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2 Fastest Growing Crypto Presale Projects – New Cryptos Launching In August 2023

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

2 Fastest Growing Crypto Presale Projects - New Cryptos Launching In August 2023
2 Fastest Growing Crypto Presale Projects - New Cryptos Launching In August 2023

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One of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrencies is to pick out recently launched pre-ICO or ‘pre-sale’ projects that are attracting a lot of hype and hitting their fundraising targets. These projects often provide early investors with the chance to acquire tokens at a discounted rate before they become available on exchanges.

First and foremost, participating in pre-ICO projects provides investors with the opportunity to secure tokens at a lower price compared to their potential future market value. Additionally, being part of a project’s early stages often comes with exclusive rewards and bonuses, enhancing the overall investment potential.

Moreover, investing in presales allows individuals to support innovative and promising blockchain projects from the ground up, contributing to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem.

Wall Street Memes – Meme Crypto Supported by Strong Community

During its presale, Wall Street Memes has garnered a remarkable sum of over $23 million, showcasing its remarkable success within just under a month since its inception. The presale commenced with an explosive start, amassing $100K within minutes of its launch, and in the span of the last 24 hours, its funding has surged beyond $500K.

This achievement is hardly surprising given its association with a social media account boasting over a million followers. The inspiration behind Wall Street Memes traces back to the Wall Street Bets Reddit trend, which laid the foundation for the internet brand’s establishment in 2021.

Renowned for sharing humorous yet insightful memes about stocks and cryptocurrencies on social platforms, the project’s influence even piqued the interest of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Beyond memes, Wall Street Memes extends its reach further.

In 2021, the group introduced Wall St Bulls, an NFT collection that rapidly sold out in just 32 minutes, amassing an impressive $2.5 million in revenue. This not only underscores the team’s proficiency in crafting lucrative cryptocurrency offerings but also highlights the strength of the Wall Street Memes community.

Demonstrating a keen ability to keep pace with evolving crypto trends and technologies, the team’s recent endeavors include the release of their meme coin alongside 420 exceptionally rare Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs.

$WSM Presale Raises $23 Million – Nears Final Stage

The Wall Street Memes presale is nearing its completion, currently at round 28 out of 30, as $WSM prepares for its listing on major exchanges. Early investors have the opportunity to acquire $WSM at a price of $0.0331, which is anticipated to be lower than its future listing price on CEX platforms.

Given the appealing combination of a competitive purchase price and the extensive social media following of Wall Street Memes, those looking to invest in $WSM before its public release may find these remaining presale rounds enticing.

The Wall Street Memes team has thoughtfully structured $WSM’s tokenomics to establish a strong foundation post-presale. Setting aside 20% of the overall supply for DEX and CEX liquidity aims to streamline transactions while minimizing any potential price slippage.

Furthermore, 30% of the token supply is reserved for airdrops and community-oriented benefits, enhancing user engagement and enabling community members to acquire more $WSM tokens. If you’re interested in participating in the Wall Street Memes presale, refer to our guide on how to buy WSM tokens here.

Many early adopters believe that holding $WSM could present long-term financial opportunities, as the token’s value is directly linked to the growth of the Wall Street Memes community. With its extensive social media following, Wall Street Memes has unmistakably solidified its position as a meme coin with substantial community backing.

To celebrate the Wall Street Memes presale, the team is hosting a $50K airdrop, granting users multiple entries by engaging in simple actions such as following their social media profiles. Detailed information about the airdrop can be found on the project’s official website. 

XRP20 – Expanding Investment Accessibility and Inclusivity through Ethereum Blockchain

XRP20 emerges as a new crypto presale, aiming to provide early-stage investment prospects akin to XRP, albeit on the Ethereum blockchain for greater accessibility. XRP20 adapts the XRP approach, enhancing its inclusivity and appeal across a wider spectrum of individuals.

The platform leverages Ethereum’s established blockchain, renowned for its security and popularity, ensuring seamless token management, trading, and monitoring. By addressing the security concerns associated with XRP, XRP20 firmly establishes itself as a non-security token.

A distinct departure from Ripple’s past, XRP20’s creators steer away from token reserves for the team, shifting toward a community-centered allocation: 40% for presale, 40% for staking, 10% for liquidity, and 10% designated for burning.

Noteworthy aspects include an on-chain staking mechanism that empowers XRP20 holders to earn passive income, addressing a previously absent feature in XRP. Moreover, adopting a deflationary model, XRP20 incurs a 0.1% burn on each transaction and 10% of the total supply, potentially fostering token scarcity and bolstering its value.

Ahead of its launch, XRP20 is actively promoting its accessibility, while post-launch strategies focus on staking and token burning to foster community engagement and scarcity.  The overarching ethos of XRP20 centers around democratizing finance, fostering financial inclusivity, supporting decentralized growth, and offering a secondary opportunity for those who missed out on early XRP gains.

$XRP20 Presale Surpasses $2 Million Mark Amid Growing FOMO and High Expectations

The ongoing $XRP20 presale has impressively exceeded the $2 million milestone. Over the past week, the demand for XRP20’s presale has surged, driven by the intensifying fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors eager to participate in this promising new token.

Investors now have the opportunity to buy XRP20 token for $0.000092, a price 30 times lower than $XRP’s historical low of $0.0028. Given the current momentum of XRP20, there’s a growing sense of optimism that the presale’s hard cap of $3.6 million could potentially be achieved in the upcoming days.

This escalating excitement has further propelled the buzz around XRP20, evidenced by the remarkable growth in its Telegram channel‘s membership. Many within the crypto community are optimistic about XRP20’s potential, with numerous enthusiasts speculating the possibility of significant gains, even up to 10x or more.


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Presale crypto often provides tokens at a discounted rate compared to their anticipated listing price. These two novel cryptocurrencies mentioned earlier are currently emerging as some of the most promising contenders in the market. Through meticulous research and analysis, their distinctive features, strong tokenomics, and thriving communities stand out.


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