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Calvaria Presale Hits 500k – Invest Before Presale Enters Stage 3 and Get 366% Return

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Calvaria, a cryptocurrency game project, has raised more than $500 million as it quickly advances through the second stage of its presale. Crypto news channels are calling Calvaria the next Axie Infinity.

Calvaria Early Investors Gain 550% Return By End of Presale

RIA, the currency token of the game, was on sale at 0.010 USD in the stage 1st, and the price hiked to 0.015 USD in the 2nd stage. The price in the final 10th stage of the presale will be 0.055 USD (1 USDT = 66.67 $RIA). Early bird investors who took the wise step of investing in stage one of the Calvaria presale will gain a 550% increase from 0.010 to 0.055 USD.

But you can still make a 367% gain if you join the Calvarian presale in stage 2. As of writing, stage 2 has completed 75% of its target and will soon enter it’s stage 3, where the token price will reach 0.0200 USD.

The presale is aiming for a total raise of approximately 9.75 million USD. The project’s goal is to establish the first reliable bridge between the “real world” and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, unlike games like Spellfire and Gods Unchained, Calvaria will be released on mobile, significantly increasing its chances of being adopted.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

In the play-to-earn crypto game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity (Calvaria: DOE), players construct tactical NFT card decks and engage in combat with other players. The richly designed battle card game Calvaria: DOE has a plot that will appeal to both genre devotees and newcomers.

Each player can actually own the in-game resources because of the way the game is made. They can acquire these either through participating in the game or making investments in the ecosystem. Blockchain technology, which provides users with actual digital ownership, enables all of this.

RIA- Calvaria’s Native Currency

RIA is Calvaria’s native coin and an ERC-20 token. It is one of the most rapidly expanding cryptocurrency tokens of 2022 and is essential to the Calvaria gaming environment. Within the game, RIA may be used to level up cards and buy NFT tokens, which are used to buy in-game resources like upgrades or special cards.

The project also incorporates a DAO governance system to offer its gaming community genuine authority, a P2P market for selling and purchasing in-game NFT assets, and a scholarship programme to ensure that no potential players are turned away for lack of finances.

Tokens are vanishing quickly. To purchase RIA during the presale, interested investors will require either USDT or ETH.

What Makes Calvaria Best Investment For You?

Even though Calvaria has only recently been released, it is already creating much attention in the cryptocurrency community as investors rush to acquire the native RIA token. Here are the listed reasons, according to analysis as to what makes Calvaria the best investment buy for you:

Use of Polygon Protocol

The internal transactions of the game, even though a multichain plan, are on the Polygon ETH Layer 2 protocol, ensuring that gameplay is not slowed down by expensive and lengthy transactions and thus ensures compelling and fluid gameplay.

Wallet Not A Mandate for Participation

Note that players will not have to connect their cryptocurrency wallets to participate, significantly increasing the likelihood that the game will be widely adopted.

Engaging Gameplay:

Players can create and employ custom game strategies to defeat adversaries thanks to the game mechanisms created. This is made feasible by the availability of numerous playable factions, decks, and special cards. Additionally, players can buy upgrades in-game or win them through various means.

Play-Reward System:

By using it to generate interest within the non-crypto gaming community, players will be able to earn tokens by defeating their opponents in PVP battles.

Ownership Over Resources

Virtually all game resources, including decks, special cards, and upgrades, will be the players’ property. This entitles users to the right to use them in various decentralised applications developed by other parties, as well as the right to resell them on secondary markets.

Presale Statistics and Stages

There are in total 1 billion RIA tokens, of which 38 per cent are assigned to the presale, 25 per cent to the staking pool, 20 per cent to the prize pool, and the rest 25 per cent includes 5 per cent to the team and advisors, 6 per cent to marketing, 2 per cent for advisors, 8 per cent to marketing and lastly 4 per cent to liquidity.

