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Calvaria Presale Is Closing Soon – 90% Sold Out – Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Calvaria 13 Jan
Calvaria 13 Jan

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The fifth and last stage of Calvaria’s presale is nearing its end, as the project has raised almost 90% of the stipulated amount. Calvaria has managed to raise about $2.7 million from its presale as of now.

Despite the crypto winter, 2022 turned out to be a wonderful year for many new-age Play-to-earn games. These projects used the power of blockchain to create games that were nothing like the ones that people were used to playing in the past. Calvaria, one of those Play-to-Earn games, has done particularly great when it comes to winning the trust of investors.

RIA (the official currency of the Calvaria ecosystem) was available to investors at $0.010 in the first stage of the presale. Its price has since seen a 225% meteoric rise which helped it reach the current value of $0.0325.

Post its presale, Calvaria is scheduled to be listed in various Centralized exchanges, which may help early investors in earning quick profits from the presale.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

Calvaria offers its users a P2E game called the Duels of Eternity. DOE is a card game where a user is supposed to strategize and present a card with unique abilities that might help him in winning the match. The game could be played both on mobile phones and PCs.

RIA, an ERC 20 token, is used to give rewards to users upon winning matches and unlocking other achievements. Users are supposed to purchase a deck of cards (using RIA) initially to start playing the P2E game. The game offers multiple modes to its users – single-player campaign mode, head-to-head battle mode and also seasonal tournaments with exciting prizes.

Calvaria’s decentralized structure allows users to be the true owners of the assets that they have purchased (and won) in the game. This means that a user can send his cards and other assets to the secondary market or use it in other decentralized games. This provides real value to the in-game assets (a feature limited to decentralized games). Calvaria has reserved 15% of its coin supply for burning to check for price fluctuations.

Calvaria’s immense success in its presale could be attributed to all the exciting features it offers to its users.


A P2E can only become scalable if it is able to handle a large number of transactions on a daily basis and has low transaction costs. These requirements rule out Ethereum as a good choice for such projects, as it can only handle 15-30 transactions per second at $0.53 per transaction.

To solve the scalability issue, Calvaria uses the Polygon network, which has a wider bandwidth and charges low transaction fees. Polygon can handle about 65,000 transactions per second with a transaction fee of a mere $0.0425 per transaction.

Calvaria DAO

Calvaria’s founding team, to make its governance more transparent and decentralized, has created the Calvaria DAO. A user can become a member of the DAO by purchasing a certain amount of RIA coins. Members of the DAO can make proposals, cast votes, etc. The weightage of a member’s vote is dependent on the share of RIA tokens owned by them.

Other Exciting Features

Staking- Calvaria heavily promotes staking among its users, which could help them earn off of their idle tokens. It allocates about 10% of every transaction to give out rewards for staking. A whopping 25% of its total coin supply has been reserved for staking.

No transaction cost- Unlike many other crypto projects, Calvaria doesn’t charge any transaction fees on the purchase as well as the sale of RIA tokens.

Free-to-play version- Calvaria offers its users both a Free-to-play version as well as a Play -to-earn version to choose from. In a free-to-play version, users can play the card game. However, they would not receive any prizes as they would when playing the Play-To-earn version. Calvaria could use the Free Play version to educate gamers who are not well aware of how the Play-to-Earn model works. The Free to Play model also helps Calvaria attract a wider group of people.

Calvaria’s Presale is About to End

Calvaria has seen a successful presale despite the market-wide turbulence caused by the FTX crash. A major reason behind the project’s initial success could be the growing awareness among investors. Investors seem to be welcoming new and innovative projects which provide utility.

Calvaria presale

With less than $400k left in reaching the stipulated amount of $3.075 million, Calvaria’s presale will soon be coming to an end. As per the team’s announcement, the presale would last till 31st January or till it raises the stipulated amount (whichever happens first).

Calvaria IEO Listings

Once the presale ends, Calvaria will be only purchased through the centralized and decentralized exchanges that it will get listed in. As of now, Calvaria is scheduled to be listed in BKex and Changelly Pro.

Calvaria has also partnered with other big exchanges like KuCoin (the third biggest exchange by trading volume) and (the fourth biggest exchange by trading volume). It could soon be listed in both of them, which would help it reach a large number of investors across many countries.

Calvaria’s jump from presale to Centralized exchanges could result in its sudden price jump too. This probability becomes even more real as only 4% of the total coin supply has been reserved for listing. Thus, investing in the soon-to-be-ending presale could help many investors make profits from Calvaria’s CEX listings.

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Calvaria’s early presale investors have witnessed a 225% since the first stage of the presale. The coin’s further listings in multiple exchanges could help them earn even more profits over the years. Meta Master’s Guild is another P2E crypto project which is walking in the footsteps of Calvaria. With only eight days remaining in stage 1 of its presale, the project has been able to raise $74,670 out of $490,000.


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