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Best Cryptos to Buy Right Now

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Best cryptos to Buy right now
Best cryptos to Buy right now

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The bear market has pushed the crypto ecosystem to introduce projects that have more uses than flipping in the markets to generate profits. The best cryptos to buy right now are innovative, consider utility, eco-friendly, and set to redefine the ecosystem in various ways.

So, what are these crypto projects, and why should you buy them? Let us discuss this, 

Best Cryptos to Buy Right Now in October

2022 brought many crypto projects that are a cut above the rest. They all have unique use cases and address the crucial pain points that have irked the crypto ecosystem for a long time. 

IMPT – A Eco-friendly Crypto Focusing on Protecting Environment

Offsetting carbon footprint has been a big point in preserving the ecosystem. But only a select few can engage with it. Till now, the cost of offsetting carbon footprint has been anything but inclusive. IMPT, or Impact project, is here to change that. It is a carbon offset program that involves investing the IMPt token. 


At the heart of the IMPT ecosystem is the shopping project, an eCommerce system dedicated to green brands. Sellers can display their eco-friendly brands here – giving an option to buyers to find affordable solutions to make the world greener. Portions of sales proceedings generated from this shopping ecosystem. Will be allocated to IMPT’s Carbon Credit Program. Shoppers can earn IMPT tokens that they can exchange for carbon credits. These carbon credits can then be put on sale on the IMPT website. The idea is to make the prospect of carbon credits more profitable for a regular consumer. And so far, IMPT has proved all the right points, 

IMPT is slowly on its way to becoming another success story in presale. In less than a week, the IMPT token has generated upwards of 1.8 million dollars. The goal is to sell six hundred tokens before 25th November, out of which 103.9 million tokens have already been sold out. Crypto watchers find this token deeply interesting, and if you are of the same thought, make sure to check out how to buy IMPT Token guide to buy IMPT before the tokens pump drastically on CEXs and DEXs. 

Visit IMPT

Tamadoge: A Play2Earn Crypto with the Recently Launched NFT

Tamadoge is the most successful presale crypto of this year, making records even before landing on cryptocurrency exchanges. It met its presale target within two months, raised $19 million, and surpassed Ethereum’s ICO offering. 

Buy Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a P2E cryptocurrency stylized as a memecoin – meaning that it doesn’t bank on the community’s emotion to increase in price but has strong fundamentals and a bullish use case. Players can buy Tamadoge pets, two-dimensional, pixelated, and animated NFTs that they can then raise, customize and use for battle in an AR (augmented reality) space. Think Pokemon go, but along with a healthy workout, it also offers monetary rewards. Its deflationary nature and a unique, practical approach to P2E gaming are its main draws – and its price action on OKX, Lbank, MEXC, BitMart, and DEXs show it clearly. 

Tamadoge just recently dropped its NFT collection on the Opensea – getting it one step closer to realizing its vision of a fun P2E game to be played in an AR field. 

Register on OKX to buy Tamadoge

XRP: Pumped by the battle with SEC

XRP has become one of the unlikeliest cryptocurrencies to pump. Its battle with SEC over whether XRP is a security asset has fuelled Twitter conversations since last month. It is driving the market as people have begun to adopt it out of sheer interest. 


XRP is a cryptocurrency running on the XRP ledger, a decentralized, public blockchain that facilitates high transaction speeds at low transaction fees. 

In the last three months, XRP went from accumulating comfortably around $0.40 to pumpkin parabolically around the $0.50 mark. At the time of writing, it is trading at $0.52. 

So far, the rally is holding up for this crypto. We will also likely see more upticks as we get closer to the final SEC vs. Ripple verdict. 


Your capital is at risk

LUNC: Terra Classic loses Steam, but Hope Still Remains

We covered LUNC in our articles last month when we discussed how Terra Classic had begun to pump, defying all the market fundamentals. The #lunaburn campaign is still in full swing, and now the community and the centralized players have come in support of the burning campaign. 

Buy terra Classic

Things started heading more positively toward this cryptocurrency when the LUNC community introduced the 1.2% burn tax. And soon, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, came forward to support this crypto – supporting the burn on the platform. 

Last week, that interest led to LUNA price increasing from $0.00029 to $0.00036. While the retrace that happened later was quick to push the value of LUNC back to around $0.00029, it is one of the best cryptos to buy right now for short-term investors. 


Your capital is at risk

Ethereum: Trying to find its Footing Post Merge

The crypto space watched closely as the much-anticipated Merge update finally became a reality. There were no issues with the launch, no hiccups, but the lack of eventfulness didn’t help Ethereum merge’s price action. Still far off from its $2k valuation from before it hit the 2022 bear-bottom, Ethereum is trading at around $1.4k levels.

Buy Ethereum 

But Ethereum is now a deflationary cryptocurrency, following the path of the Proof-of-stake consensus protocol. While we have not seen any deflation impact on its price, as more NFT projects arrive and the number of Ethereum tokens continues to reduce, we believe that gains will come. 

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,329. The trading view chart shows that the price action is subtle, so buying and holding this crypto might be the best idea for everyone. 


Your capital is at risk

Lucky Block: ETH bridge will show long-term effects

Lucky Block is one of the most interesting cryptocurrency offerings this year. It started as a presale, the same as Tamadoge, and was a great success. It soon began to climb the crypto charts after landing on CEX and DEX and made 6000% gains for the early movers. 

Lucky Block

Recently, Lucky Block launched Lucky block V2, an ERC-20 token, to make it tradable on more cryptocurrency exchanges. The introduction of this new crypto wasn’t a switch but an addition. Lucky Block V1 is still the primary crypto to play on the world’s number 1 NFT competition platform. 

On 30th September, Lucky Block started the 1% burn, and the crypto market anticipated the price to increase. But the current price action shows a downtrend. The Lucky Block price punched below the $0.20 mark in the last two days. It is a good opportunity for those wanting to buy the dip. 


Battle Infinity – A Metaverse Crypto Generating Major Interest

Metaverse cryptocurrencies are taking the center-stage in 2022 with their use case of bringing the concept of virtual worlds closer to the masses by making them more accessible. Decentraland and Sandbox always had a monopoly with these spaces, with major brands ignoring other budding virtual ecosystems. Battle Infinity is here to change that. 

Battle Infinity

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Battle Infinity is a P2E platform that brings staking, swapping, NFT marketplace, and crypto gaming all under one roof. 

At the time of writing, IBAT is accumulating at a lower $0.0024n range, making it a good opportunity for those looking for a discount. The introduction of battle games will likely pump its price, making it strong crypto for long-term investors.


The best cryptos to buy right now are those that have the best use cases and are drawing crowd attention. These speculative assets have hit the ground running and likely bring more gains for those who invest right now. 

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