Verady Brings on Four Board Advisory Members

Millennials Like BTC More Than Gold and Want a Bitcoin ETF: Financial Advisory Head
Millennials Like BTC More Than Gold and Want a Bitcoin ETF: Financial Advisory Head

Verady, the self-described “leading cryptocurrency tax and accounting software company,” has revealed four new board members for the company, according to a press release.

Those users will “guide and support Verady as the Company extends its crypto asset tax and accounting platform, Ledgible, to the global blockchain industry and the accounting profession,” the release notes.

Speaking on the matter is Kell Canty, the CEO of Verady, who said:

“We are fortunate to have brought in more valued perspectives so that Verady can benefit from their diverse areas of expertise and combined years of knowledge. I am excited to work with them and their insights on strategic opportunities and vision.”

The advisors are as follows:

“Jagruti Solanki, Blockchain Partner at Aprio, Frank Bishop, former CEO of INVESCO, Eric Piscini, Global VP Blockchain Solutions at IBM, and Michael Wasserfuhr, former CFO at Worldpay N.A. Current advisors include Chris Danusiar and Jon West.”

“This team is tasked with making it easy for CPAs and individuals to understand the importance of accurately accounting for crypto holdings such as stablecoins within their current accounting ecosystems. In addition, traditional tax packages do not support cryptoassets and cannot accurately account for all cryptocurrency transactions,” the release notes.

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