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Coinbase is not Giving Up on NFT Marketplace

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Yesterday, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase gave a signal that it will not be giving up on its NFT project any time soon. This is true notwithstanding a sharp decline in volume over time and increased shareholder scrutiny.

Coinbase received a number of inquiries regarding the firm’s health on an earnings call with investors and analysts after the company reported higher-than-expected sales and a loss of $577 million for its final fiscal quarter of last year.

Shareholders asked a query on the exchange’s NFT endeavor, a platform that was introduced last spring. It requested information from Coinbase on how much money the company has lost as a result of its NFT marketplace as well as how it intends to “minimize the burn” that comes with running the platform.

The stakeholder also pondered the future of the industry and ways in which Coinbase may expand its market share. According to a Dune Analytics dashboard, Coinbase NFT has only witnessed 41 sales and less than 3 Ethereum in volume over the past week, totaling about $4,900.

In comparison to other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur, which have witnessed about 303,000 and 53,000 purchases within the past week, respectively, it is essentially a ghost town.

An invaluable initative

Coinbase President and COO Emilie Choi stated that the business still sees Coinbase NFT as a valuable initiative without providing any project-specific losses. We continue to see potential here for the medium and long terms, she added.

Choi did, however, seem to imply that Coinbase is currently investing less in the initiative than in the past. We currently have a very small crew working on it, but she insisted that nothing had been abandoned.

After cutting its workforce by 1,100 people in June of last year, Coinbase announced last month that it was letting go of 950 workers. This is the exchange’s second round of layoffs in the past year. About the number of layoffs related to Coinbase NFT, the business declined to say.

According to a Coinbase representative:

The Coinbase NFT team has reorganized its resources to focus on the highest impact areas for our users. Inside Coinbase NFT, we’re bringing increased concentration and efficiency to a narrower collection of high-impact emphasis areas.

NFTs, or non-fake tokens, are used to demonstrate ownership of an asset, frequently digital art. Yet the NFT trading ecosystem has lately changed as Blur and OpenSea compete for top rank, forcing OpenSea to cut creator royalties recently as Blur’s volume increased.

Coinbase NFT has been scaling back some aspects of its operations in the meantime. According to a recent Tweet, the company declared it was “pausing” further NFT releases with creators in order to “concentrate on other products and tools that creators have requested.”

But, Coinbase might profit from the transition as Blur and OpenSea place less of a priority on creator royalties in the overall NFT market. Deathbats Club’s team recently announced that Coinbase NFT is now its preferred trading platform and that trading the project’s tokens on OpenSea would be prohibited.

According to Choi, 10% of the exchange’s resources are allocated to venture opportunities as part of its capital allocation plan. She continued, saying that:

Coinbase will proceed with its investment in new and unproven technologies with a more rigorous approach but in a very lean, efficient way and get back to just smaller team.

Despite certain project reductions, a Coinbase spokeswoman said that the NFT marketplace still has a long way to go. She stated that:

We are still very early in the constructing process. We believe there is a big long-term opportunity to assist users in finding communities, making NFTs, and engaging in social interactions.


C+Charge Token Presale

A very promising opportunity at the moment is the C+Charge project, which is currently on presale.

What is C+Charge?

C+Charge is a revolutionary Move-to-Earn (M2E) ecosystem that aims to utilize blockchain technology to promote new and advanced solutions for reducing air pollution by maintaining a healthy and clean environment. At the same time, C+Charge entices people to join the movement by offering them lucrative rewards in return.

C+Charge gathered a team of devoted experts to identify the main weaknesses of the existing EV system. Lack of transparency, regulation, payment solutions, and inadequate incentives for people who use EVs have been marked as the main drawbacks of the existing system.



By partnering with the leading organizations in the EV sector, C+Charge aims to deliver a solution for all existing problems and help drive the industry forward. Together with Flowcarbon, the platform created a unique credit carbon token – the Goodness Nature Token (GNT). The idea is to allow users to collect tokens and pay for EV charging services at partner stations.

C+Charge is also working toward creating a revolutionary Peer-to-Peer payment system with the C+Charge token (CCHG) at the center of its ecosystem. Consequently, token holders will be able to make use of carbon credits, making it one of the greenest crypto projects.

We’ll explain more about the token in subsequent sections. For now, keep in mind that the CCHG is available in presale. At the moment, crypto lovers have a unique opportunity to grab C+Charge tokens at a discounted price. Simultaneously, note that there are limited tokens available for presale, around 40%.

The public offer of the token started on December 25, 2022, and has currently entered stage 4 of the presale – the C+Charge team will continue to gather funding through eight presale stages.

With that in mind, here’s how you can buy this promising token.

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CCHG Tokens – The Driving Force of the C+Charge Ecosystem

CCHG is a fungible token built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). Drivers can use the C+Charge native token to pay for the charging services within the app. On top of that, the token has real-life utility. Users can earn by accumulating carbon credits and holding their tokens.

CCHG inherited all the best blockchain features. For example, it uses smart contracts to charge its payment systems. It means that users can receive their funds once they complete a specific condition, which is charging and driving in this case.

Users’ funds’ safety is paramount for C+Charge, which is why CCHG tokens are hash encrypted. Furthermore, the token’s distributed ledger uses the most secure hashing algorithm (SHA-256) to protect sensitive information. Ultimately, it makes transactions more secure.

You can use the C+Charge mobile app to keep track of your token balance and request additional payment information. C+Charge is also working on developing a unique NFT program in cooperation with major EV car manufacturers. This sector will mainly focus on the branding and promotion of EV companies.

The world is rapidly embracing the EV industry as the main solution for maintaining a healthier environment. Together with it, many experienced crypto-holders look at CCHG as a perfect opportunity to grab a valuable asset. If you consider that C+Charge plans to list their token on major exchanges like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listings, it’s understandable why many believe that CCHG’s price could surge in 2023.

Should You Purchase C+Charge?

If you ever searched for any information about CCHG, you would have noticed a lot of talk about this token as the future of the EV industry.

If this trend continues, there is no doubt that the CCHG token’s price will skyrocket in the coming months and years and will be among the best long-term crypto projects.

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