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Why Is Logan Paul Keeping Quiet About CryptoZoo Scam?

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Why Is Logan Paul Keeping Quiet About CryptoZoo Scam-min
Why Is Logan Paul Keeping Quiet About CryptoZoo Scam-min

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American YouTuber Logan Paul has been under fire over his non-fungible token (NFT) gaming project, which became a major scam where millions of dollars were stolen from users. The YouTuber has since responded to these allegations, saying he was willing to speak to Coffeezilla and respond to the matter.

Logan Paul’s response to Coffeezilla

Paul shared a message that he had sent to Coffeezilla, also known as Stephen Findeisen, to address the matter of CryptoZoo. However, Paul said that Coffeezilla never responded to him or accepted his invitation to the Impaulsive YouTube channel.

“I sent this message to Coffeezilla 5 days ago. I haven’t heard back, so I’ll be releasing a response to his scam allegation tomorrow on my YouTube channel,” Paul said.

Paul also posted a message on the CryptoZoo Discord channel telling the community they would “start 2023 with a bang.” However, his Discord message did not age well, as the community criticized him over the project that had failed to deliver on its promises.

The reactions from the CryptoZoo Discord community showed that they were unwilling to tolerate his arguments. The community questioned why he had abandoned them for a year and only came back after the exposé made by Coffeezilla. Interestingly, some users said they would invest in the project and make quick returns.

The CryptoZoo NFT gaming project

CryptoZoo is a play-to-earn NFT gaming project that Pokemon inspire. Players on this platform collect, trade, and breed animals to earn ZOO tokens. CryptoZoo NFTs are available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace with a floor price of 0.285 ETH.

Paul was a major promoter of this NFT game. He described it as a “really fun game that makes you money.” However, the exposé done by Coffeezilla said that Paul never paid the game’s developers, which halted further development activity. Additionally, there was no progress in releasing the final product.

Coffezilla also delved deeper into the background of the project’s key players, such as Jake the Crypto King. The Twitter account of this Crypto King was recently suspended.

The Lead Developer for this game, Eddie Ibanez, allegedly faked his academic credentials from MIT and even lied about working with the CIA. Coffeezilla also noted that Paul also failed to show an email where he first invited him to his show, adding that he was willing to discuss the matter on his show or through a live stream.

The CryptoZoo website recently issued a notice saying that users should expect downtime as the upgrades were being worked on and the core infrastructure of the game was under development. The floor price of the CryptoZoo NFTs currently stands at 0.285 ETH, which is worth around $340 at the ongoing prices.

This is not the first crypto scandal that Paul has been involved in. In mid-2021, he was also involved in the controversy of the Dink Doink meme token, with investors saying that the project was a pump-and-dump.


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