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After Powell, Crypto Prices Weaken; But This New Coin Can Pump 50x by 2023

Crypto Prices Weaken
Crypto Prices Weaken

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Over the past couple of months, the situation has been dire; not only for the cryptocurrency industry but also for the global markets. This has created a state of frenzy among investors, who are unsure of their next move or strategy. Naturally, a variety of factors contribute to the movements of these markets, with government policies being among the top ones. So as crypto prices weaken after Powell’s latest announcement, the search for better and sustainable options seems to have increased within the community. 

Since 2021, it has been evident that governments’ approach towards crypto and the blockchain sector in its entirety has been dicey. While an increasing number of projects were introduced last year, most of them are now facing severe financial distress, thanks to many of the policies by the aforementioned parties. An important thing to be noted is that there has been considerable growth, despite all these discrepancies. 

However, the bear market and its stagnancy do not help in soothing the minds of investors. This is expected since the last bull was when around 55% of the current bitcoin investors entered the market. As an industry that may still be in its infancy, there is much room for the market to grow. But that would surely require time and a massive surge in adoption. Both of these seem to be scarce now when taking into account the ongoing global economic crisis.

The most recent incident that came out as a bittersweet announcement from a major association was after the FOMC meeting. The crypto prices have weakened as mentioned above, due to a decision to beat inflation in the long run. Let us learn more about it before we look at an altcoin that could be able to pump even during this phase of the market. 

Minutes of the FOMC meeting


The Federal Open Market Committee conducted one of its 12 yearly meetings on the 2nd of November this year. This meeting as mentioned by officials was to discuss the economic crisis. It intended to devise a plan to counter the ever-increasing inflation the U.S is currently facing. With the numbers at a 40-year high, the citizens expected extreme measures even before the official statements were out. 

The meeting concluded with a decision to hike the interest rates again by 0.75%. While the outcome was predicted by many prominent analysts, the markets took a bearish turn anyways. Jerome Powell, the chairperson of the committee mentioned that it may be difficult to stop the interest hikes for a while, to tackle the current crisis. He stated that there may be a small increase in December too, with several more to follow in 2023. 

How the cryptocurrency industry reacted to this

The blockchain sector has been one of the most volatile industries historically. Thus, it didn’t surprise investors much when the meeting’s outcome reflected on cryptocurrencies. Overall, the market sentiment has already been bearish since the crash earlier this year. So such an incident undoubtedly influenced most projects negatively.

Bitcoin Price

There wasn’t an instant impact. Infact, Bitcoin did an instant run-up in price before barely losing around $700 of its value at the time. Since then, BTC has managed to rise at a slow speed, from the $20,100 range to the $20,700 level. This might look like a negligible price difference. But the announcement managed to further the existing bearish sentiments not only in the crypto markets but also in several other categories. 

Amidst all this chaos, one project has managed to thrive in terms of engagement and overall growth. Dash 2 Trade one of the latest entrants in the space is now being hailed as one of the most useful products to be made available recently. 

What is Dash 2 Trade and why is it performing well?

Dash 2 Trade has been announced at a time when the need for a platform that retail investors can rely on is paramount. It is a social trading and crypto trading signals platform that features highly accurate analytical data as one of its main offerings. 

The project has been launched by Learn 2 Trade, a market-centred educational organization which already boasts more than 70,000 active traders. This helped the project create a base community from the day of its announcement. Dash 2 Trade has been audited by two organizations. One is Solid Proof, which audited the contract code and ensured its security, while the other was Coinsniper, which verified the team behind the ecosystem. 

Dash 2 Trade correctly claims to be a platform that is created when a group of highly experienced traders and quants come together. As a crypto analytics platform, it manages to capture an unexplored market with massive opportunities. All these aspects have been noticed by several influential figures in the crypto space. This has helped D2T, the project’s native token earn popularity on several social media websites like Twitter and Youtube.

Currently, the D2T token is in the presale phase, with much demand from the investors’ side. At the time of writing, 1 D2T token is priced at $0.5 and is nearing the end of its second presale stage. The third presale phase is set to begin as soon as the current one ends, with the token being priced at $0.513. An influx of investors is evident since the presale is turning out to be a massive success, despite current market conditions. 

At this pace, it is likely that the presale will be over before the scheduled date, with an increasing demand for D2T tokens. 

Can D2T pump 50X?

While it can be termed mere speculation, there is a high chance for the project to outperform most of its crypto counterparts. This is because Dash 2 Trade is not a seasonal project or one that is being valued in terms of hype. It is a fundamentally strong platform with a token that boasts of actual utility. 

Dash 2 Trade

Moreover, the project’s transpiring success in its presale phase is a simple indicator of the number of people interested in being a part of the ecosystem. Due to this, D2T becomes an excellent investment option for anyone looking to park their funds in high-potential projects during this crypto winter. 

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