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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 25 – FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 25 - FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 25 - FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO

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The crypto market is dotted in red and green color, but mostly in red as investors adjust to the United States Federal Reserve’s 0.25% hike in interest rates. Nonetheless, a few tokens like FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, and TARO have emerged as the biggest crypto gainers of the day.

Global markets are expected to continue with their wobble amid another brewing bank crisis in Germany. Deutsche, a multinational investment bank in Germany has seen its share price tank in double-digits this week, with losses reaching 14% at one point in Thursday’s session.

The banking crisis is no longer a United States problem, although it started there with the collapse of three banks; Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Regulators raced to save Switzerland’s 167-year-old bank, Credit Suisse.

A rival UBS acquired Credit Suisse in a deal worth $3 billion, as the global economy narrowly escaped a major crisis. The central bank in Switzerland hopes the takeover will calm down the market, but investors remain jittery.

Flare Price Explodes To $0.038

Flare price is one of the few tokens that have generally performed well this week, as it extended its bullish leg from the monthly low of $0.0234 to highs around $0.03837. Two key levels came up in March—and these are the support at $0.03 and resistance at $0.03422.

After Flare price broke above the hurdle at $0.03422 which currently coincides with the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), it triggered a brief FOMO among traders who were certainly looking forward to gains reaching $0.044.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 25 - FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
FLR/USD four-hour chart

However, bulls lost momentum at $0.036 with the highs at $0.3837 achieved by an extended candle wick. Flare price has already given back some of the gains to trade at $0.034. It would be prudent to lock in gains if traders haven’t done that already because FLR is now holding slightly below the support provided by the 200-day EMA.

Two scenarios are likely from this price level: A break below the upper yellow band could trigger a significant selloff to test support at $0.03—and if push comes to shove FLR would stretch the leg to $0.028 and $0.026, respectively.

On the other hand, holding above the 200-day EMA and rebounding from the upper yellow band would help uphold investor confidence. However, a break above the upper falling trendline is needed to keep the uptrend intact toward $0.044.

Bulls Gasp For Air as Toncoin Price Rebounds

Toncoin price came under heavy selling pressure this week, dropping 14.6% to trade at $2.1 at the time of writing. In less than 24 hours, TON had spiraled from $2.45 to $1.8695. Attempts to prevent the massive declines at $2.30, which currently holds the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) were unsuccessful.

Now with fresh liquidity from the new yearly low and support at $2.00, Toncoin price appears ready to climb to $2.50. However, the upswing will not be as easy as the drop, considering resistance as highlighted on the chart in the upper yellow band around $2.11 and the 50-day EMA at $2.30.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today, March 25 - FLR, TON, LHINU, FGHT, CCHG, METRO, TARO
TON/USD daily chart

Traders should watch the position of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, as it is likely to present a buy signal. This would manifest as the MACD line in blue crosses above the signal line in red. Once confirmed, buy orders can be entered above $2.11 with targets at $2.30 and $2.50.

Love Hate Inu: Stake LHINU And Vote On Exiting Polls

Love Hate Inu, a new Web3 crypto venture, is developing a unique social media polling platform where users can earn rewards for casting their votes. The upcoming platform, powered by LHINU, a dog-themed cryptocurrency, will allow users to participate in debates and discussions on a variety of contentious global topics.

Users will be able to express their opinions on popular figures such as Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate by casting their votes either in favor or against them based on how they love or hate them.

All LHINU token holders will be able to stake so that they can participate in polls and earn rewards from poll creators based on the number of staked tokens and the duration. The higher the staked tokens and vesting period, the greater the voting influence a user has on each poll.

Love Hate Inu is selling LHINU tokens in a presale launched earlier this month. In a very short time, $1.50 million has been raised. LHINU tokens are selling for $0.00009 at the moment but the price will shoot to $0.000095 later in the day.

Fight Out: FGHT Powers A Revolutionary P2E Ecosystem

Fight Out is an up-and-coming play-to-earn ecosystem that has raised $5.82 million from investors as its presale closes in on the finish line—only 5 days remaining.

This new crypto project stands out for its revolutionary approach to fitness gamification and an integrated metaverse. Fitness experts around the world have commended the team for removing the barriers to entry in Web3.

Despite the presale coming to an end on March 31, investors can still buy FGHT tokens at a discounted price.

Fight Out is the latest go-to platform for exciting play-to-earn games and fitness needs. Over the years fitness has as transitioned from purely physical gyms and boutiques to online apps.

