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What happened to Gods Unchained – Can Calvaria (RIA) be an Alternative?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained

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Gods Unchained’s current price is $0.308794 USD, with a 24-hour transaction volume being $6,055,910 USD. Over the last 24 hours, Gods Unchained has been down 0.67%. 

CoinMarketCap ranks the token within the top 600, with a current market cap of around $23 million. There are now 77,356,229 GODS tokens available & circulated, with the highest supply of 500,000,000 GODS coins.

Whereas, the latest project Calvaria’s RIA tokens are available at pre-sale to buy for $0.01 apiece in its current presale. This corresponds to one USDT buying 100 RIA tokens. The first presale will provide 30,000,000 RIA coins, with a maximum of 3 billion RIA tokens accessible throughout all presales. The RIA coin will be valued at around $0.01 and $0.325 during the presales.

The popularity of the NFT strategy game may be seen by making a short visit to the Calvaria website. The game has a variety of features in the works, as well as compelling artwork for each of its clans and a roadmap showing that the team has a lot more planned for the upcoming months.

A Brief on Gods Unchained

Gods unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play, turn-based fantasy card game designed upon the gas-fee-free L2 Immutable X. The game emphasizes competitive play, with players attempting to outwit their rivals by constructing cards that really can counter a broad range of approaches.

The $GODS coin is the game’s main currency, supporting the ecosystem that allows players to earn and trade NFTs. Many major exchanges, notably Huobi Global, FTX, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro have listed it.

Having about 96.8K Followers on Twitter and 85.4K Discord users, Gods Unchained has built a dedicated community in a short span.

Chris Clay, the game director for Gods Unchained, formerly served as the MTGA’s game director, overseeing the game’s growth from a low-eight figure to a $200M ARR. Chris was a gamer when he could crawl, first beating his father in Pong and then, a few years later, in Space Invaders just on Atari 2600. His passion for gaming grew into competitive play with the Quake version Thunderwalker CTF, as well as artistic mapping and modding with Team 3 of Quake 2.

The existing price range of Gods Unchained may catch the attention of many traders, as a consequence, GODS may reach $0.36 by 2023 with considerable backing from financial institutions if the following requirements are satisfied. It has the ability to surpass the present price trend and achieve new highs with only a median value of $0.35 in 2022. Whenever the crypto market sees another major movement in the run-up to 2022, the price statement may alter.

Calvaria Overview – This could be an alternative for investors

Created and seen currently as a competitor of Gods Unchained, Calvaria could be one of the best ideas to invest in as a strong alternative.

Buy Calvaria

However, it is comparable to other games of its own genre because it enables people to collect and trade cards as well as participate in simulated battles with one another. The game prioritizes user accessibility by being offered through PC and mobile app stores. To begin playing, participants are not required to own a wallet, bitcoin, or other assets. This implies that even individuals with no prior understanding of cryptography can participate.

The main thing that makes the game approachable is that there are Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn versions available. This makes it easy for those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to get started.

The developers claim to be building Calvaria not just for the bitcoin market, but for the regular gaming industry, which is quite exciting. This should make it easier to incorporate some of the experiences and insights learned from the Calvaria P2E cryptographic gaming.

Players earn and enhance their decks in anticipation of future wars. The aesthetic styles of various factions in the world are represented in the avatars they utilize. Despite the P2E market’s bright future, there is a compelling need for distinctiveness among players. Calvaria accomplishes this by making peer-to-peer gaming open to people that do not own or know about Bitcoin or crypto in general.


There is now a 19% progress in the Calvaria phase 1 presale. The organization has already generated over 59,000 USDT of said 300,000 USDT pledge. Currently, $1 corresponds to 100 RIA. However, the price will increase to 80 RIA per $1 in phase 2. So it might be the right time to consider investing.

A huge chunk of investors considers Calvaria as a perfect alternative to Gods Unchained. A protracted investment in the coin might be exceedingly profitable. And, if all goes well, it is expected to spike in price multiple times by next year.

The cost of Gods Unchained is also expected to increase over the following five years. Thus, it may end up exceeding $1.48 by the end of 2025, according to several platforms and analysts. While it is highly priced currently, it may be possible that GODS and similar coins show volatility and change price trends.

Thus, parking funds in a new project with similar; even stronger fundamentals may be a smart option. With a good trend, RIA may be one of the top-performing projects this year. However, these statistics are derived from a handful of the technical assessments and observations made by well-known specialists and analysts in the space currently.

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