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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – December 9

Volatility Crypto
Volatility Crypto

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For all those keeping an eye on the crypto market, today was evidently a great day for the market. As of December 9th, 2022, Bitcoin SV (BSV), Trust Wallet Token (TWT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), Quant Network (QNT), RobotEra (TARO), (IMPT) and Tamadoge (TAMA) have all seen tremendous gains. 

This is great news for those looking to invest in the latest technology, as these coins are sure to continue to rise in value over the coming months. Keep reading to explore the reasons behind their success.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) 


Bitcoin SV (BSV), which recently underwent a hard fork from Bitcoin Cash, has been the biggest crypto gainer today. This is largely attributed to its increasing popularity among investors and traders, who are attracted by its high liquidity and fast transaction speeds. 

BSV’s recent rally has also been driven by strong developer activity, with more developers now entering the network as it continues to demonstrate its potential benefits over traditional cryptocurrency systems. At the time of writing, the token is trading at the $43.23 range, with a constant growth rate which several analysts claim may see further upside. 

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) 

Binance Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) has also seen significant gains today, with its market cap reaching an all-time high. This surge in value appears to be driven by the positive sentiment surrounding the Trust Wallet project. Infact, the TWT token has been seeing a decent rise in terms of price for quite a long time. This may also be due to the fact that users have been going in heavy on projects that can be bought and stored safely in the Trust Wallet.

The project is one of the most popular multi-coin wallets in the crypto space and has recently launched a new Defi platform that allows users to earn rewards for staking TWT tokens. It’s clear that investors are seeing the big potential here, as TWT continues to grow in value.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) was another big winner today as it has crossed the $ 9 million mark in its presale season. Its success can be attributed to several factors such as its use case scenarios, community backing, and all the features and the innovative product it provides. It is these features that make it attractive to investors looking for good future profits. Additionally, D2T’s strong community support is helping fuel its rise in popularity among traders who recognize the potential of fundamentally strong projects.

Buy Dash 2 Trade

D2T is an exciting cryptocurrency initiative that seeks to create a new form of analytical platform plus a trading tool that helps you make better trading decisions. This could potentially lead to more efficient exchanges between buyers and sellers from different countries, as well as offering increased trading opportunities through the means of social sentiment analysis, crypto signals, and on-chain metric analytics.

Quant Network (QNT)

Quant Network (QNT) has seen impressive gains today due to its innovative technology solutions that are helping revolutionize blockchain adoption within many industries. QNT offers a decentralized platform for enterprises. This feature has helped drive the price of this token up significantly in value recently. 

Quant Price Up 10.8% to $167.38 – Where to Buy QNT

At the time of writing, QNT is trading at around $122 and is on the watchlist of a huge chunk of the crypto-investing citizenry. This short-term growth may be able to scale to a long-term movement as well since QNT has managed to amass a massive community amidst the ongoing crypto winter as well.

RobotEra (TARO) 

RobotEra Best IEO Crypto

RobotEra (TARO) has seen an incredible surge in demand today as well, giving traders a lucrative long-term investment that can offer great returns over time if managed properly. 

Similar to the Sandbox ecosystem, RobotEra is a gaming platform where users can own Robot NFTs to create characters and interact with the sci-fi world where robots rule the universe. Through this, they can buy virtual properties, build in this environment, and enjoy the robot world. Characterized by low transaction fees and short execution times, TARO has been successfully appealing to those interested in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies for long-term growth prospects. (IMPT) is selling hundreds of thousands worth of tokens every single day. They are now up to 17.3 million dollars in presale funds raised which shows incredibly fast traction, compared to yesterday’s 14.5 million. And it does reflect that there is now a lot of investor appetite so users really have to decide whether they want to invest or not.

IMPT Presale

With less than 2 days left before presale 1 expires, not only do the users have to worry about the timing but also about historical data. Previously launched coins have shown that after the presale completes the coins tend to rise dramatically in price within the initial release of the listings, showing tremendous gains early on.

For instance, Tamadoge (TAMA) saw a tremendous gain of over 1800% and Lucky Block (LBLOCK) gained by over 6000% within the first few weeks of its initial release. Experts predict that IMPT will follow the same trend and rise a great deal in price after its presale season ends. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) 

Tamadoge (TAMA) increased by 4.19% just today. TAMA coin has attracted the attention of traders interested in alternative blockchain networks as it offers lower transaction fees than Bitcoin while allowing transactions to be processed quickly. TAMA is a unique meme-based digital currency that allows users to create their own Tamaverse pets, mint coins, and battle out with other players. It is coming out to be the most hyped-up meme coin after DOGE

Buy Tamadoge

Following the Play-to-Earn model, Tamadoge is aimed at giving all its users the ability and power to mint the coins and tamadoges of their preference, breed them as they want, and battle them out to reach the very top of the monthly leaderboards.

Additionally, TAMA is building towards creating a centralised HUB for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms. The community backing and support for this coin are pretty strong. And hence the price of the coin can be seen rising dramatically over the next few months.


In conclusion, it looks like December 9th was a great day for crypto investors. With so many coins seeing huge gains in their respective market categories, now might be a great time to start exploring these options. While investing in any type of asset comes with risks attached, there could potentially be huge returns to be made here over time if you find yourself being informed and aware about your investments.

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