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Trezor’s Innovations: A Fresh Suite of Crypto Tools for Newbies

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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In their latest release, Trezor, a notable hardware wallet producer, has brought forth three innovative offerings to aid crypto enthusiasts in managing their digital assets securely. They’ve introduced the Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet, the specialized Trezor Keep Metal for recovery seed backup, and a commemorative Bitcoin-only Trezor Safe 3 wallet.

Trezor’s CEO, Matěj Žák, voiced his concerns about the majority of the world’s 420 million cryptocurrency users. He noted that a mere 2% opt for self-custody, relying instead on hot wallets and centralized exchanges. He emphasized the importance of educating users about safeguarding their digital wealth and offering products that ensure an easy introduction.

Unpacking the Trezor Safe 3

This particular wallet is Trezor’s response to the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. Supporting both Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with 7,000 other cryptos, it smoothly meshes with the Trezor Suite desktop application. Its integration helps users in various operations. A major highlight of the Trezor Safe 3 is the secure element. This feature, resistant to tampering, adds a layer of defense against potential physical breaches. Should one lose or misplace the device, assets remain protected, given a robust passphrase is maintained externally.

Žák has expressed that the primary audience for the Trezor Safe 3 are those new to the crypto world. He projects that this segment will massively boost crypto adoption in the next bullish phase. Notably, the Czech firm is also partnering with an external secure element provider, ensuring transparency regarding any possible wallet vulnerabilities.

Introducing the Trezor Keep Metal

The recovery seed is an essential part of a cryptocurrency portfolio. This sequence of words, generated during the initial setup of crypto wallets like Trezor, acts as a backup if the hardware is lost or stolen. Traditional methods, like pen and paper, are surprisingly enduring but susceptible to environmental threats.

Metal backups, often crafted from materials like stainless steel or titanium, are more resilient against challenges like fires or corrosion. The Trezor Keep Metal, made of aerospace-grade stainless steel, offers protection against various threats, from fires to acidic substances.

With the world’s crypto user base predicted to touch one billion by 2027, Žák believes the crypto realm is far from being a mere “niche interest”. This underscores the importance of security in the domain.

Trezor’s Anniversary Special: Safe 3 Bitcoin Only

To mark their tenth year in the industry, Trezor has rolled out a limited edition of the Trezor Safe 3, dedicated solely to Bitcoin. Limited to 2,013 pieces and priced at €79 each, a portion of the sales (€21 per unit) will go towards the Trezor Academy. This initiative focuses on uplifting individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds through Bitcoin education.

Žák acknowledges the challenges newbies face in self-custodying their crypto assets. But he believes that with the Trezor Safe and its accompanying suite of applications, the process has become more streamlined than ever before.

Bitcoin Minetrix: Disrupting Cloud-Mining

From one of the best wallets out there we move on now to one of the best Bitcoin mining projects, Minetrix ($BTCMTX).

In just one week, the groundbreaking stake-to-mine Bitcoin cloud-mining project, Bitcoin Minetrix, has garnered over $1,000,000 from contributors. Cloud mining has increasingly become a sought-after offering, yet many fall victim to scams. Bitcoin Minetrix is addressing this issue head-on with its cashless approach. This fully automated process on the Ethereum blockchain hinges on smart contracts.

Their native coin, $BTCMTX, is currently in its presale phase. The initial phase is slated to conclude on October 16th, but the target raise of $1.54 million might be reached sooner. This urges potential investors not to delay and capitalize on the current rate of $0.011. The next phase sees a slight increase to $0.0111. The presale is set to make available up to 70% of the total token supply of 4 billion $BTCMTX.

Bitcoin Minetrix underwent a security audit by blockchain firm Coinsult and passed without major setbacks. The audit results, alongside the project’s whitepaper, can be accessed on their website. Bitcoin Minetrix ensures liquidity will be locked upon its coin’s debut on decentralized exchanges. However, they’re also eyeing centralized exchange listings.

The project is based in crypto-welcoming Georgia, and interested parties can find the project address on the website. The innovative stake-to-mine system is designed to attract deposits from users, which then earn them cloud mining credits for Bitcoin mining. Contributors don’t have to wait for the presale to conclude to start reaping staking rewards. Bitcoin Minetrix allows its users to begin earning as soon as they stake, transitioning to a stake-to-mine model upon the end of the presale.

Contributors stand to earn a whopping 590% yield with $BTCMTX. Furthermore, Bitcoin Minetrix is currently running a $30,000 Minedrop giveaway, with full entry details available on their website, providing potential investors an added incentive.

Influential Backing for Bitcoin Minetrix

Several prominent voices in the cryptocurrency domain see Bitcoin Minetrix as a game-changer. One of the significant challenges in Bitcoin mining is the electricity costs for the ASIC rigs, which run continuously. This has made individual mining efforts on personal computers obsolete. However, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a glimmer of hope for individual investors. With high setup costs deterring many from traditional mining, cloud-mining through platforms like Bitcoin Minetrix presents a more accessible option.

How to Start with Bitcoin Minetrix

For those keen on acquiring $BTCMTX tokens, you can make purchases using ETH, USDT, BNB, or even a bank card. If one opts for ETH, staking to earn begins instantly. The process is straightforward: connect your wallet, decide on the investment amount, and keep a little extra for transaction fees, especially if utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. This approach ensures that new entrants have a clear path to begin their crypto journey with Bitcoin Minetrix.

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