehand. One FGHT now costs $0.0166. FGHT can be acquired with ETH, USDT, or a credit card via their partner Transak. Guide on how to buy FGHT token.

What’s the Difference Between REPS and FGHT?

FGHT is their native token, and can be bought in their presale from

REPS is an in-app currency, which can be acquired by successfully completing various training programs and activities. REPS can be spent within the FightOut app to purchase a variety of products, such as cosmetics and power-ups for your FightOut avatar.

What is the Future of FightOut?

After the success of their presale, they have a lot of plans in preparation for FightOut. In their whitepaper, they list different objectives, including the creation of the FightOut platform, the acquisition of multiple physical gym facilities, and the continual onboarding of FightOut ambassadors for bespoke training programs.


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