Calvaria presale buy

There are 30 million Tokens in each stage, and the price for each stage is as follows.

  • Stage 1- $0.0100/token
  • Stage 2 – $0.0150/token
  • Stage 3 –  $0.0200/token
  • Stage 4 – $0.0250/token
  • Stage 5 – $0.0300/Token
  • Stage 6 – $0.0350/token
  • Stage 7- $0.0400/token
  • Stage 8 – $0.0450/token
  • Stage 9 – $0.0500/token
  • Stage 10- $0.0550/token

As of writing, 580,640 USDT out of 750,000 USDT have been raised, and 48,709,351 RIA are sold out of 60,000,000 RIA.

Calvaria Presale Prediction

The RIA coin is now in the initial phase of its presale, and Calvaria is a very new enterprise. Therefore, predicting where this new coin will be in a year or longer is difficult. Despite this, there has been some initial enthusiasm for the RIA presale. If the presale is fully subscribed, Calvaria can experience a significant increase in RIA price during an ICO. Many of the top penny cryptocurrencies have followed this pattern, but investors should keep in mind that there is no assurance RIA will go the same course.

RIA Listings in Kucoin, Polygon Studios And XT.Com

Calvaria is to be soon launched in KuCoin, Polygon Studios,,, WindVane, Zelwin Finance, Chainplay and These are also the listed investors of the Calvaria project, as mentioned on its official website. The card game idea is also gaining steam with cryptocurrency investors thanks to press coverage across the entire crypto ecosystem, including significant mentions on Digital Journal, Yahoo, Cryptonews, NewsBenzinga, Business2Community, and Yahoo Finance.

How to Buy Calvaria (RIA) – Steps By Step Guide

Through the project’s cryptocurrency presale, investors and gamers who are interested in Calvaria can purchase RIA tokens right now. Steps to buy Calvaria tokens during the presale are as follows:

1. Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

To connect to Calvaria’s presale site, investors need a MetaMask or Trust cryptocurrency wallet. Both of these wallets are free to download and support ERC-20 coins, including RIA. To get MetaMask for iOS, Android, or Google Chrome, go to the company’s website.

2. Purchase ETH or USDT

Calvaria accepts Ethereum (ETH) or Tether as payment for RIA tokens (UDST). Investors can use fiat money to buy either token on a centralised cryptocurrency exchange and then add the coins to their cryptocurrency wallet.

Additionally, investors have the choice to omit this phase. For RIA, Calvaria and Changelly have joined to accept credit card payments. For a modest fee, Changelly will convert credit card payments into Ethereum. Even if they purchase Calvaria tokens with a credit card, they still need to have a crypto wallet.

3. Connect to the Presale

Click “Connect Wallet” when you get to the Calvaria presale platform. The presale platform will instantly link to the wallet that was downloaded in Step 1 when you choose it.

4. Purchase RIA and Game on

Choose whether to pay with ETH or USDT to finish the RIA purchase after entering the desired quantity. Do not forget that the minimum investment is 1,000 RIA, or roughly $10.

Conclusion- Next Potential Cryptocurrency and P2E Platforms

Calvaria appears to be this year’s second successful presale cryptocurrency. It has significant upside potential as a P2E cryptocurrency for individuals who can invest early; they could possibly make 600% returns, similar to Tamadoge. Before the token enters the third stage, those who are interested must sign up for the presale.

Educating non-crypto players about the advantages of the crypto world and converting them so they may join where they can have fun and get rewarded with enormous value is the goal of a new kind of initiative called Calvaria (RIA), which intends to bridge both of those worlds. Calvaria seeks to hasten the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

By serving as the first efficient bridge between the real world and cryptocurrency, Calvaria (RIA) seeks to transform all of that. It plans to achieve this by creating a fun and approachable game that can be played on computers and mobile devices using apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Check out their whitepaper on Calvaria’s official webpage for more information on Calvaria presale and other data.

Buy Calvaria on Presale Now

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