However, the barriers to entry have remained with fitness boutiques and personal trainers being out of reach for most people. Fight Out is building an app, yes but this app will provide users with customized training programs at no extra cost so that they can achieve their fitness goals a lot faster.

Fight Out incorporates strong train-to-earn models to bring fitness to the Web3 realm through its NFT avatars, metaverse, and cryptocurrency rewards.

The blockchain-based enterprise employs sturdy software to include an extensive array of workout protocols and potency-altering methodologies in the metaverse. Fight Out offers users monetary benefits for engaging in physical fitness tasks and workouts.

Investors who wish to buy Fight Out at a discounted rate in the presale should do so quickly before March 31 when it closes.

C+Charge: Granting EV Drivers Access To Carbon Credits

The world is shifting fast toward an economy that will one day run purely on renewable energy. While such a milestone may seem like a mirage, Rome was not built in one day either—and it’s the small steps that matter in the long run.

C+Charge is a blockchain-based company that is stepping up to the challenge and bringing up a Web3 platform to improve the electric vehicle (EV) charging market.

For C+Charge, the user experience remains crucial, but on top of this, drivers of EVs will for the first time, participate in the fast-growing carbon credit market, which is dominated by big corporations like Tesla.

With $3.2 million raised in the ongoing presale, C+Charge is a step closer to disrupting the EV charging market.

C+Charge’s idea of democratizing carbon credits for users who pay at charging stations with CCHG tokens could have never come at a better time when the world is digressing toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The C+Charge system is controlled by an application where users get firsthand information on charging stations’ locations, pricing, payment options, charger wait times, and so on. The process is secure, transparent, and easy to use.

Ahead of the planned launch, C+Charge has signed several strategic partnerships, including one with Flowcarbon, a sustainable blockchain-based platform that promotes eco-friendly solutions.

C+Charge is one of the best crypto presales in 2023, which means investors must rush to buy the tokens before it closes in less than five days.

Metropoly Presale Raises Over $1M Selling Discounted METRO Tokens

Metropoly, one of the best altcoins to buy as a crypto portfolio diversification option, has entered stage 10 of the presale with $1.01 million raised. Investors are buying the discounted METRO tokens at $0.0714, although the price will increase in the next stage.

This new ecosystem has caught the attention of many investors who for the longest time have been locked out of the expansive global real estate market due to cost and time implications. Experts in the crypto market are already predicting a faster growth rate for METRO with the likelihood of reaching the $1 billion market cap in 2023.

Metropoly is the first NFT-based project backing investment in the global real estate market. It is an inclusive ecosystem that allows everyone to participate regardless of their background, financial position, or physical location to invest in high-yield properties around the world for as little as $100.

The team has tapped the decentralized nature of blockchain to spread ownership of real estate across the board—and allow investors to earn monthly rent in addition to accruing long-term value.

Unlike traditional real estate investing, which is time-consuming, fixed, and not liquid, Metropoly real estate NFTs are highly liquid (can be bought or sold at any time) within a couple of minutes on the marketplace.

“Investing in real estate through Metropoly allows you to expand your wealth just like the world’s top 1%, and that too within seconds,” Metropoly on Twitter.

RobotEra (TARO)

Experts reckon that RobotEra is one of the best altcoins to buy today for the solutions the platform brings to Web3 gaming. RobotEra is a unique ecosystem built to combine the best of NFTs and the metaverse.

With close similarities to The Sandbox (SAND) crypto project, it is easy to picture what TARO is all about. It is an initiative that empowers gamers to earn rewards and also interact in a separate economy built on a solid multi-dimensional metaverse platform.

For that reason, RobotEra is not just s standard play-to-earn fun game. It provides its users with direct access to a parallel reality where they can engage in a vibrant economy.

The RobotEra ecosystem is built around the planet Taro, which welcomes everyone to participate in the games, regardless of age, background, gender, or socioeconomic status.

As an expansive virtual universe, users are allowed—even encouraged to explore the deep realms which host seven continents – numerous player and public continents.

Users can develop games that they can charge players a fee to play. In the metaverse, economies will sprout around key service areas, where people can buy goods and services and even rent commercial spaces.

Taro doesn’t have a centralized government or centralized power. Instead, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is used since it gives all project participants who own native tokens a share.

So far, $1.04 million has been raised by selling TARO in a presale. Investors need to hurry to catch stage 2 before it ends, where 1 TARO is selling for $0.020. The token’s price will increase to $0.025 in the next presale stage.

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