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Best Cryptocurrency Traders Are Investing In – Cilinix Crypto Reviews Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Cilinix Crypto reviewed the first Web3 initiative to mainly focus on mobile gaming Meta Masters Guild that has raised $3.1 million in its token presale. The Meta Masters Guild’s main advantages led it quickly become known as the most extremely interesting P2E project.

Cilinix Crypto Meta Masters Guild – New Launched Crypto Gem

The Meta Masters Guild is a cutting-edge Web3 gaming guild that provides gamers with an immersive experience using blockchain and Web3 technology. Meta Masters Guild is a platform for decentralized gaming that utilizes its own MEMAG coin. The MEMAG coin, which is now undergoing a presale, will support all Meta Masters Guild ecosystem features.

Additionally, MEMAG tokens can be staked to generate passive income. However, it will not be used as a platform reward, so avoiding the ongoing selling pressure that led to the failure of past crypto-based gaming initiatives.

Instead, members in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem will receive GEMS, a different in-app token that can be converted into the MEMAG token, for successfully completing objectives and tasks.

Meta Masters Guild has significantly greater potential, as they are further along in the development of their concept and have already partnered with a game development studio specializing in blockchain games, and the Meta Masters Guild team is the most competent of all the teams.

Rapid Sell-out of MEMAG Token Presale

The project is currently in the fifth phase of its successful presale and has raised $3.1 million to date. Investors can purchase tokens for only $0.019 each. However, the price of MEMAG will increase to $0.021 after the current presale period concludes. Guide on how to buy MEMAG token here.

Although the current stage five of presale has three days remaining, it is expected to conclude well before then. Meta Masters Guild’s tokens are selling out swiftly during their ongoing presale due to the high level of investor interest.

Transforming Play-to-Earn into Play-and-Earn

The previous Play-to-Earn games, like Axie Infinity, too frequently required players to perform time-consuming, repeating actions in order to earn tokens. With its proposal to develop the most sustainable P2E games in the cryptocurrency industry, Meta Masters Guild aims to alter all of that.

The Play-and-Earn concept of Meta Masters Guild, a Web3 gaming guild of the future, focuses on developing mobile games for its members to profit from. The three games being developed by the project right now are Meta Masters World, Raid NFT, and Meta Kart Racers.

The completely functional version of Meta Kart Racers will be released in the middle of this year, according to Gamearound CEO Gideon Clifton.


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