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Altcoin Crypto Prices Trending Today 31st October – D2T, IMPT, RIA, TAMA, DOGE, LAZIO, CHZ, LINK

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Altcoin crypto
Altcoin crypto

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As October rounds up, several altcoin prices are facing a struggle to break even. In this article, we look at the prices of some top altcoin crypto assets and the ones that could become successes as November comes around.

D2T – Dash 2 Trade

The crypto space is expected to expand with more investors making the transition as well. To aid investors, analytics platforms are needed. One such platform is Dash 2 Trade. Developed by the crypto trading signal service Learn 2 Trade, Dash 2 Trade is a social analytics platform that provides market insights, predictions, and trading signals. The platform was created to engineer more performance-driven insights to help investors make informed decisions.

Altcoin crypto prices D2T

Despite just launching, Dash 2 Trade’s impact has been ground-breaking. So far, the platform has seen its community blueprint increase as over 70,000 traders are already logged into the protocol.

This is decidedly due to its even more feature-packed solutions.

For instance, crypto investors would enjoy more value-packed services, like notifications on all new coin listings on centralized exchanges and crypto presales that let them buy new upcoming projects for a bargain.

Aside from this, Dash 2 Trade features a backtesting tool and automation layer that would allow users to test run any new trading strategies and automate the entire process.

The D2T token powers dash 2 Trade, and the digital currency has seen a meteoric rise in value locked.

D2T is in the second presale phase and has already clocked over $3.5 million. This points to strong investor demand. D2T currently goes for $0.05, and value-driven investors can grab it on the Dash 2 Trade website.

IMPT – Impact Project

The blockchain industry has been growing in leaps and bounds due to its relevance in current global issues. With several world governments battling climate change, only a few companies and solutions are looking to help.

IMPT crypto

Impact Project aims to make the purchase of carbon credits more mainstream so that anyone at any demographic location can cut down on greenhouse emissions.

Using blockchain technology, Impact Project allows users to join the fight against climate change from the comfort of their homes, with little effort, by reducing their carbon footprint. This way, users can buy, sell, and retire carbon credits while ensuring the elimination of fraud and double counting.

The protocol launched on Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, and several analysts call it the greenest cryptocurrency in the world.

This makes it the ideal investment vehicle for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) conscious investors.

Impact Project is already attracting significant attention. Several big tech and financial institutions, like Adobe, have committed to launching products and services on Impact Project’s upcoming Shopping Platform. Even more interesting is the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, which would allow users to mint their unique digital collectible.

The IMPT token powers Impact Project and the digital asset is currently on presale. Early-bird investors can now buy IMPT for $0.023 as the second presale phase has kicked off.

RIA – Calvaria

Blockchain gaming has been a phenomenal success, with industry leaders like Axie Infinity blazing the trail. While there has been slow adoption across the board, the nascent sub-sector has enjoyed reasonable growth. One project looking to fast-track the merge of crypto and real-time gaming is Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.

Calvaria crypto

Calvaria is an online strategy game that deals in collectible card gameplay. Here, players build their best hands or deck of cards to battle one another, with the winner getting the project’s native token, RIA. What is most impressive about Calvaria is the idea behind it. According to the team, Calvaria would serve as a springboard through which players can become ambassadors to aid the merge of crypto and real-world activities.

The collectible card game also features a story mode, which is quite novel in the online strategy game ecosystem. Each card is unique, rare, and an NFT. Calvaria also comes with other juicy features. One such is its play-to-earn (P2E) system, which rewards users with the RIA token. Another is its free-to-play (F2P) mode which allows users to enjoy an immersive and fun card gaming experience without crypto-related utilities.

Meanwhile, Calvaria would enable users to access physical goods and services and directly gain royalty payments from the secondary sales of their NFT-powered card collections. In addition, the RIA token would become stakeable, allowing holders to generate passive income from holding it.

Calvaria is in its presale stage, and the RIA token currently sells for less than a dollar on its website.

TAMA – Tamadoge

Tamadoge is another crypto project that went from presale to crypto success. Another P2E-centred game, Tamadoge, is a meme coin that borrows from two of the best meme coins — Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. The project revolves around digital pets that come in the semblance of a dog; each is an NFT. Players can collect, raise, and battle with them to earn the TAMA token.

TAMA_1D_graph 10-31-22

Additionally, Tamadoge features a metaverse concept in its Tamaverse. The Tamaverse, still in development, would serve as a portal through which players would watch, connect, perform, and even explore the virtual reality landscape. So far, the project has been a remarkable success with the release of its long-awaited premium NFTs for tapping into the gaming ecosystem and the listing of its TAMA token on several centralized exchange platforms.

TAMA is continuing its remarkable success; the asset recently entered CoinGecko’s top 10 trending coin list.

At press time, TAMA is trading at $0.034, an uptrend of 41.87% in the last 24 hours.

DOGE – Dogecoin

Dogecoin is one of the most well-known crypto assets in the emerging crypto market. The digital asset, launched in 2013 as a joke cryptocurrency, has shot to crypto fame in the last couple of years.

DOGE_1D_graph 10-31-22

Dogecoin has attracted interest despite bringing little utility. The digital asset is massively backed by new Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has frequently touted the meme coin as a much-worthy successor to Bitcoin due to its higher transaction speed and lower fees.

The crypto meme king has largely maintained a bullish sentiment in the final days of October and is currently trading at $0.123, an increase of 5.87% in the past day.

Given Musk’s growing interest in crypto, reports state that DOGE may be integrated as a payment option on Twitter.

LAZIO – S.S Lazio Fan Token

Fan tokens were one of the hottest crypto trends in the past year. The idea, popularised by the Chiliz blockchain, essentially allows a football team’s fans to have a say in certain club events.

LAZIO_1D_graph 10-31-22

The LAZIO token was created by the Binance exchange and allows the Italian club’s fans to access exclusive promotions and enjoy a level of governance decisions.

Lazio joined several top-ranking European football sides in making blockchain even more mainstream. While the Italian outfit has struggled in the current Serie A season, fan tokens remain popular among football fans.

At press time, the LAZIO token is trading at $4.7, a downtrend of 9.1% in the last 24 hours.

CHZ – Chiliz

Chiliz blockchain is a protocol that intends to bridge the gap between blockchain and the sporting world. The innovative platform uses its Socios mobile app to create fan-themed tokens representing football teams and many sporting organizations. Through these fan tokens, supporters can participate in key organizational decisions and gain access to exclusive offerings.

CHZ_1D_graph 10-31-22

Chiliz blockchain has largely expanded its focus in the last year to cater to even more sports-centered opportunities. Despite this, its CHZ is experiencing a massive bearish wave.

At press time, CHZ is trading at $0.21, marking a 3.67% decline in the last 24 hours.

LINK – Chainlink

Rounding up our list of trending altcoins is the Chainlink project. Launched in 2017, Chainlink features a blockchain-abstracted layer that allows smart contracts to generate real-world information for informed on-chain decisions. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network and allows blockchain protocols to interact with external data feeds.


The platform has continued to roll out functionalities and recently announced the launch of upgradeable static NFTs.

In price performance, LINK has largely traded bullish and is trading at $7.99, a 6.05% price pump in the last 24 hours.

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