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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – December 6

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Here's Why Crypto Prices Are Consolidating in Recovery Mode
Here's Why Crypto Prices Are Consolidating in Recovery Mode

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The cryptocurrency market recently suffered losses of several billion US dollars as a result of recent disputes between FTX and Binance. However, as the year draws to a close, investors are scrambling to find alternate investment opportunities. This year, the market has received several noteworthy crypto projects, and the majority of those are doing well.

According to the history of the cryptocurrency market, traders wait for a trend reversal after a protracted and painful crypto winter. Traders and investors must select viable businesses with care if they want to capitalize on cryptocurrency’s impending revival. The best course of action is to favour cryptocurrencies that are currently in the presale stage so that once 2023 begins, demand for them will soar.

Celo (CELO)

The cryptocurrency CELO, which powers Celo’s blockchain for mobile devices, has violently retreated in recent trade. In the previous Monday’s activity, CELO had climbed to its highest price level in the $0.90 range since early September. But the digital currency has subsequently fallen below the $0.65 range, where it currently trades at a loss of more than 12% for the day.


But it still puts this cryptocurrency almost 40% higher than it was at the beginning of last week. This cryptocurrency is distinctive in that it uses its users’ mobile numbers as open wallet credentials in the hopes of encouraging crypto adoption. The recent revelation of Celo’s relationship with Consensys, the company behind the MetaMask wallet, gave CELO a lift while traders processed it.

Bulls may well be enticed to purchase the dip with CELO now going back through the $0.65 range and almost 30% lower than previous session highs. The Celo ecosystem has a particularly low entry barrier for users because their numbers may be utilized as their wallet’s public address. Additionally, the blockchain has recently made progress in attracting alliances within the cryptocurrency space, and it has the support of well-known investors like Twitter, Harvard, MIT, Visa, Google, and Stanford.

Immutable X (IMX)

Layer 2 scalability for NFT apps based on Ethereum is available with Immutable X (IMX). The project stands out for its adaptability, reasonably low gas prices, and speedy project start timeframes.

IMX Logo

It peaked at $9.50 as a result of the fervour around Immutable X (IMX). IMX is currently trading at $0.4745, a sharp 95% decline from its all-time high. Although its price may rise again in the coming years, Immutable X (IMX) investors are currently moving on to ventures with more growth potential.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Bitcoin Price Prediction - Will BTC Price Breakout Above The $16k Barrier Today

In light of the catastrophic collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, investors in cryptocurrencies may find the D2T token offered by Dash 2 Trade to be an intriguing possibility. Dash 2 Trade is a top-tier social trading and crypto analytics platform that gives users access to social trading, technical indicators, a presale analytics tool, a strategy validation tool, and special social indicators.

With all of these characteristics, Dash 2 Trade might completely dominate the cryptocurrency trading market. The platform’s D2T token, which D2T users must buy to fully utilize the platform’s functionalities, might see a significant increase in demand as a result.

Curve (CRV)

The administration currency of Curve Finance, the Curve DAO token, appears on the list of gainers as top-performing cryptocurrencies gain support. If its numbers continue to rise, CRV will likely surpass its $1 target in 2023. CRV is often found in portfolios of those who enjoy using DEXs to earn passive income.

Curve, a decentralized exchange developed exclusively for stablecoins that went live in 2020, was designed by Michael Egorov and uses an automated market maker, or AMM, to control liquidity. A decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, was created by the project within a short period of time, using CRV as the platform-specific currency.

The platform is well-known among those active in DeFi and has thus grown moderately over the years despite a few problems. The community’s strength and the industry’s expansion have both contributed to the rapid increase in CRV over the last week.

RobotEra (TARO)

Buy RobotEra on Presale

Few developing metaverse cryptos have a significant use case and prospects for passive income generation. TARO has been one such cryptocurrency that, although presently undergoing the presale stage, is grabbing attention for its enormous demand. Users of RobotEra have access to a metaverse where planets are being rebuilt in a Sandbox Game style that is accessible to most NFT groups.

RobotEra offers a distinctive and extremely profitable P2E gameplay mechanism that enables one to acquire TARO, the platform’s primary utility coin. By trading NFTs, holding tokens, going to events, handling their land, and engaging in market transactions, you may ensure your revenue in RobotEra. (IMPT)

Participants in the cryptocurrency industry have never truly had the chance to support international environmental efforts. The emphasis has switched to green investments as the severity of global warming and other environmental problems increases. To securely and effectively decrease their carbon impact, crypto investors may now choose green coins like By utilizing carbon credits, is creating an ecosystem to encourage climate action.

IMPT crypto

The core of’s ecosystem is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and intelligent carbon offsetting platform. Users may browse for items and lower carbon emissions by using the IMPT portal, which is rumoured to feature thousands of international and sustainable businesses. Pre-sale access to’s green token is currently accessible. Over $13 million has been earned by IMPT thanks to its performance.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Buy Tamadoge

Tamadoge has recently arisen as a meme coin worth monitoring, even though many investors steer clear of them due to their dubious utility and long-term objectives. A few months ago, Tamadoge made its debut with its retro P2E game that included Tamadoge pets, or virtual animals based on NFT. After gathering $19 million in the presale, TAMA token has made its place at the top of the crypto market and is expected to boom in 2023.


Investors are looking to invest in some of these seven new and fascinating cryptocurrencies as the global cryptocurrency industry is ready to make a U-turn in 2023. However, one should bear in mind that due to their great demand right now, the best bets would be to purchase CELO, IMX, D2T, CRV, TARO, IMPT, and Tamadoge.

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