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APT Pump Over? – Aptos Price Prediction

Aptos pump
Aptos pump

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The Aptos (APT) value dropped on its first day of trading, just as many of the greatest crypto analysts on Twitter anticipated. Aptos token, labelled a ‘Solana killer’ capable of greater tps, is one of the most popular cryptocurrency investments and airdrops in the week, having been added to 15,170 watchlists on exchange only today.

Aptos Overview

With the vast number of cryptocurrencies available, it might be difficult to remember that the blockchain is what connects the majority of them, with the noteworthy exception of Ripple (XRP). The decentralised ledger, which allows users to record their transactions and system changes but lacks a single point of authority, is critical to the realm of cryptocurrency and, by implication, decentralised finance (DeFi).

One may think that given the number of blockchains already available, there would be no sense in launching another. However, with the blockchain world possibly complicated, archaic, and full of jargon, many developers may want to be the ones to establish a blockchain that tears down barriers and spearheads the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency.


One such blockchain is Aptos. It aspires to be scalable, which means that it won’t slow down when things become busy, saving customers money and time as well as being safe and dependable.

APT crypto

According to the whitepaper, “the Aptos blockchain technology has been created well over the last three years including over 350+ people worldwide.” It delivers fresh and original breakthroughs in decentralisation, system security, smart contract design, and consensus. This combination of technologies will serve as a vital building piece in bringing web3 to the public.”

CEO Mo Shaikh as well as CTO Avery Ching, both former employees of Facebook’s owners, Meta, established the platform. They were a part of the group that attempted (and eventually failed) to establish the Diem blockchain technology and the Novi cryptocurrency wallet. While previous intentions never materialised, they claim that the abilities and techniques that have been present are now being used for this major project, which also functions with NFTs.

Further Details

Aptos features two native tokens, which are required by any blockchain. The Aptos token, popularly called by its ticker symbol APT, is intended to be pledged in order to maintain the running, with incentives handed out now to stakers and system operators. The blockchain, in fact, has a proof-of-stake (PoS) agreement method, which implies that blocks may only be added by those who already own the token.

People who own APT may also vote on propositions that affect the future of the blockchain, rendering it, at least partially a governance currency. On cryptocurrency exchanges, the coin may also be purchased, sold, and traded.

The mainnet for Aptos was created on October 12 and the coin ultimately entered the open market during the early hrs of October 19, 2022. This makes Aptos one of the latest cryptocurrency projects available.

Aptos Tokenomics & Early Price History

In terms of tokenomics, the cryptocurrency has a supply of about one billion. 51% of this billion is available to the larger community, including 19% being towards core contributors, 16.5% going to the platform’s employees, and 13.48% flowing to investors. 130 million tokens were in circulation as of October 21, 2022, with the remaining tokens planned to be released over more than a 10-year period.

With that out of the way, let’s take a short glance at the, albeit brief, APT pricing history. While the limited historical performance should not be seen as a sign of future performance, understanding what it has performed in the time since it was issued might provide some potentially valuable information when reading an Aptos price forecast or developing our own.

Aptos first appeared on the open market during the early hours of October 19, 2022, when it was valued at $13.73, according to statistics.

The system’s Discord was muted, which Shaikh said was a precaution against fraud, contributing to the system’s poor early performance.

With the coin’s aforementioned circulation, APT now has a market worth of roughly $920 million, ranking it as the 53rd-largest cryptocurrency by that metric – a remarkable performance for something that had only openly exchanged for a few hours.

Aptos Future Predictions

Depending on its 1 billion available quantity, the Aptos token has a fully diluted market valuation of $7 billion at a token price of $7.

Some notable crypto Twitter accounts, like @kobratrading, who seems to have 20,000 followers but has branded the APT token a “Ponzi,” believe it is overrated.


With that out of the way, let’s have a glance at a few of the Aptos token price forecasts made as of October 21, 2022. It is crucial to realise that price projections are occasionally wrong, particularly for something as unpredictable as Bitcoin. Additionally, most long-term cryptocurrency price estimates are generated using an algorithm, which means they can change at any time.

Another feature unique to Aptos just at the moment of writing would be that, since it is such a young cryptocurrency, it has less data to work with, implying that there may be fewer APT forecasts at this time. That is almost guaranteed to alter in the future.

First, CoinArbitrageBot anticipated that its APT price forecast would go quite well. According to the website, while the coin’s price may fall to just around $6.99 by the midpoint of November 2022, it may recover and trade at just under $8.11 in 2023.

Aptos may be valued at around $15.75 by 2024, according to the site, with a price projection of little less than $25.48 for 2025 and $41.22 for 2026.

Meanwhile, CryptoBullsClub forecasted an Aptos price of $8.70 to $19.67 for 2022, arguing that the cryptocurrency might end the year somewhere around $8.70 and $19.67. It was expected to reach around $10.45 and $11.50 by October 2023, and between $24.37 and $26.80 a year later. Around October 2025, the tokens might trade between $23.53 and $25.88, with an overall spread of $290.47 to $414.96 predicted by 2030.

Wrapping Up 

Finally, CryptoPredictions predicted that Aptos will conclude 2022 at $7.61, rising to $14.30 a year later. The site predicted that even by October 2024, the coin could be valued at $15.97, and 12 months later, it could be worth $17.14. The site claimed that the cryptocurrency might be valued at $17.89 by October 2026, before concluding the following year at $17.99.

When making an APT coin price forecast, take into note that cryptocurrency markets are still incredibly unpredictable, making it impossible to precisely anticipate what a coin or token’s worth will be within a few hours, and even more difficult to make long-term predictions. As a consequence, experts even algorithm-based forecasters can indeed make mistakes. 

We strongly advise you to perform your own research before dealing with cryptocurrencies or tokens. There are other alternatives available as well including D2T, RIA, and IMPT, which can be considered as an alternative. 

Before making any investment choice, consider the most recent market dynamics, news, basic and technical analysis, and expert opinion. Remember that previous results are no assurance of future results, and just never invest with money you can’t afford to lose.

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