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Wall Street Memes Presale Sees 460 ETH Whale Buys In Final Days, Ends Soon

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Wall Street Memes Presale Sees 460 ETH Whale Buys In Final Days, Ends Soon
Wall Street Memes Presale Sees 460 ETH Whale Buys In Final Days, Ends Soon

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This week an $840,000 investment from a crypto whale pushed the Wall Street Memes presale past the $20 million milestone. Just a few stages remain before the presale ends. The value of a meme crypto heavily relies on the strength of its community and its social media presence.

$WSM, benefiting from one of the largest and most engaged communities in the crypto meme world, is well-positioned to attract significant attention. Recently a mysterious whale address bought $WSM in a string of five transactions totaling 460 ETH worth $840,000.

Two weeks prior, another 93 ETH were sent from the same wallet. The anonymous crypto whale that Etherscan has been able to identify has made a total investment of $1 million in $WSM.

WSM Presale Nearing its End

This year, Wall Street Memes‘ viral presale has set new marks. The $30 million fundraising goal is too unrealistic for a public presale. But it’s already clear to the cryptocurrency community that it won’t be long until the meme coin achieves its goal. This as well, ahead of schedule.

The $WSM presale will be completely sold out in a few days as the community rush surrounding the meme coin reaches its peak. Now in its closing stages, round 27 of 30, the price of a WSM token is $0.0328. Each six days, the price went up a little bit, giving early investors a discount.

Wall Street Memes was able to reach the $20 million milestone earlier than expected due to its solid reputation among traders and investors. There are currently just under $10 million left. At this rate, the presale will be completely sold out by August.

A tier-1 token launch will come next, which, according to market analysts, will cause a 10x or even 100x increase in price in the initial week. Spectators predict that $WSM will become the next popular meme coin due to the popularity of the Wall Street Memes community and the success of the project’s presale.

For a detailed update on the Wall Street Memes presale, watch the video above, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury manages a Discord community with 15,000 members, offering valuable trading tips and information about the upcoming crypto presales.

Wall Street Memes – A Prominent Contender in the Meme Coin Market

Wall Street Memes has quickly gained attention in the meme coin market since beginning its presale period at the end of May. The project’s successful launch, which raised over $20.4 million in its presale, shows the strong community support already in place.

Despite joining a crowded market for meme coins, where hundreds of new tokens are introduced every week, $WSM stands out as a strong candidate to beat out $PEPE. Wall Street Memes, which has a combined social media following of 1 million, has begun to gain traction in the crypto market, and a number of well-known analysts have predicted its explosive growth.

The highly anticipated Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in only 32 minutes in 2021, is being developed by the same people that are behind Wall Street Memes. Elon Musk. the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, and a well-known supporter of cryptocurrencies, has responded twice to tweets on Wall Street Memes.

Though Elon Musk is not directly involved in the project, his multiple engagements with the community’s posts in the past have fueled the hype surrounding $WSM. However, Wall Street Memes stands as a meme coin with solid fundamentals, having secured millions from the public based on its own merits rather than solely relying on a connection to Musk.

There’s a lot more to the project than just celebrity endorsements. Wall Street Memes’ strong tokenomics and ambitious roadmap played a pivotal role in driving their successful presale. Anticipation is high for its future performance on exchanges, as it is poised to reach new heights and experience further growth.

Wall Street Memes: Fair and Community-Centric Token Distribution

Wall Street Memes stands out as one of this year’s most equitable presales, driven by its commitment to empower the underprivileged. Unlike other projects, the entire $WSM token supply is allocated to the community, avoiding any secretive private sales or disproportionate team distributions.

The presale offers 50% of the token supply, while the remaining 50% is allocated to essential initiatives: 30% for community benefits, 10% for CEX liquidity, and another 10% for DEX liquidity. With 30% of the supply designated for community rewards, it’s reasonable to expect significant airdrops to token holders, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

The first of such airdrops includes $50,000 worth of $WSM up for grabs. To participate in the contest, interested individuals must follow the guidelines provided on the official Wall Street Memes website. Five lucky participants will be awarded $10,000 each, directly deposited into their wallets. Take part in the WSM presale at


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Wall Street Memes
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection - Wall St Bulls
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk
Wall Street Memes

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