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5 High-Profit Cryptocurrency to Hold February 2022

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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After weeks of a bearish trend, the crypto market is starting to look more active as coins are recording modest gains. As expected, opportunistic investors are now looking for high-profit cryptocurrency to help maximise their chances of making massive returns.

We have reviewed below a list of high-profit cryptocurrencies available for huge gains.

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK kicks off our list of high-profit cryptocurrency for investors to consider -The assets price is up 13.022% in the past 24 hours alone. Compare that to the broader crypto market, which has lost 4.59% in the same period.

LBLOCK is the native token for Lucky Block – an innovative and engaging gaming platform that could very well change the landscape of lottery and gaming forever. Lucky Block used blockchain technology to make a more open and accommodating gaming system where everyone can play. There are no geographical restrictions, and players get to access tons of awesome games on its site.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Lucky Block protocol allows anyone to play their favourite online games. The platform is focused on enabling a more inclusive lottery ecosystem, with LBLOCK serving as the ticket for games – as opposed to traditional games, which use raffle tickets.

Launching a little less than a month ago, LBLOCK has already surged more than 1,500%, pointing to a promising future. The asset hit an all-time high of $0.0087 on February 16, meaning that it is just a few points off its apex. If you’re an opportunistic investor, you know that this is a great time to get in.

It also helps that Lucky Block is on an expansionary trend right now. The platform is gearing up for the launch of its mobile app in March, which is sure to spur more users to it. LBLOCK is also rumoured to be listed on major exchanges like Binance and FTX. so, it’s all aces for our top choice.

2. Neo (NEO)

Next on our list is NEO – the native token for the Neo blockchain. The blockchain allows developers to run NeoContracts and design new decentralised applications (dApps) to replicate several products and services.

NeoContracts differ from other smart contracts because developers can build applications using different existing programming languages (like Java and C#) – instead of learning a new language.

While NEO might not be the most popular coin, it is featured on our list of high-profit cryptocurrency because its developers have been making some impressive moves.

This week, the blockchain was adopted by China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). In an announcement, the BSN confirmed that the Jiuquan Chain – which Neo powers – will be included as one of the ten chains making up the Chinese mainnet.

Through the integration, Chinese citizens will now be able to access non-fungible token (NFT) markets that work on the BSN Open Permissioned Blockchain while remaining regulatory-compliant.

3. XRP (XRP)

Hardcore crypto enthusiasts need no introduction to XRP. Built by Ripple Labs, the asset remains the crypto industry’s standard for cross-border payments. And, it is one of the most popular coins on the market.,

XRP had a monster performance last week, delivering 27.6% gains even while most other coins only saw modest jumps. The gains came as a result of progress in a case between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Back in December 2020, the SEC charged Ripple for securities fraud in relation to the XRP initial coin offering (ICO). Last week, however, Ripple received permission to respond to the SEC’s Memorandum of Law in support of the Motion to Strike fair notice defense. The judge presiding over the case has also ordered the unsealing of new records that could shed more light on the case.

The good news – coupled with the fact that inflows into XRP-based investment products last week were positive – marked a bullish trend for the coin. XRP is down 2.61% in the past 24 hours, but it’s got all the momentum in the world right now.

4. Ether (ETH)

Another coin that needs no introduction, Ether has always been on investors’ radar. The coin features on our list of high-profit cryptocurrency because it still has a long way to go, and its price appears to be pretty attractive right now.

At $3,065, ETH is down 1.73% in the past 24 hours. Compare that with the broader market’s performance, and you’ll find that it’s not doing so bad. This appears to be a minor correction, so it’s not a bad time to get in.

Ether is also enjoying a Twitter-sponsored boost. Yesterday, the social media giant announced that it had launched a feature allowing users to send tips in ETH using its Tip Jar function. The tool had been exclusive to Bitcoin in the past, but the addition of Ether makes it more accommodating.

It also helps to know that Ether’s position in the market automatically makes it a beneficiary if things flip bullish. ETH is still 37% off its all-time high, so there are a lot of gains to be reclaimed.

5. The Graph (GRT)

Rounding out our list of high-profit cryptocurrency is The Graph’s GRT token. The Graph operates as an open-source software used to collect, process, and store data from different blockchain platforms. It hopes to help dApp developers make data-driven decisions that improve the efficiency and functionality of their products.

With Web3 becoming more of a fixture in the tech space, GRT has been on an impressive upsurge. While it is down 3% in the past 24 hours, this appears to be a mere correction in what has been an otherwise bullish week.

The Graph has continued to add subgraphs – essentially, open application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be added by anyone to make data on the platform more accessible.

Over time, more dApp developers will be interested in what The Graph has to offer. If you appreciate undervalued investments, you should know that this is one.

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